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  1. The XLS+ will be a great addition. I have 500+ recently in the real deal and with its Proline 21 avionics it is a pleasure to fly. I recently retired and if I see this offering, I will have it. Keep it coming. Mike
  2. I reinstalled from the wrapper. As it turns out, I uninstalled FSUIPC, then reinstalled EZDOC. It seems to work OK now plus I have reinstalled FSUIPC and it also works. Go figure.
  3. Gentlemen, I've been away from simming for a year or so. Recently retired and now trying to reup, so to speak. Do to a corruption, I uninstalled P3D and reinstalled the latest version, then reinstalled FSUIPC and PMDG. EZDOC is giving me problems. I uninstalled it, deleted files including the user dir. files. I've reinstalled it using the Flight1 wrapper. All seems to go well. Config runs good. I start P3D and the old view keys don't work anymore but ezdoc is not in the modules drop down and mouse center wheel has no effect. What am I missing? My login at SimMarket is currently goofed up. Thanks. You fellows always come throught for me. Mike Eppright (KICT)
  4. I share the 4790 processor you use. In addition, I have 2 Nvidia 960 2 Gig video cards linked in SLI. Couple this with three 24" monitors and I get a 5760x1080 display. Not perfect but adequate for me. P3D is giving me 25-30 fps with PMDG birds and Megascenery so I have little to complain about.
  5. Go to setup/controls and delete HAT VIEW commands. Then FSUIPC should be able to setup electric trim. I just went through this.
  6. I just had Flight1 update my email so I can download a fresh key. I've not been close to my FS computer to confirm but everything points to that. Friday evening will prove or disprove that theory.
  7. I've just reinstalled P3D 3.0 after a hard drive failure. Finally got EZDOK to install. Functionality seems good except for this middle mouse button issue. When I depress the middle mouse button, I hear a pop or noise in the sim telling me the sim recognized the button push but no movement. Was there ever a resolution to this? Mike Eppright
  8. I am using P3D 3.0 with CH Eclipse Yoke and Pedals. Other utilities and addons used are PMDG 737NGX, EZDOK and FSUIPC(registered). I need suggestions on how to configure the left hat as electric trim. I've tried a couple of directions without complete success.
  9. Thanks, I'm well aware of the newness of 3.0. Also patient as adjustments are made. It is good to hear PD is working on issues with LM. When the dust settles, I think we will have a very enjoyable product.
  10. Gentlemen, I have a fresh install of P3D 3.0. Along with that I have FSUIPC and EZDOK installed. All seems to be working smoothly except for one conflict. I disabled the left hat on my Eclipse yoke with EZDOK so I could designate that for electric trim. Electric trim now functions as desired but everytime I actuate the trim, the engines surge to full throttle. I've checked assignments in P3D, EZDOK and FSUIPC. What am I missing? Thanks Mike Eppright
  11. Typically, a business jet such as the Hawker 850 would make a tech (fuel) stop in Gander, St. John's or Goose Bay. Then it is only about 1400 miles to feet dry. Heathrow and Gatwick are not typical for business jets. Farnborough or Stanstead are more likely destinations in London. Westbound from Europe some will make their fuel stop Shannon, Ireland. To the inexperienced, the temperatures aloft over the North Atlantic are warm making it harder to get to the higher altitudes for the crossing.
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