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  1. Thanks for this wonderful tool! I´m running with P3D 4.5. It works like a charm. If you don't mind me asking, for future releases, would be possible load automatily Simbrief flightplans like SimTookit Pro: Option Load the latest Simbrief flight plan? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks a lot. It works like a charm. The logbook is wonderful. I like a lot the new profile aircraft collect system. I absolutely love this tool! LOGBOOK: REQUESTS a) Would it be possible adding in the logbook entries to the Zero Fuel Weight and the Real Initial Fuel (The one that you enter in the plane, the one read from X-Plane or P3D) in the Departure Section? b) Woul it be possible adding in the logbook the FPLM landing rate and the speed in Landings? Example: -33 fpm / 125 Kts. https://ibb.co/CsLjvHs Thanks in advance.
  3. I have tried several times with Fslabs A320 and FF A320(In Kg and Pounds ) and finally: nothing. Eventhough the logbook entries do show the correct data (the correct fuel burned in both planes), however the flow fuel is pretty low on collecting performance profiles and consecuently the profiles of these two planes are not correct. These two planes seems to be little friendly to show their truly data, Lol. On the other hand, the performance profile of the Toliss Airbus A319 seems to be pretty, pretty exact. The good thing is that the information contained in the logbook is absolutely exact: Zero fuel Weight, Initial Block Fuel, Fuel Burned, etc... As far as a logbook for tracking and save every flight with every data, righ now I´m using ProjectFly, but this doesn't show the amount of data and fidelity of Littlenavmap. I hope We can see soon a true logbook in the next incoming version of LittleNavMap or another future ones. 😉
  4. Thanks Alex. Yes it must be that, because LittleNavMap works like a charm with the Toliss A319 CFM. I´m looking forward to seeing the next version. More over I´m looking for a true Logbook. Thank you for your quick answer and thank you for your time and effort.
  5. Hi mates! Another again with New Performance Profile. Making the FlightFactor A320 Profile Performance! Something that I think It doesn't work propertly. LittleNavMap is indicating that the plane in Cruise Altitud is burning 7000 Kg of fuel/hour. However the fuel burned is actually of 2000 Kg/hour Does LittleNavMap work propertly?
  6. Have you installed the AIRAC 1909? That problem happened with AIRAC 1909. Something is wrong in the new AIRAC. Come back to the 1908 AIRAC and your problem will be solved. Greetings.
  7. I answer to myself. Question solved! I was doing the calcs badly. It's necessary firstly click on "new aircraft performance" and then " collect performance for flight" I had the toliss A319 profile selected and when click on " collect performance for flight", the data the programm gave me was something odd, because I didn't select the option "new aircraft performance"
  8. STRANGE THINGS... in Littlenavmap fuel calculation in LITTLENAVMAP PROFILES Hi mates. I've made several flights with Airbus 319 by Toliss and I've collected the performance. The final results: Everything seems to be fine. Littlenavmap calculates the fuel consume in a satisfactory way. However I´ve made the flight from LEXJ to LEPA with FlighFactor A320 and Fslabs A320 and the results are very strange: The fuel consumed should be 3546 kg, but the results with Littlenavmap are surprisingly high. (I have used a Cost Index of 45) - Initial Block Fuel in depots: 5786 Kg - Time from LEXJ to LEPA: 1:16 M - Fuel remained in depots: 2240 KG - And the results should be: 5786 Kg-2240 Kg= 3546 Kg burned fuel. And Little Nav Map has collected profiles in which of them, the consumes are 8000 kg or 9000 Kg. It's absolutely abnormal. The plane was loaded with 5786 Kg of Fuel. Would do anybody cast me some light about this matter? I don't understand a word. Thanks in advance. HOWEVEEEEERRRRRR! If we take a look at Littlenavmap Logbook, everything seems to be OK: Fuel consumed: 3.140 kg, 3.912 l QUESTION: Why the results shown in Logbook seems to be fine and the calculated profile differs from the logic burned fuel? Average fuel flow: 2.692 kg/h, 3.353 l/h vs 7194 kg/h. All of these matter seems doesn't make any sense??? USERPOINT Logbook: Type: Logbook Ident: LEPA Name: Palma De Mallorca Description: Arrival at Airport Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) runway 24R Simulator Date and Time: 05/09/2019 15:42 UTC, 17:42 UTC+02:00 Date and Time: ju. sep. 5 17:42:10 2019 From: Airport Santander (LEXJ) to Airport Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) Cruising altitude: 30.000 ft Aircraft: Title: FlightFactor Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4 ultimate Model: A320 Registration: D-AXLA Type: Airbus A320 Trip: Time: 1 h 10 m Flight Plan Distance: 488 nm Flown Distance: 482 nm Average Groundspeed: 413 kts Average True Airspeed: 403 kts Fuel consumed: 3.140 kg, 3.912 l Average fuel flow: 2.692 kg/h, 3.353 l/h Tags: Arrival Elevation: 26 ft Coordinates: 39° 33' 6.00" N 2° 44' 20.00" E Example of the profile created under Airbus A320 by FlightFactor: FlightFactor Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4 ultimate - A320 Invalid value for reserve fuel. Flight Plan Distance and Time: 485 nm, 1 h 12 m Average Ground Speed: 377 kts True Airspeed at Cruise: 462 kts Mach at cruise: 0.78 Fuel Plan Fuel Type: Jetfuel Trip Fuel: 8.641 kg, 10.763 l Block Fuel: 8.847 kg, 11.019 l Fuel at Destination: 0 kg, 0 l Reserve Fuel: 0 kg, 0 l Taxi Fuel: 206 kg, 256 l Extra Fuel: 0 kg, 0 l Contingency Fuel: 0 %, 0 kg, 0 l Climb and Descent Climb: 1.846 fpm at 383 kts, 2.7° Flight Path Angle Time to Climb: 0 h 16 m Descent: 878 fpm at 377 kts, -1.3° Flight Path Angle Descent Rule of Thumb: 7.2 nm per 1.000 ft The flight plan: IB1909/IBE1909 FSL-CFM/A320-214 ROUTE: LEXJLEPA-MFT DEP: LEXJ/SDR 29 ELEV 16 FT COST INDEX: 45 TTL G/C DIST: 375 NM ARR: LEPA/PMI 24R ELEV 27 FT INIT ALT: FL300 TTL F/P DIST: 485 NM FUEL BIAS: 100.0% TTL AIR DIST: 464 NM AVG WIND CMP: TL018 KT ALT: LEIB/IBZ 24 ELEV 24 FT 105 NM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONFIG DOW PAX CARGO TOTAL ULOAD LIM ZFW TOW LDW STANDARD 43349 75 8452 14977 3724 LDW MAX 62500 77000 64500 PLN 58326 63992 60776 ACT ...... ...... ...... FUEL CORR ENDUR TRIP 3216 ........ 01:15 CONT 5% 190 ........ 00:05 ALTN LEIB 1121 ........ 00:27 FINAL RESV 1139 ........ 00:30 MIN T/O 5666 ........ 02:17 ..................................... EXTRA ...... ........ ..... CAPTAINS SIGNATURE (....) TAXI 120 ........ 00:10 RELEASE 5786 ........ 02:27 I ACCEPT THIS OFP AND I AM FAMILIAR ARR FUEL 2390 ........ 00:57 WITH THE PLANNED ROUTE AND AERODROMES FUEL TANK CAP 18729 KG / MAX EXTRA FUEL 3724 KG LIM BY LDW TRIP CORR FOR 1000 KG TOW INCR: +31 KG / 1000 KG TOW DECR: -29 KG 2000 FT LOWER: +41 KG / EET 01:17 CLB: 250/300/.78 DES: .78/300/250 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEXJ STD 07:00Z/09:00L ETD 07:00Z ACT OFBL .... EST T/O 07:10Z ACT T/O .... LEPA STA 08:25Z/10:25L ETA 08:30Z ACT ONBL .... EST LDG 08:25Z ACT LDG .... SKD 01:25 PLN 01:30 TTL BLCK .... EST FLT 01:15 TTL FLT .... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATC ROUTE: N0460F300 BLV5R BLV UM601 REBUL/N0415F280 UL110 GIR/N0409F270 UP84 LORES LORE1K
  9. I´ve seen the SID MAMU2H from GIRONA to fix MAMUK is a little bit odd. I think the VOR GIR should be out. Is it possible to edit a procedure to fix it? https://ibb.co/ccnTXXf
  10. Thanks Alex. You made my day. Thanks a lot for your time, work and effort. Thanks.
  11. Hi Alex. This Software has became so far the best moving map and flight planner organizer in the simulation world. The only point I miss a lot is the lack of a more deep flight log book than the P3D or X-Plane default. I wonder if in a future this software could be have a flight log such as SIM ACARS, where you can save every flight with several data like: https://www.simacars.net/ Flight Plan in ICAO format Flight Number Plate Plane Departure Airport and Time Arrival Airport and Time Zero Fuel Weight used Fuel Block remanined Total Fuel Used Thanks for this very piece of cake and keep on the good work. Greetings.
  12. Hi Alex. Thanks for your answer. I think, It's a very good idea. Greetings.
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