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  1. IDEAL FLIGHT and let the program do all the job for you.
  2. I like too. Will you please add it to the AVSIM file library. Thank you
  3. Madrid Barajas Airport has changde the name to Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport. In honor to the President of Spain Adolfo Suarez, first President of the new Democracy in Spain.
  4. I found out when using FsTramp in dx10 will crash but with DX9 works perfect.
  5. I Use IDEAL FLIGHT and let the program do all the job for me.
  6. If you are flying mainly GA aircraft, I recomend Ideal Flight
  7. Not yet, but Steve is working to add this feature. Steve is always improving IF. You can try IF free. Luis
  8. Ideal Flight
  9. FSX-MS

    Thank you Justin...... Great program. from Venezuela
  10. Yes Robert.The idea is no tto save the landing....just being able to do it to anywhere,,,anytime.There are some programs that are quiet close to this, such as Dangerous landings, random airports, find airport, etc...The program I am thinking is nothing if you compare to Radar Contact, FSC8, FS Passengers... etc.I remember FSnav in FS9, you where able to put your plane anywhere just with a click in you mouse....Saludos.Luis
  11. Hi,Yes... there is a way as Opa says, but my idea is to be able to set up a different flght. Lets say.....I want to land in Malaga witht my Duke.I wish to be at 50 miles off, at the speed of 150 knots, Altitude 7000 ft. gear up. Nav 1 ils rway 13 109.50. Nav2 vor MLG 113.55. wind 180. Clear day. landing lights on.I can do that statiing FSX. Go to LEMG. Choose the Duke. Set up the radios accordingly. Set weather. Go to MAP. Drag the plane 60 miles aprox. Altitude 7000 ft. speed 150 knots. ENTER. Pause. Set gear up. Save as Landing LEMG Duke. Pause and fly.As you can see it is a long way to go vs. my idea of a new program.Just a thought.Luis
  12. Dietmar,Thank you for your suggestions, Really my wish is not land again and again to the same airport. I want to choose the airport and so forth as I have explained.I do not kown if this happens to you.You come home after a hard days work. traffic on the roads, bad weather, etc...Just enter, you have maybe half an hour before supper....No time to mess about. Want a quick flight.Fire your PC. Open my dream program and have supper. No delays.....Do you think it will be great.Think about it.Saludos.Luis
  13. Thank you.I understand that but, let us look into this secuence.Fire up the PC.Enter a program that give me the posibilities of:Airplane, airport, distance, speed, radios,weather and so on......This is done quite fast.Then tells me to start fsx.Voila....I am ready to fly.No need to save the flight.I have no program experience, but I think it would be not very difficult to create such a program. Read the scenery, aircraft and so on.There a some programs that almost do that such as Dangerous Approaches.Maybe I am wrong, but I will be very happy to buy such a program.Luis
  14. Hi Gurus,Landing is the most exiting moment for me, I fly only GA and mainly bush.To be able to start a fast set up, I would like to be able to do the following secuence:1.- Choose the airport I want to land. 2.- Choose the plane. Set altitude. heading,radios...etc, according the airport3.- Choose the distance from the airport.4.- Choose weather and wind directions,visivility,clouds, etcStart FSX and enjoy the landing.The way I do now is as follows:Start FSX.Choose the plane and the airport I want to land.Open the Map and drag the plane to the distance I want to be, set speed and heading. Enter,Pause and set the radios, flaps, gear, etc.Resume and land.Any ideas.LuisExcuse my English. My native language is Spanish.