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  1. It was 1993, I was six, and I flew Gatwick-Guernsey on a Jersey European BAe 146-200. I remember freaking out before I got on because I was scared of it. I have no idea why now.
  2. Unfortunately I already built a new system, but it has a processor that competes with the AMD 8350, so I won't discuss it and its overclockability here (it's an i7 3930K, unlocked multiplier and all) since that isn't the scope of your original post. Edit: Also regarding your post about newer processors reaching higher speeds - I've seen evidence of people reaching 4.6GHz on a 1055T on air alone, so I'll ask again: what's the secret of keeping it stable?
  3. I too would like to know how you got that CPU to that speed and keep it stable. In my old system, I have a Phenom II X6 1055T processor (2.8GHz stock), watercooled, and I can't overclock it beyond 3.5GHz without the system pitching a hissy fit. Yes, my RAM is fast enough to handle overclocked reference clock speeds, actually it's rated for speeds that should allow my CPU to hit 4.2GHz. But no - bluescreens after Windows boots. So what's your secret?
  4. Welp, my setup has hardly any flight hardware (a Saitek Cyborg 3D Rumble from about 2005, wouldn't replace it for the world, and somewhere in storage is a GoFlight rack with some of the first gen GoFlight modules - but I haven't seen that in about 4 years now). But the tower herself is a very pretty creature, so pics! Her name is KOSMOS-64 (see the model on top, that will explain all; I name all my computers after robot girls) - an Antec 1100 case was one of like three or four cases large enough to take the motherboard, a Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7 (obnoxious Gigabyte with their XL-ATX form factor...well, I needed the PCI slot for my aging sound card, and the 890FXA-UD7 fit the bill nicely). It is a great case, with plenty of room, and very good cable routing design. Speaking of which; inside the case, with an Antec Kuhler H20 920 cooling the CPU - an overclocked Phenom II X6 1055t (running at 3.5GHz. I KNOW I can get at least 4GHz out of her with water, but due to the way AM3 processors work, the RAM is limiting it - faster RAM is on the cards in the near future). Side note: The Kuhler H20 920 is an excellent cooler, moving serious volumes of air over its radiators and cooling efficiently. If a little noisy. Note I haven't replaced the stock fans, but that's also on the cards. Regarding fans: I am a sucker for blue. No red fans in here (and thank Antec for making the Kuhler's LED customisable)....just...lots of blue. Which looks stunning at night. Not gonna lie, I love it. System specs: in my sig. Don't ask about the 14Gb, it's a stupid story; :I She runs FSX anywhere between 20-30FPS, and that's with sliders up at mid-high to high, and, believe it or not, DX10 preview/bloom/ground shadows/aircraft self shade on. Bit of a dark horse, this system - its 2-year-old specs don't really faze it.