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  1. Wow what an amazing surprise to start the week! Going to hold off buying for at least a few weeks so I can build my next PC appropriately. The pricing model is interesting (the 787-10 is an awesome surprise!). I obviously want as many detailed airports as possible, but considering I'll probably still want payware quality for several major airports and airliners, I am curious as to how soon to the release of the sim will Third parties like Flightbeam, Flytampa, FSDT, PDMG, Quality Wings, etc. will make their products available. For me, there might not necessarily be a need to get the super premium version if the QW 787 is available on or near release day or the Flightbeam SFO is as well since I'll probably pay for those anyway. Either way, as someone who grew up on FS2004 and FSX, I'm so pumped to finally try the most advanced sim we've ever seen.
  2. I imagine proper road traffic will be added in the next Alpha or so since I'd bet it'll bring down performance a lot and they don't want to spend time optimizing for it before they do that for the core sim content like aircraft, airports, weather, air traffic, etc. In other words, it's low on the priority totem pole and all things considered it's probably relatively straight forward compared to the other things AS is building for this sim. If I had to bet I'd say road/water traffic will be adjustable like FSX, but I can't speak to the bridges question. Having optimized road traffic would be awesome though.
  3. The updates continue to blow me away, and I hope to see more short videos in the coming weeks in months as well. I'm particularly curious about what will be changed in these alpha tester screens once build #4 is out. Maybe the sloped runways and improvements to airport globally, plus a fuller 747 model, etc. Asobo clearly has a build that's decently ahead of what's out, and that makes sense. I wonder how much they'll roll out to testers next. I think the concern about the static red lights on the highway are placeholders for cars — or they'll be permanent with the addition of some actual road traffic to give the illusion of denser highway traffic, something that my ORBX scenery does decently even in FSX. Considering Asobo has seemingly thought of everything, I have a feeling they'll let you customize traffic like in previous iterations of this sim franchise. Now this is going to sound nitpicky but anyone else wondering if you can turn the cabin lights on/off in the airliners? Don't want to break any Federal laws and not dim the cabin lights for departure or keep my pax awake on longhaul flights. 😉
  4. Continues to blow me away. If I found the right one, it looks like the Sedona footage is from a much earlier build, too (, which means things are only getting better. The one of the A320 and the real-time changing of weather and time is mind boggling for me (an FSX player). Man, this sim is going to be next level. I'm just so happy that it's finally, truly becoming next-gen—and with full community integration at that.
  5. Wow. Asobo continues to be incredible, both in their development of this sim but also in their transparent communication with the community. Definitely a model for other software companies. Since we're talking requests: I understand this is the Alpha and we're looking at a WIP, but I've noticed the airport ground textures, as incredibly sharp as they are, appear a bit too shiny, or something. I love how crisp the textures are, but I hope Asobo has plans to add some grit and grime to the asphalt, concrete, etc. to give big airports a more complete sense of wear and tear. Or is it just me? Either way, WOW, can't wait for this.
  6. Ró, are you ever doing the JFK flight? I'm from the NYC area and am frequently out near JFK and whenever I look up and see one of the several daily EI flights, I can't help but hope that you're up there in the left seat.
  7. Although I'm sure Delta, when they receive their 737-900s, will get the -ER I still want to use it and the -ER package is at least a few months away. If anyone has time to do one it would be great. Thanks
  8. I'm not if it has been requested already but could someone do a Delta 737-900WL New Livery (as in post 2007)?Thanks, much appreciated!
  9. Not trying to rush (How can I rush the people who made the NGX!) anyone but I don't see either of the Boeing paints. Are they not done yet or am I having problems with the addon page?Regards
  10. Not sure if it has been mentioned but I would love to see the green Boeing livery that is used in pre-delivery flight testing. The list is superb anyway
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