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  1. This indeed is a very good monitor. I have been using mine for about 6 mos now and have had no problems. Very good performance and it is G.sync compatible.
  2. I prepaid for MSFS and attempted to install the program. It asked where I wanted the install I indicated Disk "D" it installed 1 GB of files on "C" drive and 3 files on "D" drive and stopped downloading. Now it says to buy again, on the same page it indicates that I own a copy. Who can I turn to? MS help gives me a virtual agent that does not have a clue.
  3. Good question. I think that if you use the simulator to just fly around doing stunts or without any aim it may be considered a game. If however, you are learning and using new skills for example:

    1. How to flight plan 2. Read maps and charts 3. How to navigate  4. Learn regulations and fly accordingly 5. Study weather and plan for weather events.                 6. Understand aerodynamics and systems 7. Complete a flight where all the elements are completed correctly. (these are a few of the basics we learn and use)

    As a former pilot I am retired now, but the love of flight never leaves and this is why a simulator can be both a game and a serious enjoyable learning experience.  Enjoy the beauty of flight.


  4. Has anyone installed the Stuff4Us B.C. scenery in P3D v5. If you have would you please give me some advice on how to install the 6 airports in my P3D v5. Thank you in advance for any help. John 9900K 32 gb rtx 2080
  5. Hello, I have the Saitek throttle quadrants (3) and for the most part am happy with them. However, I would be very interested in upgrading the quadrants. Please let me know what would be involved. Thank You JEdwards
  6. Hello Paul, Glad you are back in the community. I too have been a flight simmer since the early Apple attempts at FS. I have been with P3D since it's inception and have ignored the constant need to tinker and fix in order to feel comfortable in the simulator, as a retired commercial pilot I just wanted to keep up proficiency and fly some aircraft that I have not flown commercially. I think I have finally come to the end as far as P3D is concerned, I have tried P3D v5 and although it is better than v4.5 it still has that old tired base. As a result I also will not spend another nickel on P3D products and wait for the introduction of MSFS 2020. I certainly wish MS all the best and hope they come through with a product can satisfy the community.
  7. There were three basic types of propeller used on Spitfires throughout their production. Prototypes and early production models used a fixed pitch wooden propeller which produced tremendous torque and the throttle was constantly required to control RPM. The problem with this propeller was that it was not optimized tor take-off or cruise. Early MK1 models used a two position metal bladed propeller, position #1 fine pitch for take-off, position #2 coarse pitch for cruise, again throttle was required to be constantly used to control RPM. All later marks used a constant speed propeller which had a variable pitch unit that the pilot could set and it would keep the required RPM during take off #1 and Cruise, the pilot could set the control (prop lever) to the required RPM and the constant speed unit would maintain that RPM in climb, cruise or a dive. Later marks of Spitfire used a composite wood type propeller, this mostly saved the engine during propeller contact with the ground. It is an irony that the only place the propeller is made today is Germany by Hoffman. Hope this helps.
  8. Les, I am willing to remove a lever from the old quadrant and send it to you, how would we go about it?
  9. Just replaced my Saitek Yoke after 13 years of use. It so happened that the Quadrant was acting erratic at the same time so I replaced them both. I have two extra quadrants that I purchased about 11 years ago and they are still working very well. I also have used my X52 flightstick for over 11 years with absolutely no problems. I think we sometimes forget that if a manufacturer made a product that lasted forever they would soon be out of business due to the limited number of people who use a flight simulator. Give the manufacturers some credit for producing the equipment at a reasonable price. Love our hobby! John Edwards
  10. Just a personal opinion, but I think Vector 1.52 has just enhanced my opinion of P3D v4. No FPS hit, no elevation hits, and very smooth. This is just my opinion after a flight in Southern Alaska. regards, John
  11. Hello, I have installed P3D v4 and have no problems whatsoever. I have all The Orbx addons that are compatible installed. My fps are better than v3.4, I am very happy with the performance and appearance of P3D v4. 4790K 16Mb ram Asus Maximus Hero Corsair H2, GTX 980 SLI.
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