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  1. They never had black box pings from AF 447. So, their search area was much larger, and for most of that 2 years no active searching was going on. The Woods Hole team only took a week of actual searching with their side-scan sonar to locate the wreckage. After that, it took another month before the recorders were brought to the surface. Thanks for all of the great info, Tom. Do you happen to know how often the boxes send out a ping? When we hear that they've detected "2 pings," would that be over a period of seconds, minutes or perhaps hours if they got two consecutive pings?
  2. We should also look at a different impact hypothesis. Instead of a controlled glide, suppose the plane went in nose first? This might have happened if no one was at the controls, or if the person in the cockpit was trying to make the plane disappear, as has been suggested. ValueJet 592, which went down in a Florida swamp, was such an impact: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ValuJet_Flight_592 This plane impacted the swamp at over 500 mph, and was completely destroyed on impact. No large pieces remained.
  3. For those who are certain that the plane must be somewhere else because we haven't found the wreckage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1996_New_Hampshire_Learjet_crash This plane went down in bad weather, and was not equipped with an ELT. It went down on land, not water. Within a few miles, they knew where the plane went down. Within a few minutes, they knew when it went down. It took 3 years to find the wreckage, despite an extensive search. Finding a crash site is not always easy.
  4. If that were the case, Malaysian Airlines would now be bankrupt and the search would be over. My own conspiracy theory is that there is more known about the flight path than has been released, but it is considered highly classified by the US government because of the sensors that picked the plane up. They don't want to release actual data, because to do so would reveal sensor capabilities that the US wants kept under wraps.
  5. Indeed. For the first few days of this particular saga, AVSIM was off the air. Trying to get information from the TV was almost impossible. Trying to carry on an online discussion on news sites was the usual barrage of idiots blaming Obama or outer-space aliens. Thanks for being here, AVSIM.
  6. It's hard to imagine this kind of operation being a success, though. There are a limited number of runways where this plane could have landed, and a limited number of hangars big enough to hide it. Then, they would need to get jet fuel there, plus whatever else they wanted. After that, they would be flying an unidentified aircraft towards a population center. The chances of detection and interception would be very high. On the other hand, the 9/11 aircraft, fully loaded with fuel, did a staggering amount of damage and the chance of detection and interception was very low. Once they took over this aircraft, they could easily have flown to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. I don't think there was ever an ELT signal from Air France 447. However, there was debris still floating several days after the crash.
  7. It seems strange that they would do that, but that exact thing happened just a few weeks ago to an Ethiopian Airways plane. To make that one even more odd, the first officer, who was doing the hijacking, took the plane to Geneva to request political asylum, but the plane's destination was Rome and he could just have landed there and taken a train to Geneva.
  8. Right now, my favorite Apple product is their stock. I'm a patient person, and I never pay for "express shipping." I figure if I've lived without something for 65 years, a few more days won't hurt.
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