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  1. Hardware GPU scheduling is a Windows 10 option available in version 2004. The debate is whether to turn in on or not. Nothing to do with a feature controlled by Asobo. Dutch
  2. I have tried three flights in the TBM930 with the "FO" flying all the way. Three went okay, but too rough to carry PAX at certain times. The last one killed me by stalling on approach. He is grounded for now. They will solve this. Eventually. Probably soonish, because the it's the same AI used for AI aircraft. Dutch
  3. Manfred, I and so many others for so many years have enjoyed and appreciated and have utmost respect for your top-notch work and your generosity in sharing the C-47, and your other works, with the community. I speak as a developer of flight sim products as well as a community member for many, many years. Your reputation is solid and unimpeachable. No one who knows anything about you or the magnificent C-47 and has enjoyed it in the past thinks for a moment you are responsible for these incomplete port-overs. In fact, everyone is looking forward to seeing this airplane in MSFS, properly done by its original creators; and of course we are willing to wait however long that takes to get it right. It's so unfortunate that due to a quirk of circumstances some new simmers have taken advantage of some easily used tools to port over a highly imperfect version of your airplane (and others) and offer them to the community out of a misguided sense of generosity. This is a temporary condition that will soon fade - I have experimented with the SDK and the tools involved in porting legacy aircraft. They are not ready for prime-time at this point. Once legit addons start to appear these first-cut port-overs will vanish quickly. The flight sim community has exploded in numbers in the last few weeks, and so many of those who are new just don't get it; how we do things here. I don't believe they have any greedy or evil intent - they are just not understanding our ethics and can be educated. But to be clear: posting others work in public is piracy, regardless of intent, and regardless of whether profit is involved or not. I know it hurts to have this happen, but I hope in time the sting will fade and you will feel comfortable in again building and sharing your work. Much respect, Dutch
  4. Do you know about ALT-L, the flashlight?
  5. Some things can be fixed at the server level without patching the client ... such as perhaps the voices, which I notice all problems seem to have been cleared up. I wouldn't think they could affect your control sensitivities though.
  6. Having discovered the TBM I think it's the best of the basic default aircraft. I have not experienced any stuttering in it versus other aircraft. In fact overall micro-stuttering is rare for me, it only happens if I'm approaching an area of dense scenery from an area of sparse density and only lasts a very short while and is hardly noticeable. My settings are the high-end set without any changes except I limited FPS to 30 in the nVidia control panel, running on a 1080p monitor. I don't have a super system, an I7-7770K CPU with 32GB RAM and a 1070Ti video card. I run MSFS from SSDs and have my rolling cache set at 64GB - I did try the manual cache and noticed it seemed to introduce noticeably more micro-stutters so shut it off and deleted my manually cached areas. Are you perchance using any external utility that uses SimConnect like FSUIPC or LittleNavMap? SimConnect has a performance bug that kills FPS when in use. That is said to be corrected in the next patch. Wish I could help you. It's really odd how some people have lots of performance issues and others don't with similar or even lower-end hardware.
  7. This is what I've noticed too. The actual weather looks reasonably correct looking out my window, and matches the METAR too, but the ATIS/ASOS reports are way off. In an overcast it will report "few clouds" as the ceiling. I'm not sure if it's the live weather that's at fault - or a broken WX report from the sim when the WX matches live reality. I'm mostly suspecting the latter.
  8. Honestly, I've never used any ATC program that properly takes into consideration projected MSA along a vectored route. Many take the procedural MSA into account because they know it, but along an arbitrary vector course each potential point has to be calculated and elevation data is not readily available from the FSX/P3D platform - you have to use a "hook" and that's platform-specific and thus fragile. If MSFS does so in the future it will be a major feature for me. Dutch
  9. To be fair about it, I have noticed new features and some bug fixes over FSX. Specifically: - ATC now knows about departure and arrival procedures. - The bug where if an AI was taxiing behind you they would receive endless "Hold Position...continue Taxi" orders doesn't happen any more. - So far as I can see the very wide approach vectors and "slalom-course" vectors have been eliminated. - The very annoying situation where if you are ready for takeoff and any aircraft has been cleared to land on your runway you would be held even if it takes 10 minutes for him to get there has been changed. Yesterday I was cleared for takeoff after another aircraft had been cleared to land on my runway, because he was far enough out. Yes, there are still lots of bugs, but it's not a copy, there have been changes and improvements and so we can have an expectation that they will be further improving it. It's actually on their development list as "in process". Dutch
  10. If anyone wants to hatch conspiracy theories take a look at Washington DC. The Capitol dome is removed and it's turned into a hotel, the Washington Monument is a tall slim office building, the White House looks run down, and the Jefferson Memorial is a flat slab of concrete...but the Lincoln memorial and the Pentagon are well done representations of the original. "Coincidence? What are they trying to say?" To think this is deliberate is nonsense. It's just incomplete artwork cut off at an arbitrary point because of an artificial release date. About the only thing it proves is that this sim was not designed by an American company! 🙂But even Paris is incomplete as far as landmarks. It's not a nefarious conspiracy. Dutch
  11. Oh, we all have war stories don't we? I once knew a salesman who always said "yes" to every question about the product from the customer. I asked him why he did than without asking us first, and he replied: "Well, all the other guys are saying yes and if I say no we'll lose the sale." "Aren't you concerned about whether it actually does work, or is even possible?" I asked. "You guys are magicians," he replied, "I know you'll get it to work somehow." Facepalm.
  12. I would recommend always engaging the AP first, then NAV mode. That works for me and is standard practice I was taught. Since that's the way I've always done it I haven't noticed the behavior you describe, which sounds like a bug.
  13. I think we're past the age of Service Packs. They'll be pushing automatic updates instead and there's no limit on those. I also think we're also past the age when software products are seen as yearly and semi-yearly new editions. Now they are seen as things that continuously are developed and updated, a la Win 10. Even MSFT is on board this paradigm. I doubt you'll see this sim abandoned to work on the next iteration, as in years past. Dutch
  14. As a developer, it's hard to let this just pass. I don't work for Microsoft or Asobo, but I have been a professional software developer all my life and I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I speak from experience. The underlying attitude here seems to be that developers are a bunch of greedy lazy slobs who won't lift a finger to fix their products unless it's forcefully (and often rudely) demanded by customers. Yes, I've seen a few like that, but it's rare. Most of us are professionals and we take pride in our work. We want to make everything perfect, despite the fact that's impossible. Most of us don't want to release anything so long as there's a bug in it, but of course release dates are set by management not the people that make the product. We've all seen products produced with pride and passion, and those that have been done just for the money. There's a big difference, and discerning people can tell it. This simulator was obviously done with passion and commitment by the design and development team. They wouldn't have released it until it was ready, but someone else above them did, and now they are going to have to work long hard hours to fix it in the field all the while taking undeserved lumps from people who unfairly blame them for a premature release. Professionals don't have to be screamed at to make a great product, or to fix the inevitable bugs in it. They don't work harder because of criticism - if it has any effect at all, it's to slow down, not speed up fixes. Just my thoughts, from long experience. Dutch
  15. For the last two days, as much as time permits, I've been simply enjoying the experience of learning and flying in the new world of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I'll admit to staying up late and getting up extra early, because I can't ever remember having a more joy and awe filled experience in any game or simulator ever. Only a few times in the past, rarely, have rivaled it. Is that because it's perfect? No, far from it. I didn't expect perfection or even a finished product, it was obvious that despite the official hype it was being released too early. I honestly expected far more problems that I encountered. That's because of paying attention to what was being said here and elsewhere during the alpha and beta, and because as a developer of many decades I can read between lines. I live and fly in a mostly rural mountainous area surrounded by small towns and medium sized cities in the US. I expected performance issues in dense areas and with more complex aircraft so I've limited myself to light GA in my region. Performance has exceeded expectations - but that's not what I'm here to talk about. Yesterday I was landing after a cross-country at sunset. As the light began to change I looked towards the sun and the sight was, to use an over-used phrase, stunning. I did something I often have wished I could do in real life - hit the active pause button and simply gaze in wonder. I have done that on the ground before in reality - stopped everything to gaze into a breathtaking sky. But never in a sim, until now. As the sun dimmed gradually and sank below the mountains into the haze layer, and the light touched the clouds all around in an array of totally real shades of red and purple I realized I was not just watching in a simulation, but living virtually inside a work of art. There is no other word for it. Even after the sun was down the slow gentle fade of the light in the sky mimicked reality perfectly. It was gorgeous, it was jaw-dropping. If I'd paid for a simulator that had nothing but a C152 that could fly in such a world I wouldn't feel cheated. But this is not the end, it is the beginning. I believe it's the beginning of a new era in flight simulation and even maybe in world simulation. Yes, it was released before it was ready. Someone made a bone-headed decision and I'm sure they are hearing "I told you so" in several different forms yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But I'm quite sure the various issues will be fixed, most of them before the year is done. That doesn't require faith, it just requires a understanding of how things work. Having hyped this product and set such high expectations the reputations of Microsoft, Asobo and Blackshark AI are absolutely on the line here. Pride as well as financial considerations demand that they fix it, and they will. Walking away from this product at this point would be unthinkable. In the meantime what about, instead of joining the chorus of complainers, consider simply relaxing and enjoying what we have and living with what doesn't work right until it's fixed. Stomping feet will not hasten the updates. It will just distress those who are doing the stomping. This is not meant to criticize anyone's reaction. Frustration is understandable. If you want to fly big iron between major hubs right now you'll have to wait a while before that's realistic. Personally, I'll wait for that. The way I look at it, I paid $60 to enter a beta for a product that's already given me $60 worth of entertainment in just two days. I've certainly paid much more for far less many times in my life. So, the rest is gravy. I'm so looking forward to the evolution of this beautiful simulated world and all the third party products that will be adding to it for many years to come. It's just a thought. I wish you much happiness. Dutch
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