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  1. These changes and much more will be in the forthcoming SP1, which will be released when it's ready and tested.
  2. The MSFS version has much sharper textures and modelling (of course) and it contains many options not available in the FSX/P3D/XP11 versions of the MV 310 - such as owned mode with state saving and maintenance, rental mode, failures, and multiple avionics suites from old school radios to the dual 750s, and more. The flight model was crafted with the guidance of real world 310 pilots.
  3. The in-game checklists are slightly simplified compared to the more comprehensive official manufacturer printed checklists to save space...but nothing essential is missing from the in-game ones. You won't go wrong with them, and they will show you where components are until you get used to the layout.
  4. Here's a new and very useful and informative 310 ops video from one of our primary pilot advisors on the project:
  5. It's on the list of things to look at and fix (if we can in our setup) before the update coming soon (probably next week).
  6. Just FYI all, Thanks for this catch! Good work. It will be in the update coming ASAP, probably next week.
  7. Pro tip: use your mouse pointer to look around the cabin hovering over open or blank spots. If you see a tooltip with ?? in it, click and see what happens. If you are using legacy input and have tooltips off, it'll be harder, but you can click in blank or unused areas and see what might pop up. Also fun, but not technically an easter egg, is to to dirty up the plane and poke around the interior checking out the trash and clutter. Tell us if you found some, and your reaction if you want, but no spoilers please! There are some references to movies, TV, and pop culture, as well as current events.
  8. Correct. The taxi light is spring-loaded to automatically flip to off when you retract your gear, otherwise you might have a taxi light burning with the gear retracted in that small bay it fits into - not good.
  9. Yes, very definitely on the spark plug fouling. They don't degrade instantly or rapidly, but you will suffer degradation over time, and if you don't repair it you'll hear the engine running rough once they get down to 60% readiness or so. Lean out mixtures while taxiing to avoid this. On the flooding, yes you can flood this engine, and you can do it in flight if you put the aux pumps on high (assuming the engine pump is running and you have engine realism turned on) and it *will* kill your engine. You are warned! This even happened to one of our 310 pilot advisors once and he posted an amusing story about it.
  10. I don't have that piece of kit (Honeycomb Bravo) so I can't help you directly, but I think we have a couple of testers who do use it so I'll ask them for advice. I can say that we don't do anything "special" with any of the autopilot signals and so it should work just like it does in any other airplane that has the default KAP-140. That's one of the advantages of using the standard AP. Sorry you're having issues, none were reported to us during testing about the Bravo.
  11. You raise a good point about the cowl flap levers. The manual is vague and describes the cowl flaps but doesn't really say how to manipulate the handles. The cowl flaps aren't all that important in this airplane though, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Leave them pushed in place and we'll take a closer look at their animation in the next few days.
  12. I just did a right engine cut with mixture and the prop feathered just right. Restart worked fine too. It takes a few seconds to spin down and stop, as you noticed with the left engine. If it doesn't stop in about 10 seconds, push the prop level up to full fine then down to feather again. Be sure it's all the way down.
  13. We've noticed that on some systems the TDS conflicts with the PMS50, and disabling the PMS then the icons work on the TDS. We'll look a little more deeply into this in the next few days and if fixable on our end we'll get the fix in for SP1.
  14. While you wait (not much longer!) here's a video by one of our pilot advisors zkdos, a real world 310 pilot. It's his first YouTube video, and the sound of his voice can be hard to hear once the engines get above idle, but it's worth it to follow a real pilot on a real flight he's made in real life. Showing how to fly the 310. Pay attention to his landing technique, many of the reviewers are trying to land this like an ordinary GA twin. It's not one of those!
  15. Don't assume anything about the price. You'll know tomorrow. You might be pleasantly surprised, who knows?
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