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  1. Düsselwings

    Aerosoft EDDM - P3D V3 - Problem

    Hi Stefan, there is a list with compability to P3DV3 on the aerosoft website, where you can have a look, which sceneries are able to be installed in P3DV3. The others you can try to install with the Estonia Migration Tool, but there is no support on that - you do it on your own risk. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/p3dv3/ Cheers, Stephan
  2. Düsselwings

    I must be losing my mind... Help...

    Hhhmm... that all sounds to me, like I should buy such a ti card.... I drive three screens, one 15" in the Homecockpit and two 27" screens and the mean one is an UHD Dell... And I just have a GTX780 without ti..... :mad: thanks for your hints....! By the way.... Do anyone know, whether I could use a GTX780ti together with my GTX780 in P3DV3 or must they be identical?
  3. Düsselwings

    Repaint request

    Hi awash, because of the given fuselage layout I won't do more repaints, especially no with lines. I just wanted to have this repaint, I gave you. Sorry.
  4. Düsselwings

    Repaint request

    Hi awash, Here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/4brl8v5vt02ug3e/Alabeo_Saratoga_N265CA.zip?dl=0 Let me know, how you like it... It's my first repaint, I made... Cheers, Stephan
  5. Düsselwings

    Repaint request

    Hi, Still interested? Because there was no response, I made a "bush-taxi" repaint for myself - So, if you want this one with your registration, just let me know Cheers, Stephan
  6. Düsselwings

    Repaint request

    ...and perhaps one with DESAD?
  7. Düsselwings

    Saratoga II TC repaints

    ....and no german either. :blush: ... nice airplane.. use it rather often
  8. Düsselwings


    Any News?
  9. Düsselwings

    DINPUT8.dll crash FSX

    Hi, I bought a new graphiccard yesterday (Gigabyte GTX 780 OC Windforce) and installed the software "Gigabyte OC Guru II" from the support CD.... And get in trouble with exactly the same!!! DINPUT8.dll every time I started FSX or after 2 minutes... Hours of searching, reboots, reinstalling of DX9c, USB driver, and so on... Finally it was just to deinstall this OC Guru program...!! Now everthing is OK again... Cheers Stephan
  10. Düsselwings

    ORBX FTX Freeware Problem

    Hi, Did you switch FTX Central to North Amerika? Did you install the latest Library (13-12-15) after Installation of FreewarePack6? (there are no Libraries in Neils Packs) Did you check the report file "Installed ORBX Products" (FTX Central/Tools) whether you can see the entrance: " FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 6 (Hawaii) - January 2014"? Did you check. whether you have a folder, called "FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS" in FSX/ORBX/FTX-GLOBAL, which should have 32 files for Pack6? Did you check, whether you have a library folder inside FSX which is called "FTX_AA_GLOBAL_AIRPORTS"? If theres something missing, set FTX Central to NorthAmerika, install the Pack again and don´t forget to install the actual library after that... Happy landings Stephan
  11. Düsselwings

    Windows 8 and FSX

    Hi! Thanks for answering! I spent the day online to find answers... but it seems really to be a special problem of Win8, which isn´t clear to handle our fsx-stuff yet... :-( I´ve tried many things, different USB Ports, different Controllers (also a simple Logitech Extreme 3D pro), the Saitek X52pro instead of the Homecockpitstuff... nothing - always the same and like George says, sometimes it works a bit longer, sometimes not - you can never be sure to end a flight... Nothing for me at the moment... So, I decided to make a Image of my WIN8 and FSX folder in order to reactivate it, when the times has come... ;-) And now back to the roots... ;-) regards, stephan
  12. Düsselwings

    Windows 8 and FSX

    Hi! I´m not so good in english, but I´ve tried to get everything in this thread but didn´t found my issue I have with WIN8 64 and FSX/ACC. I have a fresh installation of WIN8 64 (SSD) and a fresh installation of FSX/ACC (SSD). The following things are added: ORBX Sceneries, FSUIPC (registred) and A2A Accufeel. Not more. What happen is, that after a while my FSX looses every controllers (Saitek Yoke, Saitek Rudder, Trim Wheel, Quadrant). I tried the SPAD (0.51) Driver for my rest of Saitek (2 radios, Multipanel, Switchpanel) With Win7, 64 never a problem. Here it didn´t changed anything. I deinstalled SPAD and flow just with Yoke, Rudder and Trimwheel ( connected to the USB Hub of the Yoke), After about 3-5 min., the controllers have gone and I can´t configure something either with FSUIPC (no reaction) nor inside FSX - there is just the mousestearing shown.... Any ideas??? I´m rather frustrated.... It took a loooooong time to install everything new... :( My system AMD 1090BE @ 3.9Ghz 16GB RAM GTX 470 Win8, 64bit on SSD Crusical C300 (256Gb) FSX, ACC, ORBX on SSD Samsung 830 (512Gb) regards, stephan