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  1. Hi Stefan, there is a list with compability to P3DV3 on the aerosoft website, where you can have a look, which sceneries are able to be installed in P3DV3. The others you can try to install with the Estonia Migration Tool, but there is no support on that - you do it on your own risk. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/p3dv3/ Cheers, Stephan
  2. Hhhmm... that all sounds to me, like I should buy such a ti card.... I drive three screens, one 15" in the Homecockpit and two 27" screens and the mean one is an UHD Dell... And I just have a GTX780 without ti..... :mad: thanks for your hints....! By the way.... Do anyone know, whether I could use a GTX780ti together with my GTX780 in P3DV3 or must they be identical?
  3. Hi! Thanks for answering! I spent the day online to find answers... but it seems really to be a special problem of Win8, which isn´t clear to handle our fsx-stuff yet... :-( I´ve tried many things, different USB Ports, different Controllers (also a simple Logitech Extreme 3D pro), the Saitek X52pro instead of the Homecockpitstuff... nothing - always the same and like George says, sometimes it works a bit longer, sometimes not - you can never be sure to end a flight... Nothing for me at the moment... So, I decided to make a Image of my WIN8 and FSX folder in order to reactivate it, when the times has come... ;-) And now back to the roots... ;-) regards, stephan
  4. Hi! I´m not so good in english, but I´ve tried to get everything in this thread but didn´t found my issue I have with WIN8 64 and FSX/ACC. I have a fresh installation of WIN8 64 (SSD) and a fresh installation of FSX/ACC (SSD). The following things are added: ORBX Sceneries, FSUIPC (registred) and A2A Accufeel. Not more. What happen is, that after a while my FSX looses every controllers (Saitek Yoke, Saitek Rudder, Trim Wheel, Quadrant). I tried the SPAD (0.51) Driver for my rest of Saitek (2 radios, Multipanel, Switchpanel) With Win7, 64 never a problem. Here it didn´t changed anything. I deinstalled SPAD and flow just with Yoke, Rudder and Trimwheel ( connected to the USB Hub of the Yoke), After about 3-5 min., the controllers have gone and I can´t configure something either with FSUIPC (no reaction) nor inside FSX - there is just the mousestearing shown.... Any ideas??? I´m rather frustrated.... It took a loooooong time to install everything new... :( My system AMD 1090BE @ 3.9Ghz 16GB RAM GTX 470 Win8, 64bit on SSD Crusical C300 (256Gb) FSX, ACC, ORBX on SSD Samsung 830 (512Gb) regards, stephan
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