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  1. .. or at least some beautiful warbird flying in awesome sceneries. I bought it and am totaly surprised of the smoothness coupled with graphics never seen before!! Try it, War Thunder! I simply love it, though it is still in Beta.
  2. Hi all, for me it has been - related to flight sims - the most surprising but also worst news ever heard. Flight has got the most important things, a Flight Sim must have. The phyiscs come very very close to reality combined with beautiful graphics at 60 fps constantly. But what am I talking ... its over, due to not being profitable. Really? There are much more players in multiplayer than in Wings of Prey, Cliffs of Dover, Apache, IL2 1946 together, not to speak about, X-Plane. So why can they afford it and Microsoft not? And after a long time of developement, why dropping this game after only 6 months? I would spend a lot of money, if I only could. I bought all the VC less crap, to support MS to build more, no matter what. Its only sad. So I am of for flying RL, but the weather is not always brilliant on weekends. So I tried to find new alternatives. I bought AeroflightFS, A10 Warthog, Wings of Prey, Cliffs of Dover, Rise of Flight (some of them I already have for quite some times). What I was absolutely impressed of, were the graphics an the atmosphere of Wings of Prey, a game, now for not more than 10 bucks. Of yourse cliffs of dover is more realistic, but graphics are crap and stuttery. Wings of Prey are nailed to 60 fps with unbelievable good looking graphics. So I found myself fighting till late in the evening having great fun. Than I wondered what this company also developed a found some good news and videos about War Thunder (formerly word of planes) which is in Beta now. They also have Hawaii there :-) So I would appreciate to see some of us in the MP of Wings of Prey or War Thunder when it is released. http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/topic/9235-new-fan-video-top-secret-cbt-journal-3/ http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/topic/8516-new-fan-video-tora-tora-tora/ PS: I have nothing to do with those sims, I am just searching for having fun in flying around in beautiful environment. I will miss Flight very much!
  3. My flying club has to replace our Remo 400 for towing gliders. We had to choose between the Carbon Cub and the Dynamics. The Carbon Cub didn't made it, because the view outside is limited due to the high wings. Now we will buy the Dynamics, which I would also like to see in Flight, esp. with retractable gear. For towing gliders in high traffic the view outside, when turning around is essential. Too bad I will never fly a Carbon Cub in RL, at least not in the near future.
  4. Nice shots! But on your video it seems that you have very low fps. Or is it just the result of recording? If not, try to lower your weather settings, that's what kills my fps.
  5. It was really awesome! And teamspeak3 on the ipad is working pretty well. I will post some pics later.
  6. I use sectional charts of alaska on my second computer. I think it is more challenging and fun to identify your position without a moving map :-)
  7. And more than that, the main exe file does not work with the latest nvidia driver. :-( Go and fix it!
  8. In the control panel I "let the application decide". Should I use individual settings for adaptive v-sync and disable the ingame v-sync? Thanks for all your comments!
  9. As the refreshing rate of the monitor is 60Hz, it makes a BIG difference. Believe me, the difference is like night and day, when the fps drop from 60 to 30 (v-sync on), especialle when panning around with trackIR all the time. With weather and scenery density set to medium, i can keep my 60 fps. I can live with that. Will there be a huge improvement, if I upgrade to a i5 2550k, or sth. thelike?
  10. Hi, as I am strongly addicted to flight already flying it for more than 80 hours I ask you as experts for hardware, how to upgrade my current system. I want 60 fps with high/ max details in strong weather conditions in Flight. My system: i5 750 @ 4,0 Ghz MSI Nvidia 560 Ti Twin Frozr 1GB 12 GB RAM 1300 Mhz 500 GB Spin Point F3 NEC 27, 1920 x 1200 New processor, or SSD? Or a complete new gaming machine?
  11. :-) so i guess the two missing liveries come along with the VC, floats and skis!
  12. What we need is: Alaska: More detailed airfields, cabins, missions and details, details, details Maule: floats, skis, tundra tires, liveries Cub: VC, floats, skis, liveries
  13. You made my day! Great performance now with awsome reflections!
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