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  1. Hey Brother, me again.... I should change my user name to "not the sharpest tool in the box"... anyway... struggling with the iFly module. I'm trying to add ELEV TRIM UP/DOWN to buttons 3/4 on my yoke with repeat. I'm using the ifly command set STAB TRIM UP and STAB TRIM DOWN but I get an error message about iFlytoFSUIPC not running... I can hear a button clicking on the panel but not sure which one it is - certainly isn't my trim wheel. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Guenter Excellent work! that's cracked it..... could do with being able to assign rev 1 and rev 2 separately, but it seems to work OK..... except I still don't hear the "stop locks removed" call - that's possibly because the engine selected start sequence does it for me? for example, I have button 18 assigned thus.... press - ENGINE 1 START SELECT and release ENGINE SELECTED START. Does that sequence remove the stop locks? Great work though! LINDA is a quantum leap forward in FSX Drew Melia
  3. I've managed to successfully configure Linda to operate the J41 as I'd like with my Saitek pro yoke/throttle. One thing though.... stop locks.... I've set buttons 22 and 23 (which are past the bottom detent on the levers) - to FSX functions throttle # decr small (control 66637 & 66636) - simulating F2 to pull the lever back into reverse or beta. But the lever movement on screen is very slow, and I don't hear the "stop locks removed" call from the FO. Any ideas? I've tried the unfeather commands but they seem to do the opposite, pitching the prop blades flat for starting.
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