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  1. the dc 3 would be cool. Robert that would not be much of a secret be cause I new since you did the story in aopa mag that the DC3 was coming to flightsim. duchman
  2. what if it is nothing we have ever asked for. Remember pmdg stands for precision manuals Design group. What if they are designing a hole new platform that encompasses all forms of transport. If that is the case the way I would do that is. #1 start with simple aircraft like ultra lights so that they can get the dynamics engine right the first time #2 seaplanes so the water dynamics engine is correct #3 jet engine dynamics like n1temperiture and rpm so that the 737 can be started from a true cold and dark state #4 the big one weather dynamics its more then just making it rain or the wind blow Robert wants it to be right. I my self can not weight either but it has only been 32 years since a truly new simulator has been releaced I can trust pmdg to do it correctly chad hittenberger
  3. Boeing might want to consider a return to production for the 717 to compete with the cs100 from Bombardier . the only thing that i would have done different is an all composite presher fuselage and winglets or racket wingtips and o led flat screens for the flight deck.
  4. i find it relevant to post here because although the thread is for the dash 8 i like to know whats coming after and i thaught that the Tecnam 2012 is a good choice for a PMDG piston twin may be this is the wrong thread to post in but it started the conversation on this thread again. is the final dash 8 100/200 produced still in service and if so with what airline. p.s. i am so sorry Fado if i made you mad i will try to stay on the correct topic from now on.
  5. does anyone have contacts at Tecnam that they could ask about an update on the progress of the p2012 traveler program there has been no update since the launch of the program in 2011 and the first flight shoutl take place some time this year eas 2013 cape air.
  6. is the 90 seat dash going to happen or no can anyone answer that please
  7. does any body knoweney thing about whats going on with the Q400x program this is the 90 seat dash 8 project.
  8. how abaut a viking air DHC 6-400 twin otter from pmdg
  9. Houghton11 where do you find all your info whats the diffidence between the standard dash8 202 and the Q202 or the dash 8-202Q and how does the noise and verberation superposition system work and what exactly is it. chadhittenberger
  10. why is there not an airline that flyes the dash 8 200 with 39 pasengers in a 2 class configuration of 9 first and 30Y class
  11. Ryan how about doing a twin Cessna like the 402c or the 441 there not as complex as the ngx and they has't been done yet my only problem is every one thinks about the business variant but i want the 11seat airliner version it has 9 passenger seats and 2 pilots
  12. dash 8 production serial number 1 or dash 8 cn 001 not shore what the tail number was but that's what i meant by dash 8 001 witch is a dash 8 100 was never sold and leader scraped but it is the oldest dash 8 they might have to talk to a historian about that aircraft because it does not exist today. an just a question does any one know if any airlines fly the dash 8 100/200 with 39 or 40 seats
  13. it shuld be based on dash 8 001 and not the later 100 ceries or 200
  14. pmdg Cessna 402c or Cessna 441 conquest 2 or how about a piper Navajo Chretien or the Mitsubishi regional jet all of these aircraft are concerted business aircraft also
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