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  1. the dc 3 would be cool. Robert that would not be much of a secret be cause I new since you did the story in aopa mag that the DC3 was coming to flightsim. duchman
  2. what if it is nothing we have ever asked for. Remember pmdg stands for precision manuals Design group. What if they are designing a hole new platform that encompasses all forms of transport. If that is the case the way I would do that is. #1 start with simple aircraft like ultra lights so that they can get the dynamics engine right the first time #2 seaplanes so the water dynamics engine is correct #3 jet engine dynamics like n1temperiture and rpm so that the 737 can be started from a true cold and dark state #4 the big one weather dynamics its more then just making it rain or the wind blow Robert wants it to be right. I my self can not weight either but it has only been 32 years since a truly new simulator has been releaced I can trust pmdg to do it correctly chad hittenberger
  3. please consider the dc7c for next classic aircraft pmdg. the dc6b looks great by the way! duchman chad hittenberger
  4. Boeing might want to consider a return to production for the 717 to compete with the cs100 from Bombardier . the only thing that i would have done different is an all composite presher fuselage and winglets or racket wingtips and o led flat screens for the flight deck.
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