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  1. ALright, you got it. I'll just share with you what i usually do (not that I use the NGX very often),Normally I leave the SET FSX COURSE as on, because it works for most airports just fine.When you capture the localiser, have a look at the 'needle'. It should go rapidly to the centre and stop there firmly without hesitation, even in mild turbulence or crosswinds. This is what should be expected.The moment you see the dot stuck to the left or right of the centre, (bad airport) its time to pull out the FMC and disable the SET FSX CRS. Tweak the course settings until centered, if the dot is on the left, decrease, on the right, increase. Set the copilot course to match as well.Continue with your other landing procedures.After landing, can choose to enable the SET FSX CRS again.This isnt very realistic because it's not even a real world procedure, but it's a quick workabout and works with zero visibility outside. If done fast should not take more than 30 seconds.This technique (checking the dot) works for airports that have a perfectly aligned ILS but due to the outdated mag var, the dot is not centred.This must be differentiated from airports whose ILS are physically offset, (either deliberately or due to poor data), ie the ILS in the FSX map is visibly misaligned. In this case, the dot can be perfectly centred but your plane is not going to land centreline anyway.Regards.Marcus Jian
  2. to see this airport's error. spawn on runway 27R. notice the magnetic heading on the 737 as 268.Now go to FSX map (you need to pause the sim), under world | map. investigate runway 27R and its ILS, they will report 265.This 268, 265 difference is what causing the misalignment. The scenery local mag var does not match the global ones at those coordinates.You fix this you have to download the specific scenery bgl file for that particular airport, either from someone who corrected it, or if youcorrect it yourself using some airport editor.I tested that airport, I adjusted the course until it was 266, then i had nice centreline landing. You can give 266 a try.The FSX SET CRS settings of 268 brings you too much to the right.using the manual course adjustment method, if you are too much to the right, decrease course, too much left, increase it.marcus jian
  3. Ok, i think for now there are 2 choices for him.- leave SET FSX CRS on, fine for most airports. But may cause centreline issues for certain ones.- disable SET FSX CRS, means you have to manually set the course for all airports, will get a bit messy, and you have to use experimentation to line up the ILS, especially if your charts, the AIRAC data, or airport headings or any of the combinations do not match. But you can avoid the centreline issue because the course knob is not fixed in this case. This method may also be unrealistic. (pilots dont tune around the course knobs to line up the plane, they already know what course to enter)Regards Marcus Jian
  4. Hmmm, but proper FSX data doesnt necessarily mean correct data, if the FSX data is wrong in the first place. Somehow if rsperge did not get the desired localiser path when using that feature, maybe try turning it off and trying another technique for that particular ILS.marcus Jian
  5. I haven used the 737 for a while but I'll try to help. The set FSX LOC CRS makes it easier to fly a localiser as it adjusts the course to match the heading given by the localiser automatically, without the consideration if the data is outdated, or different from your charts. This should work for most cases. However, for some airports(maybe the ones you experienced centerline issues), the FSX LOC CRS doesnt not really work because the 'hidden' heading for those airports is wrong. The local mag variation, like what ryan said, is incorrect. Thus the MCP auto sets a course that is different from the local heading reference because of this mag variation mismatch. You wont see this on the ND, but when capturing the localiser, you will notice it , like how you did.If i recall the solution from pre-SP1, (i haven used the plane after SP1), you have to either-fix the local magnetic variations. This is tedious as it involved fixing the scenery files for all airports with issues that you use, hundreds of airports in FSX probably have this due to seriously outdated data,or you can download some of the fixed afcad files proposed by Leffe . But if you encounter another airport not covered by this list, you'll have the offset issue. I believe the easy, apply for all, global, 2010 magvar file does not solve this issue, it helps with aligning the ND to latest AIRAC data, but not localisers.-the other is to disable SET FSX LOC CRS, giving you freedom to adjust the course indicator. FOr the incorrect localisers, you must set 'incorrect' course settings to get the plane on centre. How much left or right to correct is a bit of experimentation. Usually it is a few degrees needed.Im not sure if SP1 fixed it so my points are valid or not, but from what you mentioned, it looks like this its the same situation. Anyway, you can correct me if im wrong on some of them.Regards, Marcus Jian
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