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  1. Its impossible. Instead I proposed flying online where ATC is capable of assigning SIDs and STARs
  2. You think so? Thats not really SIDs and STARs at all, thats just flying a route that happens to have the same waypoints as a particular SID has. There's no ATC dynamically assigning the SID / STAR.
  3. Its actually impossible to fly SIDs and STARs the proper way with the default ATC. The default ATC will simply never assign an arrival / departure procedure to a pilot, everything have to be preprogrammed. There's a free ATC addon that will assign you SIDs and STARs on the fly tho, just like they do in real life. Its called VATSIM and IVAO. Very highly recommended. By far the best addon for FSX in my opinion
  4. I love this package, infact, I just flew one of your liveries from LEAL to ENGM
  5. He does a lot of trolling. This one was one of my favorites. Trying to moderate a moderator
  6. So AoA is the AirSimmer of training videos?
  7. Cloud9's ENBR is not very good, but the freeware ENBR available from flightsim.no is pretty good -> http://www.flightsim...6954#Post626954It has a few dependancies tho, Norway Scenix X 2 and the package Airports of Norway is required. You can get the various files from hereNorway Scenic X 2 : http://www.flightsim...norge/1430.htmlAirports of Norway 3.1 : http://www.flightsim...9384#Post629384ENBR Beta 17 http://www.flightsim...7818#Post627818Its important to have all the files I linked to and its also important that they are in the correct order in your scenery library, so make sure that you install them in the order they were linked. I believe you need to do some manual edits to your terrain.cfg when it comes to Norway Scenic X 2 as well .... I believe the readme explains what is needed
  8. It has a few hotkeys, but none that takes you to the first / last page afaik. There's a list of the shortcuts at http://code.google.c...ki/PDFKneeboard
  9. PDFKneeboard is excellent, I highly recommend it. Its freeware.
  10. They dont come with bare metal coating out of the factory. All the planes gets painted by Boeing at the factory
  11. I'm surprised, but glad to see American in the list. I didnt think they allowed other entities to profit from their marks, even if it was flight sim liveries. I thought that was the reason why McPhat's American liveries were freeware.
  12. Im pretty sure that most airlines wouldnt use a higher cost index for departure, instead they would have just used speed select if the departure speed was too slow. Its true that most airlines use two different cost indexes for cruise tho, one for normal, on-time operations, usually a very low number, and another one for situations where they are behind schedule, often a much higher number.
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