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  1. I have just searched the 3000 page PMDG manuals could not find where i need to set NAV data source.Could you please tell me where you set FMC nav data source. I want to set my PMDG FMC to use FSX data.and i want to do this for all PMDG a/c i haveThanksJames
  2. Thanks for that tip, i will check out this setting in FMC, sounds like just the thing i need.Is this setting only in NGX FMC , or is it inb other PMDG addons like 747/md11/j41 as wellThanks
  3. keeping things very simple, PMDG should just supply planes with Airac compatible with FSX database, then provide option to install latest Airac, for those who fly online.Most simmers dont fly online, and its hassle running around looking for old Airac that will match fsx database, Simple!!!.
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