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  1. I'm looking forward - watch this: https://fulcrumsim.com/product/fulcrum-one-throttle-pre-order/ :)
  2. That's fantastic news! Count me in for pre order! best regards Chris
  3. Hi, i have exact the same problem. Is no big deal with planes where the autopilot ignores controller inputs, but with aircrafts like the FENIX Airbus, the spikes leading to autopilot disconnect. The spikes don't have an impact on manual flying, i love the yoke handling while manually flying. Calibration is ok and did not solve the problem. I played around with greater deadzones, but the spikes are to strong to be filtered. I've sent a mail to Fulcrumsim already. Chris
  4. I was concerned about this too, but to my suprise it works fine, i found a plate where the wholes matched to use 2 screws. I'm using this combination over a year now, without the need to readjust anything, but yes a plate fot the fulcrum yoke with at least 4 screws would be perfect. Here is my setup: https://share.icloud.com/photos/01dXBt5FKuR7irKmVSOlAGmfQ https://share.icloud.com/photos/001GONyWNhczAIY9FQx63Yfkg regards Chris
  5. Austrian Airlines late 1990s thank you so much!!! see pic here: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/457693 regards Chris
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