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  1. orcunizma

    Hello... using FS since FS for Windows 95

    Hello Didn't play FS2002? Damn, that was my beginning. Anyone remember the preset flights where you had to land at Hong Kong Intl. with an 737? I actually never understood where it was (I was maybe 8 or so) :D also the Instruction flights at california with the cessna, but having no idea what to do just too show off dad that I can fly. And what was the 747 cargo night one? Never saw where I was heading to just remember bouncing off the grounds (also I was upset why the plane kept bouncing, thought it was actually real and... is a plane not destructable?). Good old days. Good luck with your flying license.
  2. orcunizma

    KabyX slower than Kaby!

    @OneWhoKnocks53 I don't know about Kaby Lake X but Skylake X is the most amazing processor for single or multi thread right now so you're definitely missing something from the X299 platform :-). Also who would buy a X299 platform for a Kaby Lake X? Doesn't make sense since you pay the full functionality for the mainboards but then you get very restricted limits from the processors. X299 only makes sense for Skylake X. And by the way the current X299 mainboards are being rushed out because of Intel yes, but the mainboard manufacturers already know it's problems and they will release new mainboards in a month or two. The processors are fine. I will get one, delid it with custom water cooling. And there goes 8x 5GHz or more which will kill any kaby lake or whatsoever. Quad cores are dying :-) @Piotr007 Coffee Lake will be low-end; medium range compared to Skylake X. Also we will see what the threadripper is all about which might be the only competitor for Skylake X. But time will tell, till then, drink your tea...
  3. No, you need the exact same ram or you would have to upgrade all which is more expensive.
  4. Thanks Steve, your the man. Will test this when the Apex is out. @adyfoot post your results :-)
  5. Im not up to date anymore, last time I flew it was FSX in 2015 because of its VAS restrictions. 1 last question, is Prepar3D automatically setting the Affinity Mask or do you still have to configurate it yourself. What would be the best setting for a 8 core and HT on? Thanks Steve
  6. This is head scratching always been. So basically our SIM is only able to use 4 cores? So 245 setting would be the best in this graph, correct? Let's say we have 10 cores, I wouldn't be able to make the full benefits of it and only use 4 cores? Like you said restrict the Sim to 6 cores, how would you do that and does it make it that much better? EDIT: This graph is a quad core with HT on right? EDIT2: I need some sleep
  7. OK read it the other way around thats why I had a few questionmarks ;-)
  8. I know what HT is about but I said for Prepar3D its better to leave it off so you can get a higher base clock since this Sim is not even using other cores properly it's just poorly coded.
  9. So why is everyone getting higher frames with HT off and higher clock than with HT on and lower clock? If you have 10 cores, why would you need HT? So 10x 5 GHz for me makes more sense then 20 cores at lower speed or no?
  10. Hey, with HT off and custom watercooling Im sure you can get to 5GHz area! :-) Also who needs HT with 10 cores? Not for the next years for sure :))
  11. I really hope I can clock a 7820x to around 5GHz with delidding and water loop. And due to 2 less cores there also should be less heat right? Otherwise I will have to wait what the Threadripper or Coffee Lake is capable of as this would be no option for me. :/ By the way is your HT on or off? Can you post your temps under stress test with HT off? Thanks
  12. You can also get a cheaper mainboard if you like to, you can choose any with a Sockel 1151. Maybe this: ASUS Strix Z270F Gaming ~ 180€. Also try this website for the PSU: http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/ For the pricing, I don't think they will get cheaper, but the new CPU's most likely would cost the same. cheers
  13. The Skylake-X series is minimum using 300 watts and also he tested you can easily overclock those CPU's to 5GHz and more on an AiO its basically twice a 7700k. The CPU is not the problem its the mainboard architecture thats messed up. That guy on the video is the most famous and best overclocker from Germany so I thrust him what he says and wait for the right mainboards. Quad Cores is outdated for me, if you upgrade now you should get a 6 core minimum the cost is not much more than you would get for a 4 core. Better take the 7820X or above to ensure and those are still affordable if you compare the prices with Broadwell-E. Just imagine 8x; 10x @ 5 GHz and above with custom water cooling thats just insane.
  14. ASUS Maximus IX HERO Sockel 1151 ~ 250€ Intel Core i7 7700k ~ 330€ or Intel Core i7 7600k ~ 230€ Kingston HyperX DIMM 16 GB DDR4-2400 Kit ~ 150€ NZXT Kraken X62 (watercooling, if you wan't to overclock in the future) ~ 169€ Otherwise you can also use the default boxed cooler or any other cheaper cooler for your 1151 sockel, just check out on the websites. There is no need for paying extra money for cooling it's just up to you what you wanna do with the CPU. I must also say that there is a new CPU lane coming from both Intel and AMD and that means they might change the sockel for Intel which I don't know. So you would have to buy all over again a new mainboard, ... and so on if you wan't to upgrade it for the next time. cheers
  15. For me the 8PIN heat problem is more scary. My advice is to always read-up before buying. @adyfoot Give your mainboard back if you still can and wait till there is mainboards without this problem. Do not try to overclock. Goodluck & cheers