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  1. readyfortakeoff

    No update for NGX

    thank you captain
  2. readyfortakeoff

    No update for NGX

    I only have 2 choices all program features or 2..remove all installed features...Is this right?
  3. readyfortakeoff

    I'll pay you to make me an overhead window!

    How much does it cost to build something like that?....i have about 8x 22.5" monitors, of different makes/models ACER/DELL, laying around and after seeing this vid I said "Hey what the hell".........does that seem doable on one computer with 2 GPUs?
  4. readyfortakeoff

    It's been Real- I'm out

    Looks like I hold off for a while. I was ready to jump last week but after all the problems people are having with add-ons and such I'll wait a little longer and see what 2.5 brings. Great thread !
  5. readyfortakeoff

    CPU upgrade advice

    I have a Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen3 with a I5 2500K. I went into the bios, selected 45 on the multiplier, saved, close , reboot and away I went at 4.5 ghz. Haven't touched anything else since. That was 2 years ago and still going strong! It really can't get any easier then that. Today's mother boards are geared up to do overclocking. Just get the right chip with a K and google a little and your good to go. This combo runs awesome.
  6. readyfortakeoff

    CPU upgrade advice

    Overclocking in today's environment. with most enthusiastic motherboards and "K" processor, is a walk in the park.(Nothing like 775 sockets (Q8400) with the good old North bridge.) Now all you have to do is just change the multi and you up to 4.5 in a snap.
  7. readyfortakeoff

    CPU upgrade advice

    Here's a suggestion...forget about the FPS. If it runs smooth then your good to go. To many simmers out there think that FPS is the holy grail. Well it's not. I'm running a I5 2500k @4.5 ghz and getting a pretty good experience without worry about FPS. I stop that along time ago. As long as it is flyable just enjoy what you are got.
  8. readyfortakeoff

    Photos: Home cockpit with PMDG 777 undocked avionics

    wow...more pics please?
  9. readyfortakeoff

    Crash to desktop

    SP1 is a disaster for me so far. man I had troubles before that I could deal with (control settings problems, still have them).But now the activation problem and crashes are way to much. I hope they get this sorted out fast.
  10. readyfortakeoff

    Viewing instruments on remote computer

    That would be awesome Johan....I have trouble understanding this kind of "stuff"
  11. readyfortakeoff

    Viewing instruments on remote computer

    I don't get it ...again.....I have 3 monitors set up with TH2GO and I run a laptop for the approach plates via the internet/router.I also have a 4th monitor hook up to the lap top for charts.Can I use that monitor for the this program? How would I go about hooking that up.
  12. You have some serious talent there Chris...thanks