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  1. After the NGX came out and I installed it I kept having a lot of issues, drop in fps pd3 failing to start CTD just different things going on. I finally gave up and uninstalled everything with PD3 v4 and formatted the D:/ drive. It may of bin a windows 10 issue which I call windows vista 1.0 (LOL): But anyways at the time I had PD3 on its own drive with the path set as D/microsoft games/ Lockheed martin/. And when Prepar3d came out with there hotfix I just updated the client, which may have been the problem. But anyways did a complete reinstall. This time I set the path as just D:/ and did all the orbx, fsdreamteam, flightbeam, basically all the ground scenery first then the AS16for pd3v4, then ASCA, restarting flight sim after each install. Then I installed PMDG747/and NGX restarting after each install of planes I did not add any paints until starting pd3 with just the basic plane first. At this point I am at almost at full settings in prepar. I have had no issues with anything and I am holding 28 to 33 fps on ground and in a thunderstorm. Not sure if this helps anyone but it worked for my setup. ASUS maximus v formula/ 3770k at 4.6 liquid cooled/ g-skill trident 2400mhz/ evga 1060 6gb at 1800mhz. 32gb. windows 10 pro.
  2. prepar3d v4 windows10 Trying to find the path to panel cfg. file, thanks if anyone can help. would like to make a change in panel but I give up.
  3. All I can say she looks great, maiden voyage kord to kmem seen some problems but i'm sure it will get worked out.
  4. I noticed they pulled prep updates and updated operations center maybe today is the day .
  5. The NGX completes all my payware for a while, I got all fsdreamteam, and flightbeam, imagine sim, ORBX base, ORBX north america, ORBX trees, AS16v4, ASCA, PD3 V4, PMDG 747, Next on the list is building new tower based on the 7740X with the best asus mother board G-skill 64gb mem 2 1080 video cards. I figure right around $2.000.00 for new computer. So I guess you could say avid flight simmer. This old 3770k does a great job but the best I can get out of it is 4.8ghz. I been looking at 7740x they are hitting 5.2 ghz and I did not want to invest 2 grand in new tower till they hit the mark I was waiting for. I started on a commodore 64 with just meigs field how far we have come, WOW.
  6. Hoping today is the day we all been waiting for.
  7. I noticed the update in operations center to buy NGX V4 so I paid the $90.00 for V4 but it downloaded V3, I hope that V4 is going to be free update.
  8. I stand corrected, I looked at 7740X looks like next computer Build theirs my 5.0plus ghz I'm waiting on. I'm thinking right around $2.000.00 for a real nice tower. waiting on youtube videos on it with PD3 V4
  9. Wish they would of done this one first, seems to be the big wait of the flight sim world. wake up every morning hoping to see release, hoping Santa clause stopped by on my computer in the middle of the night (LOL). I payed the $134.00 for the 747 and it is worth it, nice product! But really being that when the 737ngx comes out probably will be the one I fly the most, (Just my preference). Nothing against the 747 I did the same thing with T7 for FSX I payed for it, and overtime found myself right back in the 737ngx on vatsim. To me the cockpit looks better and frame-rate friendly. The 747 does have the 737 beat as far as outside reflections and other things but, flying on vatsim the 737 is more realistic as far as short flights and a lot of payware scenery do not offer that many large gates for the 747 unless you convert them in GSX. I hope I did not offend anyone so I don't get hate mail seems to be a issue at times. have a great day.
  10. Its just a opinion there are some people who have responsibility to other things in life and the 4790K is a good cpu for flight sim. And before I dump another $400.00 in a good mother board I am waiting for stable 5.0 plus GHZ. PD3 is just now beginning to truly read more than one core. If you look up single core output of the 4790K it is in the 8.0 plus score which is the best bang for the buck when you have a budget, were most others are in 6.0 to 7.0 plus. maybe I should of clarify if you have a tight budget and are responsible for other things in life this is a good cpu to work with. Not all people have a line of credit that don't care about what the top dollar is.
  11. What I have learned as I have been putting this all together, at around $600.00 for the new software and PD3 V4 The days of pirated software is over for reason one... is we are in the beginning stages of 64bit flight sim world. Be patient for the proper add-ons, and as you get them there will be updates to properly run, add on's and PMDG products; ( And make sure that they are going to update without eating your wallet in that case I would dump them for a time): I don't think we have seen anything yet, for the most part of what is happening. Our favorite products are 32bit being converted over to run on a 64bit flight sim. This is why flightbeam, fsdreamteam, flytampa, came out with article they are dumping 32bit and steering towards PD3 V4. We should be thankful that PMDG and other product designers are quickly jumping over and spending the money to pay there designers to rewrite programs. I know I have complained that NGX was not done earlier, But I understand that the T7 and 747 is there money maker, and they need to stay on the side of profit to give us even better products in the near future. (HMM, HMM, MD-80, LOL.); I was flying over the smokey mountains with the 747 with orbx and as16 V4 and there was a mist of clouds in the valley of the mountains like there truly is. Think about that just compared to a year ago. As far as hardware I would be updating that if you are not there yet. I am running A asus formula maximus V and 3770k at 4.8 ghz with 1060 6GB evga at 1800ghz with liqiud cooling G-Skill 32gb at 2400mhz. not to empress you but it does a good job for what I wanted from it. Me and A computer wizz did some testing and found that for the flight sim world the 4790k is your best bang for your buck because that processor puts out more GHZ per core than any Intel processor on the market. buyer beware just because Intel comes out with 7700 or higher numbers just to get your attention or money. Just like AMD has done for years read up on the true values of power. Think about it my 3770k does just as good of job if not better than new ones today. Remember we all have been building 64bit systems for years now and for the first time we will be using it as it was designed to do. Anyways be patient for what is ahead, and enjoy what we have. Have A great day.
  12. Now that the 777 is done, I got the floor swept out in the hanger eagerly waiting on the bird to arrive, money is in the bank, ready to buy my favorite PMDG product, The 737-NGX. I did buy the 747-400 for PD3 V4 great plane but I prefer the NGX just personal preference. Sadly I paid little over $100.00 for 777-200 and 300 for FSX, but I just can't see another $134.00 plus expansion, and don't spend anuff time in cockpit to compensate for more money for the 777 kind of think its bad timing for that particular product and I understand that PMDG hast to make money to survive I get it. At that point would be about $250.00 for that plane , and I found myself over the years in the NGX more often than the 777. and dont mind paying twice for the NGX for the amount of hours I spend in the NGX .So I haft to let 777 go. But anyways thank-you, PMDG for the best products for flight sim. I will say it is a treat to have all fsdreamteam, and flightbeam, airports with orbx, basic, north america and trees, AS16, go from one payware airport to another payware airport with PMDG 747-400 with max settings and No out of memory. We are growing far more than we ever could think possible from the commodore64 LOL. I know this is a long-shot but if PMDG would take on the MD80 that would be a treat. I know they stay on the side of boeing but you did do the md11 and dc6. have a great day all, And get er done LOL.
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