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  1. emmersion not working only when I hold the I for smokesystem now precipitfx not working uninstalled reinstalled no help updated latest fsuipc v4 937d I am thinking it is in the dll.xml file where the problem is but do not know what <LAUNCH.ADDON> it is to see if it is there I see nothing in that file for the program spent 8hrs trying to figure this out frustrated.
  2. I have done everything in this forum with no luck please fix it I hate wasting money have a great day
  4. Letting you know this worked for me I am not trashing flight one utx usa and Canada. But here it go's I took those programs out put fscene4X in did the Steves dx10 fix ran the dx10 then back to dx9. I have not had 1 oom sense on fsdreamteam or flightbeam flytampa and all other payware airports. I fly only vatsim so no traffic this is on a 3770k intel at 4.2 ghz asus formulus maximus V bord 16gb mem 3gb XFX 7970 black vid card" ON the ground with GSX and AES and ACTIVE SKY NEXT settings 95% hitting 24FPS in the air 50 to 100FPS. For the first time I am finding FSX very smooth no matter what the FPS are. I don't know if this is a PMDG conflict with utx or utx is to outdated for PMDG or the dx10 fix. BUT anyhoot fscene4X looks great and smooth. although the T7 is a complex program and massive in memory use for the first time I am enjoying this great plane in all its glory of shine and smoothness. I really hope this helps lord knows I have spent a lot of money to have a great flight sim experience.
  5. What I do and seems to work is load at a low scenery airport I am talking like a grassy field or a one runway field start the addon copilot at that field to load all the planes then move to your gated airport and log on seems to work with PMDG T7 NGX this is showing me that copilot is overloading memory at start up. do not start with default aircraft then switch to PMDG the T7 warns not to do that. you are asking for problems.
  6. Under simobjects file I now have a file called pmdg777 gmc where did this come from
  7. I know that flight1 has this product, I am not here to trash there product. But once you fly PMDG I just can't seem to jump in another cockpit. I have that much faith in your company's ability that if you decided on A MD80 it would be A home run for all of us. Thank you for the work that You have done on the NGX and T7 you have made it a great and fun learning experience that will probably last a life time.
  8. If I were you stick with NGX if you got it, I have both T7 and NGX I'm waiting for sp1 for T7 witch is a good product in the future, but I am having tech issues with the T7 and wish I would of waited for SP1. So I'm still flying NGX. But all is worth it being that PMDG is the best pay ware you can get. I to am excited about 747 V02 but have learned to be patient and wait for service packs as of now the T7 sets in the hanger waiting for the parts guy to deliver. Now my wish list PMDG MD80. :rolleyes:
  9. Is it just me or are we all having this issue I only fly into custom airports like fsdreamteam and others ngx is hitting 30fps on the ground at full settings t7 at 7fps! I am hoping this is being looked at in update. love your products pmdg. looking forward to the new 747. at this point flying ngx only. waiting for update I hope I did not waste $90. but then again this hobby is trial an error. Whats $90. If my wife new what it cost for 4.7ghz and $700.00 video card I wouldn't be flying at all. LOL
  10. Reply to the point of buying 777-300er to get a service pack to fix the 200, I mean we pay $90.00 for the 200 knowing that a service pack or update will fix some issues. part of the game. I love the 200 but at this point I'm not willing to spend more money on this product. ctd after ctd after ctd. at this point I wasted $90.00, I find myself back to the ngx with no ctd. Please don't misunderstand I love your products best on the market without a doubt. But I kind of thought SP and updates for $90.00 were included.
  11. Well as time has gone bye and the OOM are more frequent its time to start moving over to " X plane 10" 64bit reason! I looked at prepar3d Not really impressed being it is 32bit simulator so its already limited and just a copy of FSX. And for a time I will have to fly 737ngx and 777-200 on Boston virtual ATC. at least no OOM on line, Not willing to give those up "Great Planes PMDG! So any hoot when PMDG comes on board with X plane AT that point FSX will go in the History can, got a lot of years of fun out of FSX. BUT she's on her death bed and making funeral arrangements.
  12. Dear PMDG this is only a suggestion, I have notice as time go's by as Microsoft puts updates in for windows 7 or 8. I am beginning to have more and more out of memory crashes. Basically Microsoft has left the flightsim world to suffer. Being that we are in the most part running 64bit operating systems and fsx is a 32 bit game. And updating hardware' I would have to say that with out a doubt you have the greatest product, but as time go's on your product will become outdated because you have to design to fit an outdated fsx. Is it possible for your company to create A new flightsim. with your planes and combine different add on company's together for A game that could handle the memory issue. some ones going to do it. Hopefully not Microsoft! Believe me when I say that I have $3000.00 in the tower Alone, I would Have no problem spending $400 to $500 for A quality Flightsim from your company.
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