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  1. I've managed to appear back in the Flight simming community after a few years in the wilderness 🤣 Obviously as an FSX user, i've been looking at upgrading to P3Dv4. Hence, what version should I buy if I want to upgrade? Academic? Professional? Thanks in advance Jarrad
  2. Haha.... the main page on your website....... well done guys :smile:
  3. the 'q8' is the customer code for ILFC leasing. I.e 737-4q8 is a -400 owned by ILFC (leased out) I.e Qantas customer code is -38, so a 737-800 owned by QF is a 737-838 http://www.aviatorjoe.net/go/boeing-codes/
  4. Normally I'm not one to request, but, I saw this and just had to..... Would be good to have a fleet of Ryanair competitor-bashing planes Anyone Interested?
  5. Silly Question, but have you looked into the A2a p51 (and possibly other models) for the Bare metal texture? Would it be worth getting in touch with them for their bare metal secrets?
  6. Keep your chin up mate, it's nothing to lose sleep over. Like we've said before, it's a 2 second fix in the FMC, I'm sure 99.99999999% of pmdg users will be able to sort it out.
  7. I was kind of touching on whether The eyebrow windows may or may not be part of a 'default' configuration you may have, because they, like the New AA livery, are black. Correct me If I am wrong Steve
  8. Dumb Question, but is that Swiss 700WL supposed to have Eyebrow windows? It seems to have the black ones much like the AA livery had.......
  9. Mine had the same issue Only took a few seconds in the FMC anyway
  10. I dunno. The word around the traps is that this new "American" branding would be the final livery for the combined organisation, seeing as the 'merger' is mostly an AA buyout of US The US touch would be to eventually banish Boeing from this livery, if what I've seen would be correct regarding eventual AA management....
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