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  1. Well about a week now from my order but still no contact from the developer, I hope everything is ok. I'll probably try one more email but then request a refund through PayPal. While I was really hoping for this background chatter package, are there any other alternatives that anybody might recommend?
  2. I wish I had seen your post before I went ahead with this. I was going to post the following below on a different thread but thought it be better suited here. Does anyone know if RealATC.net is still an active product? Has anyone received the files that they purchased recently within the last month or so. I paid for the files almost 2 days ago but still have not received the manually sent download link email. The website states that there normally sent within 10 hours. Yesterday I sent an email to both email addresses listed on the website with one of them returning a bounce back error that the mailbox is full and have not heard from the other address. Maybe the owners just really busy or on vacation at the moment but it's not giving me a very good feeling.
  3. Figured it out, yes it was possible and rather easy. I found an easy way to do this was to first create my cockpit presets and then select the Camera -> Advanced tab for the first preset in my list. From the General Options section I would toggle on/off the TrackIR setting while cycling through all my presets using the Next Preset control assignment. The application remembers the TrackIR setting for each Preset, so I am able to have some with TrackIR on and others with it off.
  4. Reading through the User Manual online here, I thought I saw that it was possible to create certain On-Board Presets with TrackIR turned off. I would like to be able to have some presets with it on, and some with it off but I cannot see how this can be achieved. The only TrackIR setting I can find is in the Advanced tab of the Camera settings, with looks to control a Global setting for the Preset type (On-Board, or Outside).
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