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  1. Milviz does not let you register or purchase on their website. What a bummer. Now I'll have to use the second rate other sites. Keith
  2. vry

    unable to install PMDG 737NGX

    I own PMDG 737-8900 NGX and 747 (Queen of the Skies). I am unable to reinstall the 747. Bizarrely, I managed to install the 737, but it asks for the serial number, which I entered originally. There is no way to enter it, so I tried to reinstall. This didn't work. So I cannot fly it. If PMDG is so paranoid about its products being copied, I will not buy anything more from them. I have tried numerous times to reinstall these products, and looked at about 10 forums. So I've given up and use CLS 747 and the excellent 737 freeware.
  3. vry

    Windows 10 and FSX

    Under Windows 8.1, these Payware Products don't work or will not install: Flight 1 Beechcraft Kingair (by the way: Flight1 customer service is the worst. PMDG Boeing 747
  4. The Beech 200 from Flight One was great until I tried to reinstall it on a new computer. No luck. When I start the aircraft fsx crashes. Flight One customer service sent me a 2 word reply (a Ticket Number). Nothing since then. This is the last time that I buy from them.
  5. vry

    FTX EU Ireland released

    I would buy more Orbx products if they made them easier to buy. The usual store is http://www.flightsimstore.com;but they do not sell to the USA. What a bummer. Hello Ultimate Terrain
  6. vry

    PMDG Customer Service

    Hi Mike: I must first say that I love PMDG. I own the 747 and 737. These arrived boxed from an online vendor. I could not buy a boxed set in June 2014, so I downloaded the aircraft from PMDG. I was late in installing it, due to unrelated circumstances. After multiple tries (about 20), I finally received a Ticket number. However, no further help from PMDG. When I log-in to PMDG, there is no evidence of a Ticket, and no record of my purchase. I have copied the receipts. So basically I have given up and written off the $89 I paid for it. There is a large community of unhappy customers, so I wonder what is wrong. Thanks for your reply.
  7. vry

    PMDG Customer Service

    I bought the PMDG 777 in June of this year. So far, I have been unable to install it because I have no serial number. Multiple times have I tried the suggested fix. None of them work. It seems the only way to get my money back is to go to small claims Couirt.
  8. Hello After 21/2 months, using Mike777 link, PMDG's website offered to start a ticket on my behalf yesterday. I'll be waiting for my serial number. Thanks to all
  9. I have it worse than you my friend. I bought the 777, and was never provided a serial number. Multiple e-mails are left unanswered. I thought I might buy a new copy on E-bay, but too expensive. What to do? Or accept $89 down the drain.