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  1. Check "runways follow terrain contours" in rendering options I believe should solve the problem.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply Tom. Working all this weekend but just had a very quick go and it works really well. Once I've had some time to do it properly I'll post the screenshots. Expect some more questions before then though! Thanks again Sean
  3. Probably simple but i'm stumped. I've got the apt.dat file into World Editor however can't find the lego bricks. If i click on objects on the pane on the left and then click on the airport, it places a question mark and nothing else. Do I need to download the library objects from some where and place them into WED? Any help appreciated.
  4. Loving the vids, really feel x-plane is on the cusp of something massive having used it for a month now. Looking forward to a very bright future.
  5. To put it bluntly, if you don't like it as it is at the moment then best persue something else. Josh Howard has already stated in the Avsim interview that they don't expect to do the whole world, airliners, long haul, ATC among other things. Flight is a different direction aimed at different people than FSX or X-plane. Lots of people like flight, but if you do, like it for what it is now. Don't expect FSX on steroids.
  6. Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. Looks like the debit card's coming out! Sean
  7. Has anyone got any info as to how much UTX affects frame rates? I'm running FSX with REX, GEX and the NGX and it looks very nice with 30+ fps and lovely and smooth. Considering buying it but I'll pass if it's too much of a hog. Running it on a i7 2600k and a GTX460 and 8 gig of 1600 MHz ram. Thanks in advance, Sean
  8. Nope, neither has the real one. It uses a hydrophobic coating on the windows Sean
  9. I have to admire the optimism of some of the people on this forum, I wish I could live my life like that. I've been following this MS Flight saga from before the beta stage and I've long since given up on it. There were some prominent third party developers involved with Flight before they were shut out, and when Flight was released and they were no longer bound by an NDA, they all came out and said "If you're reading these forums, then it's not aimed at you". Mr Josh Howard has said that MS are not targeting "hardcore simulation" fans. Yet even now some of the community still believe we are going to get high quality aircraft, ATC, the whole world, etc, etc. It's not going to happen. We have been told this from more than one source, and to me it's pretty much explicit. Even if it were aimed at us, competition is what drives quality and customer satisfaction, and in terms of scenery, aircraft, AI, ATC, weather and whatever else, there is no longer any competition. MS has shut them all out for the foreseeable future for their own gain. That for me is it in a nutshell, and why I really have no expectations for this title. Sean
  10. Had exactly the same thing. Done several approaches with a 90 degree crosswind, anything between 15 and 30 knots. Disconnect a/p between 1000 to 500ft agl and no crabbing or correction required. Using REX but thought that was just a texture add on.
  11. The aural warnings are still the same for Take off warning and Cabin altitude warning, but new aircraft are fitted with red warning lights on the captains and f/o's instrument panels to show which warning it is. Older aircraft can be modified to have these lights fitted but don't think it's mandatory (yet).
  12. Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow and hopefully it won't be an angry me. Thanks again!Sean
  13. Thanks Nick, that seems to have sorted it out. Before I spend the next half hour programming the fmc again though, does "save panel state" include everything programmed into the fmc?
  14. Hit the "EXEC" button after giving state a file name, get message "saving panel state", then "successfully saved to .....". Then go to load panel state, and the file name doesn't show up. Sure it's something I'm doing wrong, just not sure what.
  15. Does anyone know how to save a state and return to it later? Trying to do the tutorial flight to klax, programmed FMC, set the MCP and other panels. I save the panel state in NGX, give it a name and it appears to save. But when I come back at a later date and try to load panel state the file name I saved it under, it doesn't appear in the list, only the list of default panel states (cold and dark, ngx long, etc). I also save the flight in fsx but when I load the flight I've lost all the nav data and panel states I loaded in. So what I'm asking is how do I come back to exactly where I left off? Starting to get a bit frustrated. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance. Sean
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