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  1. Really with you on this one Tony. I am glad to hear you feel the same way as I do about this. Having to start looking around for libraries when I find gray boxes etc, finally annoyed me to the point of no longer adding scenery to my X-plane installation. I content myself with what comes with the updates from WED (a small number of which I added myself). Regards
  2. I want to add my thanks to Jan for this series. I have already made a few airports but after viewing the first 3 videos I learned new things from each of them. An excellent series and very useful. Regards Pete
  3. Just thinking, its things we can do like this that make flight simulation great. Something for every aviation enthusiast whatever their preference. Your post inspired me to think about doing something maybe similar. Regards
  4. Good to see your findings have come to Xplane's programmers notice. Especially for me because I have a tendency towards keeping Xplane mainly addon free, with the exception of planes of course Looking forward to more information. Thanks
  5. Looks very impressive, obviously a lot of work gone into this, as GA is my preference I am looking forward to it. :smile: Regards
  6. Ok I know where we stand then thanks for nothing.
  7. I have to agree with this for the simple reason we have a sim developed to run in Windows, Apple and Linux (hats of to Austin and those others involved in that) so it just doesn't seem to make sense to develop something to run only in Windows for a sim that pretty well runs on anything.
  8. Looks good. :good:I'm doing some objects for an airport at the moment (using blender) but I haven't looked at the lighting yet. I will do some testing on that soon. Those lights certainly bring it to life at night.Oh and thanks for the info :(
  9. I've heard of it but got no idea what Gizmo is. I certainly won't be touching anything that needs this plugin. It sort of breaks the efforts made to bring xplane to Mac, Windows and Linux. Same goes for any other windows only plugin.Regards
  10. Be careful here. As far as I know all versions, Windows, Mac and Linux are supported from the one package, so if someone is offering a Linux version it sort of triggers a couple of alarms.Regards
  11. Doesn't it load the saved default flight? Haven't tested it properly but that seems to be the case.Regards Pete
  12. Thanks ArnoI'll put the flatten into bgl then. Thanks for the tips.Regards Pete
  13. Hi allDecided to get my feet wet with some scenery design (airport and AP surroundings mainly). After much messing around I thought I'd stay around the stuff that uses xml. All sorts of wrestling been going on here trying to get scenegenx to run without errors but thats another story.Anyway my question is, is it better to have most stuff in one bgl or make a few bgl's. Does it for example affect performance or are there other issues? The flatten can just go in the scenery.cfg file. Another reason I ask is it seems better to me if you have exclude in one bgl then airport in another and finally object locations etc in another. This would also avoid overly complicated and large xml files too.Advice would be appreciatedThanks Regards Pete
  14. As you say the admins of the site have spoken. Personally I'm with the avsim on this. You have to have an administration with most things these days.If anyone doesn't like the rules or the way its run, then they are free to pickup all their toys and go play somewhere else. Which in this instance is what actually happened.Avsim has been a great resource for simmers for years and continues to be so.Regards Pete
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