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    Really with you on this one Tony. I am glad to hear you feel the same way as I do about this. Having to start looking around for libraries when I find gray boxes etc, finally annoyed me to the point of no longer adding scenery to my X-plane installation. I content myself with what comes with the updates from WED (a small number of which I added myself). Regards
  2. jasonX

    10.50 RC3 is available

    Crash is confirmed in Linux also
  3. jasonX

    PMDG DC-6 Release info

    Just because we belong to a minority does not mean we are not allowed to have an opinion and comment on it.
  4. jasonX

    PMDG DC-6 Release info

    Hmm no linux support = no PMDG support. Ludicrous when x-plane runs natively in Linux. Oh well, lucky for us that devs who can't be bothered with Linux are very few in number. Regards Pete
  5. I want to add my thanks to Jan for this series. I have already made a few airports but after viewing the first 3 videos I learned new things from each of them. An excellent series and very useful. Regards Pete
  6. Began using xplane with version 8. In fact the box is still under my computer desk. Pete
  7. What an aircraft!!! I might just force myself to splash out on this though it might take months of learning just to complete a flight. I think the announcement on it's own probably lifted xplane sales lol Regards
  8. <quote> So in a preliminary version using WED, I had to create a huge taxiway of grass in order to overlay the unwanted textures. Perhaps those grassy areas would better be displayed in OSM/W2XP? <unquote> Was thinking maybe an exclusion zone in WED might be a better option.
  9. I have a new internet connection in two or three weeks which will give me the extra I needed to contribute in this area. Regards
  10. Top job Janov. Very well done.
  11. The airports come with Xplane so you do not need to download. They don't interact as your stuff in customised scenery takes preference. The gateway is where you can upload your airports provided they abide by some basic rules and in the long term it will provide a much more populated Xplane. So feel free to enhance a couple of your local aiports and upload
  12. I think maybe its not much of a performance change as a vast improvement in memory intensive situations. Regards
  13. Very useful contribution. Thankyou Regards
  14. I really do completely fail to understand UI complaints. I came from many years of using MSFS but jumped ship when I witnessed the FSX release fiasco. I can say that I have never given a thought about the UI. I just gradually learned where everything is without giving any thoughts such as this should be here, that should be there etc;. I do know that it is a very powerful interface, giving easy access to a huge amount of parameters. Regards
  15. Just thinking, its things we can do like this that make flight simulation great. Something for every aviation enthusiast whatever their preference. Your post inspired me to think about doing something maybe similar. Regards