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  1. Will MSFS add the feature to joystick buttons to be mapped to a certain function when released ? I have Bravo throttle and I can't set the reversers to disengage after they go on on the say joystick button. Evan
  2. Hello everyone, I've been flying at night over LA area and the city l streets looks kind empty flying 1500-2000 feet above ground that I have to zoom all the way in to see that there are some cars on the streets with 50% density, all the vehicles looks so small compared to real life and they don't produce any lighting while moving which makes them look so empty and dull. The size needs to be bigger and they should have the red and white lighting on each car so you could see car movements on the freeways, highways, etc.. are you guys experiencing the same issue here ? Thanks Evan B
  3. I hope photogrammetry gets improved overtime and become more accurate as it looks more realistic but these weird shapes ruin this experience!
  4. Looking similar to mine and definitely a nasty immersion, you guys make sure to report it! I'm not sure if the servers are having lots of load on them or it's another issue.
  5. I have the same issue in Los angles area. I thought it’s my PC. I have 250mb internet. You need to report this bug so it gets fixed. It’s very annoying and ruins it the whole experience. Evan
  6. Any guid line how to do it ? also will the changes be saved when the sim scenery being updated ? Thanks
  7. Is there a way for the end user to edit the scenery to remove trees from streets and weird looking 3D objects ?
  8. I couldn't turn the nubs on the G430 as everything is moving around. Also it would be great to have 2D pop-out window to see better and you don't have to zoom all the way to the gps to be able to read and see everything correctly.
  9. Hard to believe. My specs ivy @4500 24GB 2400 RAM SSD 1080Ti and i'm getting 25-27 drops and stutters to 5-6fps on medium and high settings 4k
  10. Will 12-14-18 core cpu helps if you were to buy one now for this flight SIM ?
  11. my CPU also running 100% on all cores. Ivy bride 4500ghz, 24GB RAM 2400, 1080Ti, SSD. feels and performs pretty bad.
  12. I do get stutters. I will check that service to see if it would make any difference. but the issue is not with performance alone. lots of visual bugs that need improvements especially around airports. Thanks
  13. First, let me say that the sim has a huge potential, but it no where near ready. starting up the sim @ KWHP and KVNY the surrounding areas around the airport, like buildings and tress look terrible, weird 3D looking objects, tress and building. Also tress are over the water area, LA river..and other places. Performance was pretty bad at most, texture popping up, and loading, texture around buildings didn't look good and took forever to load at medium, high and ultra. Distance draw for auto gen is limited and little farther away looked blurry, empty, and boring. I've tried it with C172 and my fps were 5-30fps depending on the settings. CPU load was 100% all the time, so everything on the sim needs lots of work, but as of now it's disappointing to say the least. PC specs, Ivy bride OC 4.5GHz, 24GB RAM 2400, 1080TI OC, SSD latest drivers. Internet speed 250Mbs Evan
  14. Hello everyone. I've watched many many MFS2020 videos online and I've notice low res terrain mesh resolution closer to mountain areas. If any one can confirm the zoom level of date being download for NA region ? I hope it's a settings issue and this can be increased to match level 18 I've used with x plane 11+ ortho. Also it might be hard for Microsoft to allow high zoom levels data to be downloaded for everyone, maybe they can create an option to download a higher quality terrain for certain areas to be downloaded and stored locally on our machines. Thanks Evan
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