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  1. Hi Sir, i tried...but i have still the issue...FSInn work only if i start outside P3D
  2. I used the default P3D aircraft, but when start FSInn from P3D it crashes, while if I start FSINN from windows menu so I run it externaly from P3D it works without any problem I'll use it in this way
  3. ok i follow this procedure....now P3D start without any errors!! But when i start FSINN Control Panel from P3D addons menù , P3D crash!! :(
  4. This evening i'll try and let you know!! Thank you very much!
  5. Yes sir I'm using the estonia migrator tool! After installing FSCopilot and FSInn with the Estonia migrator tool P3D start without any error but when I start FSCopilot from addon menu in P3D the simulator get crash! So I copy the FSCopilot.dll from FSX modules folder into the P3D modules folder and then I get the error I wrote above ; so first this was my error What do you mean with running P3D in legacy mode?? Could you explain me?? It's like running in administrator mode?? Thank you very much
  6. Ho guys, i followed your instructions above to install FSInn and FSCopilot into P3D but when i start P3D i get following error: FSCopilot Unknown FS version , version = 100 any suggests to solve it??? thank you
  7. Great! Very useful thank you so much Could you create also a configuration with 189 pax in single class?
  8. Yes I'm referring to that sound! I guess I put it in the correct pathway, however next Sunday when I'll come back home I'll check it. Thank you very much
  9. Steve my very enthusiastic congratulation for your wonderful job! These sound are fantastic, after hours and hours spent to watch any B737NG real cockpit video, I believe your sound increase the sensation being inside a real B737NG Thank you very much. Only a question: when landing I don't hear your spoiler lever deploy's sound; any ideas ?? Thanks
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