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  1. I would just like to second that, use the app daily and I extend my thanks, I do hope we see it in MSFS 2020 Kind regards Brian
  2. Would it depend on whether the company is still in operation or not ? If it is, could one express an interest in using the product and offer to make a payment or get a dispensation to use a copy. If the company is defunct then could you argue it not legally wrong to use the product but (arguably) it is morally ? Don't know if the licence restrictions lapse with the company's demise ? Regards Brian
  3. Dad had an emergency with his family on-board. ATC did a Ace job. Happy outcome but mum and Dad could barley hold it in after landing. Regards Brian
  4. Hi I also have a GTX 1070 but only an i7 3770 running at 4.5 KHz However I find P3D 4.2 runs fine at 4K (32 inch monitor) wirh P3D settings at about 2/3rds max setting. FPS at regional airport aroungd 25-30 and about 40-50 in air. Cheers Brian
  5. Thank you for sharing such an enjoyable read. Brian
  6. You have to consider that the guys that drive these vehicles are only apprentices, hired on zero hours contracts and they've been told in no uncertain terms to cut costs, drive up profits, and at the end of the task "One of you WILL be fired". I'd drive the same ! Regards Brian
  7. I have a 32 inch 4K monitor powered by a Nvidia 1070. If I run monitor at 30 hz flight sim and mouse on screen are not smooth, but running monitor at 60 hz resolves the situation. Is you monitor capable of 60 hz ? Regards Brian
  8. Thanks for the response. I'll try it that way. So the inference is that AS16 and ASP4 are one of the same which I did not realise. Regards Brian
  9. HI, Dont mean to hijack this thread but could you plse assist. I have ASCA/ASP4 installed and I'm not sure if ASP4 is auto loading the appropriate ASCA textures for the given weather conditions. In ASCA the UI wont allow me so activate either the Global or Dynamic themes (get message that I need AS16 installed). So does that mean ASCA/ASP4 are nor intergrated for me. Thanks Brian (confused !)
  10. Hi, I thought I was short of the 2nd 8pin feed for a new card but upon checking my PSU I found an unused plug socket in the unit and can just plug an extra power cable in to feed the card. Dont kow if you have checked that possibility ? Regards Brian
  11. Hi, I'm just going through the same thought process and came across this guys videos which I found well presented and thoughtful. Regards Brian
  12. Join me on the Flight Sim Picket Line... What do we want - THE BEST EVER FLIGHT SIMULATOR How long will it be last - AS LONG AS WE WANT When do we want it - NOW What hardware will we need - NONE AT ALL Cheers Brian :>)
  13. Thanks Ray, Much appreciated and the photos weren't half bad either :>) Regards Brian
  14. I personally would you not want to win money on that scale as it would seriously damage my health. Flying lessons or not ,you health is your wealth ! Regards Brian
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