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  1. Not on system at the minute but if I remember right there was a "use legacy" option somewhere Regards
  2. For the purposes of inspecting a firearm does a blank look substantially different from the real thing ?
  3. Welcome Jujunet, Think of our community as a number of tribes,! lol Regards Brian
  4. Thanks for posting this, it was an enjoyable touching story, but could you make your next one about the alien crash site ! lol Cheers Brain
  5. Hi Alex, Just to say thanks for LNM, been using it for years - even with the availability of other planning tools. Stay safe and well. Regards Brian
  6. I ate a fish once, but a bigger fish came later and eat me, if it weren't for reincarnation I wouldn't have lived to see MSFS2020 !
  7. Just to say I successfully use the keypad numbers with num-lock on. I set key board assignments Ctrl+(0-9) to save view and simply (0-9) to load a view. Saved views are particular to each plane. Regards
  8. Some simmers may not need the on-going latest navigraph data and work on a snapshot purchased at a given point in time. I would welcome this as long as you can sync your flight planning tools and simulator at a given point in time and update as you see fit. Thankyou
  9. Is there an potential issue with the inaccuracy? of winds in MSFS (I think there is a bug outstanding) , in other words external flight planners might calculate SID & STAR which wont necessarily be compatible to the live MSFS runways.
  10. Thanks for sharing you findings, I was mulling over my options when we're back to normal availability. I've seen some comments/concerns about AMD and lack DLss which I think is about scaling to your resolution. Is this feature a concern when playing at 4k resolution on AMD cards. Regards
  11. Regards https://github.com/roblenvic/Bonanza-Turbo Regards
  12. Could it be variations in winds between Simbrief v MSFS2020. I believe there have been comments about MSFS real weather. Could you try setting up winds manually in MSFS to match simbrief allocated runways and see how that goes Regards
  13. Its going to be the date that an update is given for the date of a future event in a galaxy far far away........... cue music
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