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  1. I followed the system suggested by Corsten and it works well. Less impact on FPS and LOD. however as he had mentioned some aircrafts are default ones and they keep spinning if stopped at runway thresholds. Some also show low fly pass. Yesterday evening I tried using FSLTL injector with IFR setting of 85, VFR 0, Static 5, and remove while liveries options at OMDB. I use FSLTL and AIG models ( A380s all around). I opened little navmap and on separate tablet flightradar 24. It took around 10 min for injectors to have full landing departing traffic but afterwords the the moving traffic was taking off or landing within 2-3 mins of flight radar. It was also following correct SID and final approach ( I have activated flightplandatabase API access). Everytihng works flawlessly except slow runway exists and few go arounds. Best wishes
  2. Currently, AI traffic does not take off from any runway. It just accumulates at the runway threshold. No idea why but it may have something to do with ACAD.
  3. I received e mail from Fenix that they were aware of this issue. It seems the issue is sorted. I can connect my external EFB to simbrief.
  4. Since last two days, I have a problem with Fenix A320 external EFB. MY in sim EFB works flawlessly and can connect to simbrief, download flight plan and OFP. However, my external EFB on samsung tablet does not recognise simbrief flight plan. When I start flight, it say that no flight plan found and when I try to download OFP, it says no plan found under username. I can control ground action, load aircraft, download navigraph charts through external EFB. All ok except simbrief connection. I tried starting in sim EFB before external device and vice versa. No difference. All was good till last week. Simbrief name on both EFBs is same. Anyone else is having this issue?
  5. With Fenix a320, the position of fuel truck while refueling is wrong. Truck positions itself in the left engine and belly of the aircraft. There is no such issue with FBW 320. How can this be rectified? Can I edit the position of fuel truck? Best wishes Ash
  6. I use honeycomb bravo throttle quadrant for fenix320 and use mobiflight interface to assign various controls. I have been able to manage autopilot push (toggle) buttons on honey comb bravo to assign for push pull functions of FCU. However, i have not been able to use left and right rotary switches to increase or decrease altitude, V/S, speed or heading. I asked this question on mobiflight discord and was given the answer but i couldn't understand the steps. It was too confusing for me. Has anyone got the solution and if so can you please share the exact settings and steps to follow? Thanks Ashun
  7. I downloaded whitedotsim HAAB.version 1.9.1 for FSX. It is working well and there is no issue about altitude (put alt file into scenery. world. scenery folder) . The only problem is I cant see taxi lights, runway lights or PAPI. When I checked with ADE, I can all of them in night texture and also in runway properties. My suspicion is that gourd polygon may be bolcoking them. Can anyone help me? Thanks Ash
  8. Dear all i have been using FSX acceleration pack with PMDGs and lots of add on on window 7. Till recently, everything was fine but now a days when i start FSX and set aerosoft LPPT or FSDT LSZH as departure airport, FSX crashes while loading. It crashes at 90% at AI traffic point. If i fly from any other airport to these ones then when I reach around 150 miles to these airports it just crashes whithout any warning. I has used these airports in the past without any glitch. I think there must be some corrupt files ( possibliy related to AI) How do i locate them and eliminate? Best wishes Ash
  9. Is it possible to remove static jets way to replace them with moving jetways from GSX 2? I use FSX. Best wishes Ash
  10. I want to know which licence is needed for p3d to use it for simulation similar to fsx? Can academic licence allow me to use it with pmdg, and other add ons? Thanks Ash
  11. Thanks a lot for great utility tool .It works perfectly fine on desktop version but when i use it on android tablet, total fuel , taxi and trip fuel field seem protected and values can not be entered.It ask for password. Wt fields are fine. Am i doing some thing wrong? Thanks Ash
  12. i used to use orbx ESSA in FSX but with new GSX V2, I get CTD even before boarding is complete. I use FSX and i know it is not an ideal platform. I also have aerosoft ESSA so uninstalled orbx and installed aerosoft ESSA. I see that my ai aircrafts run in to ground and sink in. I just see their tails. This happens with random ai and not all ai sink in. I had read on aerosoft forum that new AFCAD solves that problem but it is not available to download anymore. Does anyone have solution to this problem? I use orbx global as background. Best wishes Ash
  13. My understanding is PERF INT is based on PMDG aircraft setting and not simbrief. Importing flightplan does not import PERF setting. IF you look at PMDG aircraft setting, you can set a cost index which will be used as default. You can always reject and enter it manually. In real life, pilots always enter PERF INT information manually based on flightplan documentation. Best wishes
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