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  1. ashun

    PMDG'S 777 and simbrief Flight plans.

    My understanding is PERF INT is based on PMDG aircraft setting and not simbrief. Importing flightplan does not import PERF setting. IF you look at PMDG aircraft setting, you can set a cost index which will be used as default. You can always reject and enter it manually. In real life, pilots always enter PERF INT information manually based on flightplan documentation. Best wishes
  2. ashun

    capturing glideslope before localiser

    ok, thanks a lot.
  3. IN PMDG 777 capturing glideslope before localiser is off in default setting. Does anyone know in real life, is this option available for pilots or do they always have to capture localiser before glide slope? Thanks
  4. ashun

    new update

    thanks a lot
  5. ashun

    new update

    First of all please pardon me for ignorance. I have downloaded update for 777 and 737NGX from op centre. It shows that my version is up to date a. Do i need to uninstall 777 and 737 and reinstall for updates to be active? Best wishes Ash
  6. ashun

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    does anyone have Arik air livery for PMDG NGX 737-800W? Thanks a lot Ash
  7. ashun

    DNAA charts

    does anyone have free DNAA charts including aerodrome, SID and STAR charts? I cant find them on any website Thanks Ash
  8. ashun

    Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    Good tutorial. My question is about transponder. I may be wrong but as per my understanding, transponder is switched to xpndr just before parking breaks are released for pushback but it is set to TARA only after getting clearance to enter active runway for takeoff ( along with strobe lights).
  9. ashun

    Updated GSX file 77W

    figured out myself. Thanks a lot. Can you similar for 777-200LR as well? Best wishes Ash
  10. ashun

    Updated GSX file 77W

    how do i use this file. Where should i add it? Best wishes Ash
  11. the best ATC program. Very realistic.
  12. ashun

    How to configure NADP 2 in PMDG 777

    On this topic i have few questions Who decides NADP 1 or 2 for takeoff. Is it pilot or airport ATC or dispatch or airline policy? On what basis they decide? I think NADP1 is for noise reduction close to airport and 2 is noise reduction away from airport but how it is decided that for e.g. EGLL which profle to use? Is profile constant for airline or for airport? Thanks
  13. ashun

    fmc unresponsive

    I have updated NGX recently to latest version and after that i have noticed that after around 20-25 min on ground when i start APU, my fmc buttons and overhead panel become unresponsive. No button can be clicked and i can not input anything in FMC nor do anything with overhead buttons. Any solution? Ash
  14. ashun

    777 update from Aerosoft support

    still no support from aerosoft with regards to latest version for B777 and NGX. Frustrating.
  15. ashun


    I dont remember the source but this is what i found on net. Etops distance and time b777 WEIGHT TIME(min) (kg) | 60 75 90 120 138 180 207 240 270 300 330 ---------------------------------------------------------- 360000 | 425 529 632 839 963 1252 1438 1665 1872 2079 2285 320000 | 439 545 652 865 993 1291 1483 1718 1931 2144 2357 280000 | 450 559 668 885 1016 1321 1517 1757 1974 2192 2410 240000 | 462 574 686 910 1044 1358 1559 1806 2030 2254 2478 200000 | 472 587 702 933 1071 1393 1600 1853 2083 2313 2543 160000 | 477 595 712 946 1086 1414 1625 1883 2117 2351 2585 Emirates ETOPS At Emirates for example, the 60 minute distance is 420nm. ETOPS 180: 1260nm and ETOPS 207: 1449nm. At Cathay Pacific, 60 minute distance is 456nm. ETOPS 180: 1313nm and ETOPS 207: 1506nm.