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  1. Do not forget that the mesh will block all within this square! It is a headache all developers.
  2. OK, guys! Hi to all! Fo first please look at "minor issue" default mesh: http://joxi.ru/eAOR8B8cQBYw2o http://joxi.ru/bmo0yLyCkJBn2y and HD v3 http://joxi.ru/D2P3NJNulL3Nm3 If we have a separate buildings with TILTED param, it would be a terrible picture! Even if I edit a 2 DSF (it`s not possible to correct editing on apron, it`s a centimeters quality!!!) mesh there all of your photoscenery for Alps are gone. So I make a this decision, for now until 10.50 will released, all of us need to disable "runways follow..." Just for ONE FLIGHT in this airport, guys! Thanks!
  3. Thank You Sesquashtoo! I would try to make more Alaska airports and some for other states.
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