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  1. Glad to be of service, Rick. Great to have such an outstanding forum. Have fun flying the Queen...
  2. Thank you Marc, for your quick reply. Much appreciated, will have to see if this will help to solve my problem...
  3. Hello Gentlemen, I don't post on this forum very often, but I hope you can give me some help with this issue. I just installed the new version of the Queen (747-400 V3) and everything seems to work fine until I try to select a flight from my saved flightplans. That never was a problem, but it is now unfortunately. Instead of REQUEST FLIGHT it states SELECT FLIGHT and if I do select the flight I get the following text on my CDU: DATALINK IS NOT READY, ACARS LOGIN REQUIRED. And that's it, I cannot load a flight, no route appears on my LEGS page. Version number is: 3.00.9008 Sim is FSX SE Thanks in Advance for your help. With kind regards, Marc Lohman
  4. Now that is a compliment, coming from a pilot with so much experience. Your remarks just raised the Queen's value. Now on a personal note, and in part addressed to Joe. If you have been involved in flightsimming for more than twenty years, gasping at pieces of code in the early days, that seemed to suggest a Cessna flying towards Meigs Field in Chicago, you will know and value how sophisticated this simulation really is. The hobby gets more expensive, yes, and the level of realism is becoming greater each year. The sky is literally the limit. Cheers Marc
  5. Kyle, are you planning to make new videos for the 747-400? I enjoyed the tips & tricks you showed us in the 777-200 tutorials and the introduction video to the Queen as well by the way... Cheers, Marc
  6. Graceful, greatful and happy. Those would be my initial thoughts after three flghts with the Queen yesterday. Taxiing is a joy, the sounds are just mesmerising and the 747 handles very well when flown manually. I like the overall feel; it feels heavy, sophisticated, tangible and it feels high (above the runway). Looking into the future and taking into account that VR is really developing its way into flightsimming at this moment, I look forward to flying the 747 fully immersed and no longer tied to a desktop. But for the moment, I am very happy with the desktop computer that gives me the possibility to fly an airplane I have always wanted to fly. Have fun, fellow pilots. Cheers, Marc
  7. I am very happy with the 747-400 for the moment; I am sure it will take up much of our time discovering the features and possibilities of the Queen. I have great faith in PMDG's strategy and planning capabilities. A 737, a 777 and now an enhanced 747 is all I require as a flightsim pilot. Whatever lies ahead will present itself to us in the future and we will be duly informed about upcoming models, I'm sure. Personally, as it is always nice to dream, I would like to see a nicely modeled regional jet. Cheers, Marc
  8. When I had a similar problem I deleted the fsuipc.ini file in the FSUIPC directory to let it regenerate itself. That did the trick for me. But so many variables can play a role in flight simulation, you just have to go through a number of them to find out what causes the malfunction. Good luck, Marc
  9. Bruce Dickinson makes the 747-400, a rockstar and a pilot, not a bad life... Cheers, Marc rock off course
  10. Great to hear that Robert, we are all anxious to see the release. It must have been interesting for you as a company, to see the difference between the previous version of the Queen and the present version. Literally a world of difference. The 747-400 V2 was good and I have flown it with a lot of pleasure, the new version, I am sure, will add a lot of realism to the long hours on the flightdeck. Thanks to the betatesters on Twitch and youtube we already have a good impression of what the release will be like. Cheers, Marc
  11. Great pictures guys, thanks for posting.... Marc
  12. @ Mike777: Thanks for your reply..... Marc
  13. Goodmorning Gents, Will the upcoming 747-400 V3 also be sold as a boxed version in Europe (maybe through Aerosoft) or can it be ordered directly as a boxed version from the US? However tempting it may be to download the online file, I would prefer the aforementioned box... Cheers, Marc
  14. A great list, looking very much forward to the Queen and her liveries. Have been flying a lot in the "old" PMDG 747X lately to get acquainted with the big Boeing again. Although it is a great simulation and a joy to fly, we obviously have moved forward since then. Cheers, Marc
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