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  1. All these FSX screens that get posted make me say... wow Flight really does look good! lol
  2. What I'm hoping for is, shall we say, "full functionality" of both of those planes... :Nail Biting:
  3. lol @ scott The tidbit of info Ray mentioned pretty much has me back on track. Using a bit of logic I'm pretty sure I know what feature might be included, and it is something I've wanted from the start, and will make a couple of the current planes more fun to fly over long distances. :Party: For me, anyways. I do srsly hope for a nice new, faster plane with a VC. I would *love* a Dash-8 in Alaska, unless I'm wrong that is a faily popular non-bush plane there as well. But as others mentioned, at least a Caravan...
  4. When I read it, I read it as someone else said, just a basic version of the Cub, with tires and the basic panel. Not a fancy one with skis, floats, or a panel full of expensive instruments. If it is indeed exterior only, and no VC option or other planes with VC included or to buy, I will not buy Alaska, even as much as I was looking forward to it, as my only way of showing MS I do not approve.
  5. No, I am using sli, but only 1 monitor.
  6. My first one came when I was watching a slowly lumbering train in ts2012 make it's way across bland environments with only 3 "controls" (buttons) to use in "advanced" control mode... and saying to my friend "if you like this, you would *love* ms flight sim. sure wish they would make a new one". I then did a spot of Google-ing, and *gasp* there is one! And it's coming out in less than a month! I didn't even bother finishing my train route, I closed that thing down and uninstalled it lol. The next was when I first fired it up, with its slick menus, detailed planes, eyecandy graphics, inspiring music, and not a single "humorist" to be found :LMAO: The biggest one was when I was doing the lost kayaker mission. Cruising along the Na Pali coast in the Icon was pretty sweet, but then I made the first U-turn, flying back along the coast, with the morning sun glinting off imperfections in the windshield, passing amazing looking cliffs with waterfalls and streams... Then landing in the water, dropping the gear, and pulling right up onto the very same beach that is used in so many films... instant classic. I hope MS hurries up with Alaska, because I'm pretty much sitting here waiting on it, interrupted by bits of sleep and work, and flights around Hawaii of course :dance:
  7. Excellent read, and pretty much my thoughts exactly. Thanks for sharing
  8. I may be missing something totally obvious here, and search brought up 0 results, so does anyone know how to zoom the hangar view in and out? I'd like to see more than just the undercarriage of some of those planes... :Thinking: Tried various keys and mouse buttons to no avail.
  9. Yeah even one of my passengers commented on that... "don't you have anything besides blue?" "umm, i have a gold one" " *cough* "
  10. Agreed. A simple heading and altitude hold would be a gift from Olympus.
  11. On steam she said, when asked if it was a whole plane or a paint job for the existing one, she said "free plane"
  12. Haha I was just doing that in the Steerman before I logged to come check the forum. Bit of a squeeze to get that thing under them, but it looks awesome to see the upper wing glide right under the girders. I had a little mishap (death roll down into a canyon <_<) trying to make a hairpin turn and get back under one to continue along the beach.
  13. Me too. Ferrying hunters out to the literal middle of nowhere and maybe even going out to pick them up, while navigating canyons, would be quite a ride.
  14. The airport *is* nice looking, but I don't see any other planes hanging out on the tarmac anywhere...
  15. So loverly. I can't wait :Party: It would *appear* they have added more weather choices, or is that "low and threatening' you think?
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