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  1. Glad you brought up Maule challenge 3, Kerberos42. I spend ALL of last night trying to "gold" this challenge for my "landing master" achievement in GFWL. I attempted every configuration and set up I could think of but the best I could do was 1434. After 70 attempts in one evening, I finally "cheated" and turned on stability assist in gameplay flight control options and nailed a perfect score on my third subsequent attempt. I don't agree with the way the crosswind buffets the plane. I don't agree on the game's scoring. I had "greased" many landings and received less than stellar scores. My 1434 silver was awarded me on what I considered a sloppy touchdown. All the other landing challenges for the other 4 planes seem fair enough but not Maule 3. This is the one and only time I've turned on any of the gameplay flight control assists. I wish I could determine wind conditions some other way than HUD as I like to fly in weather and the wind socks and smokestacks aren't accurate. I agree with Tory and others that the mixture control occasionally spawns leaned to cut off point, but only sometimes. I always jiggle my throttle and hit shift-F4 and ctrl-F4 to reset those controls after a spawn of any sort. This addictive silly game is starting to interfere with RL but gosh, is it engrossing.
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