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  1. I love the picture of the guy washing it. He has a massive house with a Ferrari and a Porsche.
  2. We don't have any evidence that lights or radios make a difference. Most of the time I fly a direct course and have little problem. I always fly with lights on as well. I probably only encounter the cops 15-20% of the time, but when I do I always end up getting caught, that's why I was wondering if it was at all possible to outrun them.
  3. Wow a lot of great ideas here. I had no idea that the 1k altitude limit didn't matter. I turned off dialog and subtitles a while ago because I was sick of hearing my stupid copilot blabber. I'll try deviating and flying higher. Unfortunately all of the cops I have encountered have been over water.
  4. I've done so many clandestine missions and when it comes to cops there are basically two kinds. Either they appear on your HUD for a second and then vanish, or they appear and stay and eventually catch you no matter what. I have tried a bunch of times but have never been able to get away if they stay on my hud for more than a few seconds. Now I just crash the plane so I can start again. Has anyone ever been able to lose the cops in this situation?
  5. To get rid of the copilot nonsense, go to option and disselect subtitles and dialog. Then you'll no longer be bothered by that sillyness
  6. I found it easy enough, but it did take a few passes before I was able to get in a position where I could get in low enough and then get out once I got it.
  7. Still wouldn't mind, after all I'm not the only person in Flight. There are new users coming in all the time so it's still new to them. Finding the daily aerocache is roughly 5-15 minutes of flying time. That's really not that big of a deal to lose if you've already found it.
  8. I don't see a problem with repeats. It gives people who missed it the first, second, or third time a chance to find it.
  9. For me it's really dependant on the aircraft. I could be happy flying in Hawaii, I would just like larger aircraft and more missions. Things like more rescue operations or putting out fires, etc.
  10. I've flown RC aircraft before, just never an amphibious one. Stumpwiz while Flight has a lot of things you can do as a simulation, flying on a computer will never compare to the real thing.
  11. I have a large electric heli too. I put my GoPro on it so I could take some aerial pictures. I've never flown an amphibious plane before, seems interesting. $200 doesn't seem a bad price for a plane of that size.
  12. Been looking for a house all week and while driving around I stopped at a hobby store to stretch my legs a little. While inside I saw this. They had a Stearman as well but the Stearman I wasn't so surprised about, but the Icon was definitely unexpected. They have three of them. Kind of want to buy one! The wingspan is 50-something inches with a 30-something length.
  13. That's the point of a forum. We're not yelling at Microsoft, we just having a discussion. If nobody talked about things and expressed opinions this forum would be pretty barren.
  14. First off, I was never complaining. I have stated that I would love a June release, I just don't believe that it's coming. Today is the 2 weeks out for the 27th so if we see something in the next day or so I will be more inclined to believe a June release. The first month actually, had specific information about the Hawaii DLC. Let's not confuse a single plane with a regional DLC. A plane takes much less work to accomplish than a regional release so we can safely put those two in completely different ballparks. Prior to the release of warbirds, they actually tell us what the plane is. That's really as detailed as you can get with a single aircraft, and with Alaska that same level of information will come with available missions, planes, and some new features (if any), which we have yet to receive. I'm not asking for specific details about the aircraft performance and a map of every airfield, but I would at least like to know what aircraft are being included and some of the new missions that can be expected. I will agree that they have been good with the last Wednesday releases, but this is a completely different animal than a single plane, and therefor much more complex.
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