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  1. From the end of the Flight handbook, here are the most likely sources of navigation/geography data: Incorporates GeoBase® Canadian DEM, Minister of Natural Resources Canada. Airport and Navigation data supplied by Jeppesen. Vector data supplied in part by NAVTEQ.
  2. Lol... that's why it says I have 56 of 53 collected... I couldn't figure out how that made sense! I guess it's from 52 Aerocaches with the game (53 minus Curvature of the Earth), and 4 from Aerocaches of the day... Makes sense now!
  3. Oh! So the Aerocaches of the day don't end up in the list of All Aerocaches once they expire? Did not know that! Hahaha! Ooops! I guess I should have been doing the Aerocaches of the day first then before the ones in the list!
  4. I have a question regarding the Aerocaches of the day. Up to now, I've been missing a lot of Aerocaches so I've been collecting them in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest (whilst generally ignoring the Aerocache of the day). However, I've finally caught up so now I'm focusing on the one they have selected as the Aerocache of the day. I'm not sure, however, what it means that the Aerocache expires? What happens after it expires? Is there a certain benefit to getting before it expires? For example, I read some people looking for the South Kauai VOR Aerocache as today's Aerocache. I don't have this one yet but the Aerocache of the day it is showing me currently is Kalohi - Pailolo Channels... This might be because it is after midnight where I am so Kalohi may be tomorrow's Aerocache... But then what happened to the South Kaui VOR Aerocache? It isn't showing up in my list. Will it show up later? Thanks!!
  5. Here it is updated with % in the pitch column to indicate that it isn't in degrees but % elevator trim tab. Also added RPM given that RPM seems to be directly proportional to the throttle in the ICON.
  6. Exactly! The pitch values are in percent (I forgot to put a percent sign at the top of the column). If you hover over the elevator trim tab in the Icon, it gives you a percent nose up/nose down rather than a pitch in degrees. For the Icon, I find that deploying the landing gear makes the nose pitch down a lot already so that I have to increase power and pitch a lot to slow down rate of descent. Does this also happen for you in the Icon? The pitch values in the table are from hovering over the elevator trim tab. It shows % nose up or nose down. I think it shows it in % rather than in degree of pitch because it is a light sport aircraft designed for novice pilots.
  7. I don't have a problem landing the RV. The Maule and Stearman are ok too. I think the Icon is harder for me because of the retractable landing gear. Going from landing gear retracted to deployed really changes the amount of power/pitch needed and it takes me too long to figure out a reasonable combination before I plummet to the ground or end up way over the runway! At least the profiles give me an idea of approximate inputs needed and then I can always adjust from there!
  8. I made one for the Icon A5 in case anyone would find it useful... I seem to have a hard time landing this plane as I always forget what combination of pitch and power will get me down at a reasonable rate... Deploying the landing gear makes it drop like a rock! These profiles are based on the checklists provided in game as well as some trial and error. Cheers!
  9. I was wondering if anyone had created flight profiles for the aircraft in Flight? For example, here are the flight profiles for the Mooney Bravo as provided in the "MSFSX for Pilots: Real World Training" book. I think it would be great if we could compile one of these for each aircraft. Does anyone have some of this info or are there people that are willing to help work them out? Thanks!
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