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  1. As usual, engine is Outerra. It's been a while since I haven't posted here. A few days ago, user Langdon posted a plugin in Outerra's forums. Using the engine API, this little tool downloads METAR data from the NOAA for the entire world as the engine loads. Then, it grabs the three closest stations from player position and interpolates values to change weather and clouds properties. It's important to note a few things: first, it's not REX. It's a very basic plugin. Second, Outerra's clouds are still in a very early state, and most importantly there could be only one layer of clouds currently. Yet, it's a really interesting thing, providing a lot more variety in the world. I shared a few pictures in the Outerra AVSIM's sub forum and wolke85 suggested I should post these here. Rather than that, I did some new screenshots from all around the world in a single session. Time of day is not accurate, I was randomly changing the hour to have a better light. Hope you'll enjoy the journey. Starting in Alaska, in my Talkeetna scenery. First time I see nice conditions here with the weather Plugin Far away south, Colorado's canyons under a blue sky Somewhere in Venezuela, clouds are lower, taking over the high forests. Same location, a Volcano in the background. Pakistan/India. An Himalayan peak under the first stars (side note: didn't noticed the tile in the left wasn't completely refined). Most famous Australian rock. Mt Fuji - Japan. Norwegian Fjords. Not lying, this one has a fantastic lightning. Thanks for watching, hope you liked it (same location).
  2. Latest version of Outerra is out with earth 30m dataset, OSM rivers support, weather, and a lot of other little things. Though it was a good opportunity to do a small album, it's been a while I haven't posted anything here Ilyushin Il-14P, by Levi. Earth 30 dataset brings some nice refinement, especially in mountains areas. Rain in action. Water droplets are so small the jpeg compression makes those barely visible. I really like the Illushin cockpit lights. And a few environmental screens: Sunset + rain gives lovely results Clear sky, sunset and slightly elevated atmospheric humidity for light refraction. Hope you guys like it!
  3. Nice! Unfortunately there is no scenery for this area so it's hard to have a good comparison shot. Here is a view of McChord Field Airport (WA) with similar settings (but oriented north, so the shot is not facing the sun). If you know south Tacoma, I'm sure you will notice most of the area is empty (except the suburb north-east of the airfield), but the shot gives a good perspective of the buildings rendering range.
  4. New video, a short flight between the two civilian airports added around the JBLM scenery for Outerra. Tacoma area is still WIP. Basler Turbo BT-67, ported by Levi: http://www.outerramods.com/mods/basler-turbo-bt-67
  5. Buckle up in this case, because this one is not easy to pilot (used to be even worse before Uriah managed to fix the anti-torque)
  6. http://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=3253.msg39282#msg39282 OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The long anticipated Apache alpha version is finally almost here! What first began as Cameni having the idea to improve the textures on the original model, has turned into a much more elaborate collaboration between KW71, Acetone, myself, and others. With the help and support of Outerra, this project promises to deliver not just an awesome helicopter, but this will also be a milestone that demonstrates some of the features and vision behind a platform that will support sea, land, air and space simulation. The objective of this alpha release is to expose the Apache project to the community in order to get feedback and, of course, for your enjoyment! Without further adieu, I'm honored to announce that the alpha version of the AH-64D Apache Longbow will be released by Outerra in the next update! We are aiming for a release before New Years, but possibly shortly afterwards due to time dependencies and the holiday season. This project is dedicated to Cameni, Angrypig and all of the Outerra developers, for their diligence and hard work to build an engine that is now leading the way into a new age for both gaming and professional simulation, such as demonstrated by TitanIM. This project is also in dedication, and hopefully serves as an inspiration, to our incredible community of enthusiasts who stand behind this next generation world engine! Stay tuned for a video and updates in the coming week. I promise, you won't want to miss this update! The release will include: AH-64D Apache Longbow, modelling and textures by KW71, programming and flight model by Uriah! Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) Washington State USA scenery (earth90), by Acetone! Urban houses and buildings package, with textures by M7, and modelling by KW71 and Uriah! The Apache features: Olive Drab and Desert Tan liveries Highly detailed and animated virtual cockpits for pilot and co-pilot/gunner Extended controls for all available system functions Navigation, anti-collision, and formation lights, and rotating searchlight AH-64 JSBSim flight model [Work In Progress] Turboshaft turbine engines, APU, start-up and shutdown Electrical and aircraft sub-systems Pilot analog instruments/indicators - Attitude, Speed, Altitude and Pressure indicators and Magnetic Compass Four MFDs with dynamic elements FLT - Flight page, with Bank Indicator, Attitude Indication Pitch Ladder and Flight Path Vector ADF - Automatic Direction Finder page, with Compass Rose and ADF Bearing Indicator WPN - ARM/SAFE Status, Weapon Mode, Gun Status, Missile Launcher Rail Icons, Rocket Launcher Icons, Flares and Chaff Status FCR GTM - Fire Control Radar Ground Targeting Mode Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (M-TADS/PNVS) with DTV, LLTV and FLIR sensor modes, and IR laser designator TADS Head Mounted Display 30mm M230 Chain Gun (with basic ballistic computer) Hydra-70 unguided rockets and AGM-114 Hellfire laser guided missiles Flight Manual (PDF) Built-in interactive training missions (flight, navigation and weapons employment) Please note, that some of these features are still under development, and I may not finish all of them in time for the alpha release, but I'll try my best! Also many features will not be fully functional, and do not represent the final version for the Apache or similar features that Outerra intends to implement. For example, the dynamic elements on the MFDs currently use animated meshes, while in the future Outerra will have an API for MFDs and HUDs. Another example is the weapons which currently explode on impact with the ground but do not destroy targets, while in the future there will be a damage system and interface for that. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Regards, Uriah and team!
  7. [Download update version] v0.9 - 3mb [Download full version] v0.9 - 461mb Update version includes roads and buildings position only, choose full package for a complete install if the models were not installed in your OT data directory from a previous version of the scenery. New in 0.9 : Extended area to the north area including several new airfields Extended roads network, railways and rivers Denali airport + campos Added Summit airport + campos Note: tree were not removed in some water area. Too much work for a temporary solution.
  8. The Outerra API includes a IGC (In game Camera) solution, allowing to inject world coordinates each frames. It was developed to allow various partners to plug their own solution and use Outerra as a world rendering engine. An OT user, langdon, developed a small plugin to inject direct FSX/P3D player location (with FSUIPC) using this API. As a result, he is able to use FSX FM and planes on Outerra. Note that only the plane location is shared, not the plane model and the systems. langdon is using a home made set up, with instruments rendered on a laptop for that. You can find the thread (and the plugin here: http://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=2705.45). Some videos of the result in motion: Langdon used my LFNA scenery and the result seems to match very well, even at runway level. An other one, by Rudeboy:
  9. Really nice shots, #1, #2 and #8 are fantastic!
  10. I'm not sure if it's usual to have modders posting their WIP on the AVSIM screenshot forums, but I wanted to share some pictures of what I was working on these past few weeks. KW71 and Uriah, two Outerra modders, started an ambitious project: completely remake the default AH-64. This model was available in Outerra to present helicopters capabilities of JBSIM, however the model was really simple, with no cockpits and sounds. This total conversion will improve every parts of the AH-64, from model to sounds, including a new FDM and aim to demonstrate some advanced use of scripting for Outerra vehicles. Despite having both time consuming real jobs, Uriah and KW71 are working hard to deliver a highly detailed aircraft (with a low impact on framerate), and I figured out it would be nice to have a custom scenery for this project. We choose Joint Base Lewis–McChord, a US military base located in WA state, south of Seattle. The scenery is great, and the location interesting from a design point of view. Main view of Gray AAF airfield. Majority of the buildings are residential only, industrial and storage facilities, as well as airport buildings are planned. Buildings textures are too clear right now. Some residential lots, the airport and Mt Rainier in the background. Some parts of Lakewood/Steilacoom, near the base. The screenshot was made during work, with lowered settings, so buildings visibility is really low (buildings smaller than 8px are not rendered, I normally use a 0.5 px setting.) Close view of the same area, looking west. Forest parameters were increased a lot in this screen. Far away, Olympic national park is visible. Highway overpass near the Gray AAF airport. Mt Rainier looks so beautiful from here Some markings tests. The result is really nice, even from close distance. I could not finish this without at least one picture of an aircraft. Here is the new AH-64. Hope you guys like it. Both aircraft and scenery will be released when they're done. Soon, hopefully
  11. As usual, it's Outerra. An experiment I'm running with the new editor. Area took around 1hr to be made. Framerate impact of buildings: around 2/5fps Same location, but with roads now, and more buildings. Will be released at some point.
  12. [Download basic version] v0.7 - 1mb [Download full version] v0.7 - 432mb - Updated Talkeetna airport with Rudeboy's buildings.
  13. Someone had the same problem, seems like reinstalling the drivers may help See here: http://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=710.msg37256;boardseen#new Hope it will work!
  14. Thanks guys! Hi, Jim, You can test en base version of the engine for free, but some functionalities (planes/scenery tools) are for the full version (15$). It's not a full sim yet, but it has potential in many fields.
  15. Yep, that's here If you open picture #4 and #5 in full screen, you'll see the observatory.
  16. When I started working on the LFNA scenery for Outerra, I already knew that the area was really popular among glider pilots. Recently, Balleka published a video of a flight near the Pic de Bure (most of his mountains videos are from this location). I had never tested the nice Ask-13 from Levi and Bomber in this area, so I set up a quick flight around this mountain. As the tag says, engine is Outerra. Clear sky at start, but things will change West view. Pic de Bure is visible on the right side of the picture. For some reason, anti-aliasing was off :( Closer. The radio telescopes models are here for a reason, the Pic de Bure is also the home of the IRAM. I'm not far away from the cliff, as you can see with the glider shadow. North of the Pic de Bure, I'm following the ridge. Outerra is great for low level flight, a ton of details to catch as you flight above the terrain. East view, the city of Gap is visible in the valley. Still heading north, to the ridges at the north of Devoluy. A great view of the Massif des Écrins I should extend the scenery to this area... The area is not really safe... Heading back to the airport, I have a better view of Gap Since there is no real wind model in Outerra yet, flying a glider is mostly a controlled fall experience. To achieve long flights, I simulate some basic thermals effects by increasing my altitude or my speed with the flight parameter menu. Simon "Bomber", our FDM model specialist, said that there is actually some wind parameters in JBSIM. I will take a look to see if it's possible to add some random (or user controlled) effects in the aircraft script. No matter what is your simulator, I think you should take a look at this area. Great landscape, really looking forward to see the 30m dataset in Outerra, it will make this kind of experience even better.
  17. Great sceenshots! You choose the perfect plane for the Songlo Vista airfield, it's one of the most dangerous one of the Talkeetna area
  18. I agree. But it's also important to realize that before I started to work on Talkeetna, nobody really tested impact of large number of buildings (the devs did it, but in a different way). So everyone was mostly placing a few detailed models here and there and that's all. Hell, even Levi started his career by importing full detail models of GTA IV major buildings without LODs . Talkeetna was a good experience: for a flight sim scale, using simple models is the best solution. The Alps scenery is using World2Xplane models only and the result is really good: framerate is perfect. Outerra is a well optimized engine and can handle a large amount of buildings/polys even with the terrain detail, but it can't make miracles and if you start spawning thousand instances of detailed objects the framerate will drop. Actually, since then, majority of the modders have started to take more attention to the perfs. M7, for example, started by converting heavy detailed models (like the one in this video) but switched to more simple yet good objects with a low impact on perfs: http://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=3175.0.
  19. Thanks These buildings look really good! Ground for objects is a bit complex to handle because there is only a limited set of textures available (it's basically a road based on the object dimensions). Since the terrain is extremely detailed at close distance in Outerra, it requires a lot of manual tweaking. But we may be able to do some interesting things sooner or later, things that you may be interested in, so I'll keep you updated Levi is the specialist, but since he managed to convert up to 600 of your models in a single day, I guess there is a way to do this quick. Outerra is using the Collada 1.4 format for input files, which are then processed in a build-in tool to produce output files used by Outerra. The whole process is documented here : http://xtrac.outerraworld.com/wiki/Importer
  20. Haha Yeah I'm more focused on the size/color of the buildings that their geographic location This how this city looks like in real life.
  21. An other relaxing one, same area
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