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  1. Can confirm I'm using 3.04 and getting crash on exit every time. I guess I will have to put up with this.
  2. I believe I am using 3.04 already. Will check and confirm though.
  3. I also get the hang on exit. If I disable it before exiting I still get it. Is there a fix or solution for this?
  4. Michael - you beat me to the answer! Makes a change for me to know something mind.
  5. No expert here, but assuming you are talking about 'UNABLE 250/XXX KTS at XXXXX' messages on descent, may I suggest you amend the leg with 250B/ in the scratch pad as this often helps. I also find there is sometimes a need to applya bit of speedbrake during decent, but not to the extent you seem to be and not to any extent immediately before or on establishment. Could be totally off course here too, but the air temps affect the abilty of the engines to provide power, do they not. Any partciular approaches you are flying on and getting this with? -3.00 degree GS? Or steeper? I am guessing you are making some steep descents on approach? Richard of course above correctly points out that generally speaking you cannot 'go down and go slow'. Are you filling out DES Forecast as he asks? Hope this helps in some vague way.
  6. Thanks Orest (and sorry for the delay). It was a noob error - no gyro cage when you have a livery on without the standby attitude indicator! D'Oh. At least I hadn't completely lost my marbles when I asked where to find it! Best wishes
  7. Orest - thanks for the prompt reply and I do appreciate your point about cluttering it up and also disturbing the flow. I was thinking simply of a text reference along the lines of overhead panel or centre pedestal, etc and a rough location reference within the panels. Interesting to note that you say all items are properly simulated (except weather radar, which is a shame I feel), so if this is the case, can you point me in the direction of 'gyro caging control' (point 20 on pre-flight)? Thanks again for all your hard work.
  8. Orest Just a thought on your fine work for a possible 'future release' - to help beginners to the 737 NGX would it be possible to incorporate an indicator of which panels to find items on the checklist (where necessary) and markers for things that are not modelled to save us 'noobs' from too much searching?! I have got a good feel around the cockpit now, but wonder if this may help the newbies out. I know the hardcore will say all the info is there in the documentation and I am all in favour of people getting to grips with it through these docs, but your quick reference checklist format is sure to be a massive help to newcomers, to help them find their ways in the early days. As I said, just a thought.....
  9. Orest NIce work on these files my friend. Appreciate your work and sharing them with the community. I have done a few of my own checklists and stuff for other airframes, but have only recently got the PMDF 737 NGX so appreciate not having to re-invent the wheel that you have already created so well. Less time producing checklists means more time flying this beautiful creating, which can only be a good thing. Thanks again, mucho respect.
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