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  1. Can confirm I'm using 3.04 and getting crash on exit every time. I guess I will have to put up with this.
  2. I believe I am using 3.04 already. Will check and confirm though.
  3. I also get the hang on exit. If I disable it before exiting I still get it. Is there a fix or solution for this?
  4. If you haven't already bought if off the back of the feedback above, here is my advice. BUY IT Nuff said. I use voice version and love it also have RAAS as suggested which ain't bad and can be used for all aircraft not just the NGx/PMDGs. I also have a feeling the NGX Emergencies may make an appearance on my machine once it becomes available. Ker-ching. :lol:
  5. Bryan et al Now sorted thanks. I have my measurements set to hybrid and this is working fine again. Just need to sort some other issues - unrelated to PDMG/FS2Crew I might add.
  6. Funny you should mention that Bryan as after some more flying the other day I noticed that the FO was carrying out the 10k flow when we hit cruize level which just happened to be around 10000m. I believe that is likely to be the problem as pretty sure I am set to meters in FS! Will have a look and change if neccessary and report back. Thanks again.
  7. Seems like our subsquent posts got lost in the server issues Bryan - I am still intending to post this as you said, but waiting to make sure things are settled so it does not get lost like our last two replies! Best wishes
  8. I have noticed of late that my FO seems to be slacking off as before when I was climbing or descending through FL100 he was managing the landing lights (shown with 10k) in Voice control window. I am, to the very best of my knowledge running the lastest version and don't believe I have directly changed anything. Anyone else had this or got any ideas what the cause may be.
  9. Welcome to our world! Enjoy and I totally agree with Mike - FS2Crew next my friend for you.
  10. Back to the original poster and his questions. Read the manuals, do the tutorial flights, watch some of the better videos available online and as for FS2Crew... Buy it. Oh... and enjoy. :biggrin:
  11. Amen brothers. I used to be a fairly hardcore on and offline gamer until I got sick and tired of devs pumping out unfinished sh$%te to market for the sake of baggin' a extra few bucks. I even sent one game straight back to wence it came as it was unfinished and in my view 'not fit for purpose'. I refuse point blank to line the pockets of organisations that turn out such rubbish, not least because it only encourages them further. Reading your comment above is more than music to my ears. Yes, it is true that we are all very excited about the T7 and we are all gagging for it. BUT, PDMG, don't stop what you are doing and change your ethos and commitment to the finer details. Take your time. As you say when it is ready you will know and then we will happily part with our hard earned cash to support your hard work. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the awesomeness that is the NGX and be merry and bright. Talking of which, Happy Christmas and New Year all. And team PMDG, make sure you take a break with your friends, family and loved ones in this festive period. You deserve it. Besides, a rest does us all good. :Hug: Best wishes all
  12. Richard - I read your 'I don't use ATC' as meaning you don't use it when flying rather than 'I have disabled it', hence my suggestions. Glad to hear you have got it sorted now. And very easy to overlook that cheeky little tick box on the free flight window. Happy ATC free flying. :biggrin:
  13. Hyper scroll mouse wheel and right mouse click combo FTW in my world. Very nice to hear this is likely to be addressed in SP2 mind. Thanks Ryan and team. You kids rock.
  14. This is a function in the setup of FSx which makes the ATC radio comms window pop up. You do not need to meddle with your FSx.cfg to do this. It can be resloved as follows: Settings (tab) General (button - 4th down on right hand side) Air traffice control (box on right hand side) Remove the tick from the box marked 'Auto-open ATC window'. Simples, problem solved.
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