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  1. Sennheiser PC 360 the best of the best, not cheap, but worth each Cent. Best Regards Christoph
  2. Dear Jim, Thank's a lot for your hint. I reduced OC and yesterday I flew about 5 hours and had no problems with stutters or slowing down the speed. Best Regards Christoph
  3. Thank you, Jim you could be right, because I overclock my system permanently. I will reduce my systems overclocking and report back. Best Regards Christoph
  4. Before converting UT2 textures you should read this http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=7891&KW=convert&PN=3&title=solved-how-to-mipmap-your-ut2-aircraft-properly At the last site you can find a link directly from NickN where you can download a complete batch file. Best Christoph
  5. Dear forum members, today I started a long range flight from Kai Tak to Tokio. The beginning was perfect, no stutters and I had 30 FPS. After flying for 2 hours the Simulator began to stutter and near Tokio before landing the framerate decreases to 4-8 FPS. I tried another flight and after 2 hours flying again the framerate decreases permanently. Do you have any hint what I can try? I never had such problems before, as long I was flying with DX9. Best Christoph
  6. Kai Tak from Flytampa works fine, but during installation you must choose default textures for runways, taxiways, etc. and not high resolution ones. Flytampa's Vienna is absolutely incompatible. Best Christoph
  7. I use it since the beginning with complete version of addon converter and never had a problem. The planes itself are completely compatible with dx 10 but I also use WOAI planes and with the converter all runs without any problems. Best Christoph
  8. Hallo pj, I use UT2 and have no problems with the textures. Thanks a lot for your perfect hints. Best Regards Christoph
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