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  1. Im using something similar: One pc with: -Prepar3d in a 30" dell monitor (2560x1600) -gtn750 standalone addon in a 19" touchscreen display. I have some air manager gauges in this monitor too. Im using the stand alone version, because in future it will be in a different computer and it works through the network. Works perfect. You can see it a little in 00:30 from this vid: Im building a home cockpit comanche. In future it will be a mini itx computer inside the cockpit for this gtn750, air manager gauges, and arduinos for switches and analog instruments. But now it is working perfect all in the same computer (i7 2700k @4800 gtx1070 16gb ram and 500gb SSD).
  2. I hace two MSFFB2. And It is happening the same bug with both. Windows 10 pro 64bits. When stick is perfectly center, and you unhand the stick, throttle automatic goes to 50%. It goes to correct slider position when you hold the stick again or uncentered stick. Quick fix: I have to put a scotch tape in the hand sensor, so there are Forces all the time and never happen this engine behavior. It doesnt happen before with 2.5 and windows 7. Other thing.... No forces at prepar3d v3!! what!! :(
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