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  1. Finally thinking I'm ready for what's next for my FSX. I've kicked the can around about going to P3D, as I really only use the feel there ERJ-145 and Eaglesoft Citation X but decided to give DirectX10 a shot first. Sad to see what was viewed as the "one stop fix" for DX-10 is no longer on the market, so I'm asking, is there a definitive guide to going to DX-10, or do I just click the button and search out fixes as I discover them? The only other add ons I'm running are FTX-Global, FSDreamTeam Houston, and all the free airports from FTX Global.
  2. On the Honeywell its VIA.TO so J92<DOT>OAL
  3. Once 1 or 2 is hit it will go backwards the distance from the mains to the nose wheel before starting its turn.
  4. Looks like you have conflicting scenery layers. See post #5 …
  5. Any direction you can provide on this will be greatly appreciated. I havent found a set of commands that work on E-Jets/ERJ/ or EagleSoft's Citation.
  6. The FeelThere (ERJ/E-Jets) FMC Can't recalculate TOC/TOD, and some other perf stuff unless the sim is exited and restarted. Its a known "feature" of FeelThere. I just wanted to make sure before the investment of a PMDG that I could do something I'm unable to do with my current 'fleet'.
  7. Can the PMDG 737 be flown like Southwest? Multiple flight segments in one setting without having to exit and start over again? I fly the FeelThere planes a lot right now and thats my biggest complaint, is that I can't do a say KIAH to KBHM and back flight without having to exit after landing in KBHM and starting a new flight because the FMC can't be "reset" without doing so. Always wanted to jump off the cliff into PMDG....
  8. I think this was the first time thats ever officially been stated.... So cut the guy some slack. Before their update today, it was only hearsay.
  9. Overheat your front breaks? I've seen it before but only after I had brake temp warnings .
  10. So UTX, FTX Global... Got it What about Flight Environment? Is it king? or are there better weather/clouds/etc. generators?
  11. Thanks for the useful feedback. Exactly what I was looking for. Flight Environment and Ground Environment must haves as well?
  12. 1 is the more popular avenue. Though I can almost never get the runway I want and or have prepped for.
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