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  1. I wish to buy ActiveskyXP but first need to know if it will run on my 4 pc networked setup. I have read the previous posts about networking AS to a client and have also read the manual and understand how AS can be setup from a non Xplane pc to an Xplane client. That's fine when you have one Xplane client pc that's your only simulator . In my setup I have an Xplane server that shows only instruments and three XP clients running 3 scenery views. The weather that's set up on the Xplane server is normally replicated on the three Xplane clients (for default real weather and eg FSGRW). However I'm doubtful that AS will work the same way without some AS setup on the clients? Would anyone know if AS can be setup for multi pc network, to display on several scenery clients? I would ask this question on the HIFI support forums but unfortunately you have to own the product before you can access the forum. Any help appreciated Ian
  2. I assumed you had original installation CD's so I don't think you can do it without them. If you did have them, then yes, once installed you can just replace the whole FS9 folder and you wouldn't have to install all your sceneries, aircraft etc. You probably wouldn't need to install the FS9 update on the initial install but I suggested this just to be sure. Your best option would be to buy a set of CD''s on Ebay or somewhere, do the fresh install on your Win10 pc and then replace the whole FS9 folder. I haven't used Win10 so I'm not sure if there are any issues running FS9 with it. If you google around you should be able to determine that. Cheers Ian
  3. You need to install FS9 and Update etc. first then replace the newly created Flight Simulator 9 folder with your laptop folder. Ian
  4. Thanks Glenn...all clear now...I didn't think that would work as it does. Much appreciated.
  5. Open F1GTN Config....F1GTNconfig.exe Click on Configure GTN Select GTN750 Unit 1 (or whichever you wish to configure) Click on the Down Arrow until you see CPU Core (default is Auto) Click on it and select which CPU you wish the GTN to use ( I used 3 for GTN1 and 4 for GTN2 on my setup) It may not fix your problem but its worth a try doesn't cost anything Cheers Ian
  6. If you haven't already done so you might try switching the GTN to another CPU than the one running FSX...you can do that in the GTN config. From memory I think I use CPU 3 and 4
  7. Phillip have you ever looked at a program called Air Manager by Sim Innovations? With a single touchscreen for your panel displays you can operate all your radios, GPS, Transponder, Switches and buttons etc. and have the flexibility of changing aircraft easily with pretty much total operation of everything. You won't have the view issue mentioned. A recent development is a thing they call knobster which allows all radio frequencies, gps knobs etc to be operated from a single dual rotary. Once you have the program you can download 450 free instruments and some ready made complete panels. There are also payware complete panels available at a modest price. The biggest outlay is buying a touch screen but after that you have a very economical cockpit solution. Check out this video It might be a good option for you rather than trying to buy individual hardware items. I have Air Manager myself and I'm just a customer, not an employee pushing a product, although I do recommend it. Cheers Ian
  8. Thanks for that. Just to be clear the short cut resides in the Custom Scenery folder and X-plane can handle that?
  9. Sorry to be a Dumbo but can you give an example of the short cut. Do you just have a blank Custom Scenery folder in the main Xplane folder and have the short cut to just the scenery required on the other drive? Would appreciate an example as I'm not clear on how to structure it so that it is seen by Xplane in the Custom Scenery folder, if that's how its done. Many Thanks Ian
  10. Hi My advice for you on a limited budget would be to try and learn how to build cockpit items yourself. There is a lot information on the net, its really not that hard, and is very rewarding. A simple start would be to buy something like a Pokeys 57U card (Google it). This USB card enables many switch inputs (particularly using the matrix capability of the board), led outputs, rotary encoder and analog inputs. Start with a few switches and get a few basic things working eg, Park Brake, and take it one step at a time learning as you go. Use painted MDF to make the panels. Then you can add hardware (switches, buttons etc.) as your budget allows One important thing is selecting an aircraft with software that allows access to its variables (inputs, outputs etc.) This will depend also on which sim platform you are using. For Example: Xplane gives quite a lot of access to its default 737 variables and there are free programs like XHSI which will give you excellent 737 glass instruments that interface with it. You can also check and join for example the B767 Homebuilders group where there is a lot of free building information. There is a learning process but I can assure you that you won't regret going this way. Anyway this might give you some other options to explore Good Luck with it Ian
  11. Thanks for the heads up on this. I have experienced this on the LevelD767 for FS9. Usually it would go to zero and then a short time (30secs or so) later return to normal. Interested to know if you had it return to normal or did it just stay zero? I had always thought it was just a LevelD bug. Cheers Ian
  12. Thanks Gerard...so 3 screens 1920*1080 and also running the panels (or a second pc for the latter)?,...what sort of performance do you achieve with that setup? I'm using 4 pc's for mine but would like to simplify that. Ian
  13. Very nice Gerard. I have a similar setup. I assume you are using Wideview, and if so, I'm wondering what weather program you are using? I found the only weather which sync'd clouds etc across the 3 screens (running FSX) was FS Global. Be interested to hear if you have had other success in that regard? Thanks for any info Ian
  14. Mark Yes that's what I had in mind...the "second" pc as the master...probably should have called it an "additional" pc to avoid confusion. Ian
  15. Tony I would consider adding at least a second pc if your budget so allows. Use your current pc for scenery only and a networked second lower spec pc for gauges (with all scenery sliders left). This way the aircraft cpu load is removed from the scenery pc. You would have to use Wideview to do this. I take it you are using 1920*1080 for each of your scenery monitors? Happy New Year to you too! Ian
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