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  1. Seems his new site is now gone as well.... Bummer....I loved his videos and reviews.
  2. Yes, you will be able to upgrade to better version anytime. The store (built into the sim) will allow you to upgrade, buy other planes, airports, etc... Anytime. And will install everything automatically so it just simply works...no tweaking and playing with where each file goes anymore. 🙂
  3. Correction (won't let me edit the post now) I bought the Premium Deluxe Edition.
  4. I agree with you 100%. I have already bought the Deluxe version. I mean, why not. With the airports and planes included for that price?!?!?!?! OMG, Just over the past 2 years I have spent over $1500 on ADD-ONS for my P3Dv4. That doesn't include the computer upgrades that have me already in the perfect zone for the highest level for FS2020! So my computer already exceeds the requirements for the best levels MS suggests. From just the previews and reviews I have seen the level of detail for the INCLUDED aircraft and airports you would pay well over $1000 for those from 3rd party. I know...I have!!!! Years ago I sat down and figured out what I spent for my FSX over the years. Including the GOLD version of the software and then all the add-ons (software only) I spent well over $3500 on that one. I have been wondering if I could even recoup 1/10 of that money spent selling it all.....I doubt it. Sort of depressing but thus is the game of buying goodies on a computer!!! LOL To anyone thinking this is overpriced....you are quite simply NUTS!!!!! $120 (what I paid for the Premium version) to get all this... Hell, if my house looks like my house (and from every review I have seen...and that's about 20 so far) my house will look like my house) it's worth the money! LOL But, figure, how much did you pay for your last 747 you bought? Mine cost almost $100 with a discount I had. That's ONE plane. I paid $60 for my LAX add on. My weather package was over $50 (REX) and my AI package was $30. I also have every package from ORBX (yeah, I love their stuff and got a great bonus from my real job a year ago...lol) So do that math... All this now included in FS2020 .... BUILT IN!!!!!! Cost too much!!!??? NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!! - Greg
  5. I did uninstall all 3. After uninstalling via REVO as well as running the after clean-ups which found many 100's of other registry and trace files....there were still entire areas of Lockheed Martin files left on the computer. This won't happen again. 🙂 Greg
  6. Obviously I did NOT follow any instructions on uninstalling. I stupidly ran the uninstaller. Go figure... I do know that REVO has that feature. I have, since this issue, started to use it. In 5 years of owning 3 versions of the software I have never used that feature. Will now. 🙂 Greg
  7. When I decide I don't want software on my computer anymore I DEMAND and EXPECT that everything the program installed gets removed. There is NO excuse at all for software to leave any trace behind. Have you ever run a Mac? What gets installed gets removed. You can move any program and its folder to any location or drive on a Mac. And it will always still run. The biggest problem with any windows PC is the registry. It's the number one reason so many viri live on the WIndows platform. It's the reason for so many program errors and issues with files. It's also the reason windows computers run so much slower than their Mac counterparts. That all said, for many reasons I MUST run on windows machines. So yes, again, I absolutely DO WANT any program I install to not be a piece of word not allowed program and leave stuff behind when I get rid of it. One of the reasons I and anyone with even 1/2 a brain will / should NEVER use NORTON as an anti-virus program is that if you ever uninstall it it leaves over 1000 registry entries not to mention hidden folders and files still on your computer. It's not hard....other programs do it. You place the file or registry entry when you are installed, then you remove them when you are uninstalled. How is this anything anyone at all would say is a bad idea. Greg PS: And yes, uninstall DOES mean destroy the data!!!! LOL
  8. I have fixed this issue. Pantherfan....you gave me an idea that not even the gurus at LM were able to come up. Or they figured it was so simple that they didn't need to mention it. And I will say it is ODD that it now works fine since after a full system re-install it shouldn't have been an issue...but here goes... I was unhappy that the new version wouldn't work...so I had installed 4.1 and 4.3 versions checking...and they both worked just fine. 4.4 again crashing. No matter what. Apparently, when you do a full uninstall, even using REVO Uninstaller Pro (one of the best purchases I ever made for my computer) many parts of the sim do NOT get removed. I should have thought of this earlier but honestly, with the amount of stuff Revo finds AFTER the uninstaller does it's job I thought for sure it got it all. WRONG!!!! All the folders are still there in the C drive. Under Users in the AppData folder and Documents folder. 3 Different places all had MANY files still there... And considering the 100's of registry entries that are NOT deleted by the P3D uninstaller...(this should be a crime in my opinion) I should have thought to look for these before. I manually deleted ALL trace of P3D from my system by hand. Then did a full install of P3D v4.4 and VIOLA!!!!! It's working like a dream now. As I think about it...after I did the system install on the new drive I DID copy my old registry and users files over so I wouldn't lose many of my programs data that I use daily. I had backed them up before the new install. This would explain a lot. Again, however, SHAME ON Lockheed Martin for NOT uninstalling everything when you remove their software. I despise programs like that which is why I bought the Revo software. But even it didn't get it all. I have emailed their support to let them know so they can fix it on their side...but come on LM... Uninstall means UNINSTALL!!!! Greg
  9. Howdy all. Let me start this off (trying to save you and me some time) by stating I have totally uninstalled then re-installed P3D v4.4 3 times. The last after doing a full NEW install of windows 10 Pro after upgrading my system and adding a new SSD for the system and new SSD for the flight sim. I have looked at the system logs and they show absolutely NOTHING after any crash from P3D. And by nothing I mean absolutely NOTHING. So when you ask, and you will, I will tell you that the Event Viewer shows NO ERRORS during the time anywhere near the CTD from P3D. What I do: Start P3D v4.4. Load any aircraft...it doesn't matter. They all show and load just fine. (This is true STOCK aircraft or in previous installs any add-ons.) I can change any settings in the sim. No problems. I can start from stock airport and fly all day long. I can look at the map, etc...no problems. However, IF at any time I select to change airport....(note, that window opens just fine) and then click to APPLY that change..........CTD!!!! If I move the aircraft on the map and select to make that change..............CTD!!!! I have seen other people have reported SIMILAR issues back in 2017 so pretty sure (I know for a fact) that those fixes will NOT fix my issues. A couple reports over on the P3D site have shown NO help or fixes either. Hoping maybe someone here is smarter than the people that created the software because they have no explanation. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 4.3 and had no issues at all (since my system upgrade) and when I went back to 4.4 exact same issues. If you can't help, thanks for at least reading... I KNOW I am not the only one with this issue.. And yes, I have re-downloaded the full version at their request and same issue. Thanks again, Greg
  10. Update to my update. LOL Well, going to be a while before I am back up and running. Turns out the new board won't use my memory (DDR3) as it's DDR4. Also, won't use my CPU. UGH!!!!!!!! So, I have everything I have currently (except the case and drives and graphics card) up for sale. The memory I can get cheap enough but I have decided to invest in the i7-8700 because while it is more (I can get it for $309) it does support the hyperthreading which will come in handy when I am broadcasting. My computer isn't just for gaming. I use it for a media server where I have currently 15 subscribers that can watch any of my 4000 movies or 180 TV series' (over 15,000 episodes.) and I also am working on a vcast which all the reviews said you really can't do on the i5-8600 especially if doing it while playing.. And since I will be doing it while on P3D I need it to work and work well. So... stuck on my word not allowed laptop for now...at least I can still use the forums.. 🙂 Hope to be up and running by January. Greg
  11. Jim, Glad you replied...because, I actually did mean the i7 8700... but the price was keeping me from getting it now. If I got the other I could get it now..and yes, if the increase is only about 5% for that price, it's not worth it. IMO.. I, sadly, am one that sees the numbers and newer/bigger must always be better....thus, i7 should always be had over i5. LOL But, I do see many FS people using i5 and I see their numbers better than mine have been. I will be keeping the 960 for now simply because of cost to upgrade currently. AND, I just bought it a few months ago. So I have not come close to getting my money's worth out of it. And since everyone seems to be moving up to the 1080 and better I doubt I could sell it for even 1/2 what I paid...but who knows..after this rebuild I will have MANY parts to get rid of. LOL (I never toss anything from old builds...and just found, when I moved, that I have almost 30 memory sticks of various types and ram sizes. LOL!!!!) I love building computer systems. Back in the DOS days and up through windows ME I built systems for myself and friends. I used to keep up on all the hardware and specs for all the best rigs. And like you, I NEVER knew the paste could/would go bad. But after reading so many people talk about changing theirs on their insane high end game rigs ever few months it got me thinking. Then after seeing mine hard as a rock and all simply disintegrate when I took off the cooling fan I had to really wonder if that wasn't the issue. I mean for it to do its job it would have to be a nice full coverage barrier..and there is no way mine could have been since it was in small little chunks. I wish I had saved it to show a picture. Needless to say, I didn't have to wipe anything off the CPU or the cooler as there was literally nothing left on them. I will probably do the 32gigs. Since I have 16 of them already. I mispoke when I typed that. I simply meant that the new board would handle 64. It does support and come with 32gigs of optane memory as well, which I have read good and bad things about. But seems that with my SSD's that will actually be a nice help. I did get another 1gig samsung ssd since they have it for almost $90 OFF... It now costs what I paid for my first 256 gig SSD. LOL Oh, the power supply I have is the Corsair HX750. I love it!!!! Greg
  12. UPDATE: So, I just finished moving..and when I got my computer set up it decided NOT to work.. So, I decided to tear it apart. My plan is/was to build a new system in a month or two...but why not start now.. I noticed when I took the CPU fan off that the heat paste had completely dried up and much of it had fallen away from the connection as soon as I unlocked the fan. This makes me think that there is no way the cooling was going the way it should have been. I never once thought about this needing to be replaced but have since found that many people actually replace their paste every few months. Mine has been there for probably 3-4 years since I put on the new fan. So I ordered some new arctic paste. I also decided to get a new cooling fan system. I went with the Cryorig H7 which had great reviews, a great price point, and features that I was looking for. It's a MONSTER and weighs a ton but I can't wait to see the results. I also ordered a new mother board that will allow me to upgrade other things as well including upping my memory to 64 gigs. The fan and mother board come today so I'll HOPE to have it all working tonight. Fingers crossed. I will be getting a new CPU late this month or early next. Going with the i7-8600K. It has the right price (yeah, that really is important) with a HUGE upgrade in performance over the 2600K that I have now. I was going to simply try the paste to see if that was the culprit all the time.. it seems to be a very good likelyhood. So, just in case anyone else is reading this with the same sort of problem, this may be something to check out. You MUST have a good seal between your cooling unit and your CPU. The paste MUST be in good condition and of high quality. It also MUST be put on correctly. I watched some videos of how some people put it on... and then they wondered why it failed. LOL!!! I'll post my results when I can. Greg
  13. Thanks much for the info guys!!! I do have the tech knowledge to get in there and figure it out.. You definitely helped me to narrow it down. I have built systems for years for not only myself but for others as well. Started back in DOS days and really upped my production and tech knowledge about the time of win3.1. 🙂 My systems are all self built. I was hoping not to get too deep into this one as for what may be or going bad as I will be building a new system next year with all the newest fun stuff... I started building this one 5 years ago and have updated stuff along the way since then...but the MB is getting to the max of what I can add to it, thus the new system coming soon. Also, as I recently lost my job I am way low on funds...and thus the new system must wait and installing or replacing anything on this one currently is on hold. I had just dropped a small fortune on P3Dv4 and all the add-ons I got for it right off the bat and the restaurant I was executive chef at closed down out of the blue. That was over a month ago and still trying to find a place that won't tell me I am way to over qualified for them to hire... Having to now find a new place to live and my car engine blew up. Yeah, been one of those months!!!!!! Funny, bills don't care how over-qualified you are....but employers do.. UGH! Just a quick update...I did notice that no matter what was going on my GPU card fans would never go up above 8%... (on auto) So I cranked them up to 75% manually and P3Dv4 ran for several hours with no issues at all. My temp gauge on front of my computer (I have 5 reading areas inside the computer) were jumping from 80-85 degrees (F) to 160-180(F) while running P3D. After cranking up the GPU fans those temps never went above 110 (F).. I know those are not the core temps but a drastic cooling drop like that over all MUST have some GOOD impact.. I will watch the actual core temps the next time I test it later today. Greg
  14. What is really odd...now that I think about it...is that I have games that push this computer WAY harder than Prepar3D does... Crysis being one of them but also Arma 3 and Battlefield 1... Those all push the cpu and the gpu to their limits...literally...I've had my cpu heat alarm go off several times playing those games...But never once has the computer simply shut off. This is why I am so perplexed..... Greg
  15. Yeah, I'll be testing the hardware and checking seats soon.... About to move and when I do I'll tear apart the computer. I have run software diagnostics on all my hardware, memory, cpu, and even the power supply and they all show everything working perfectly.. I ran all the stress tests that I have access to...which, thanks to a buddy that has a job trying to break computers with software (pretty cool way to earn a paycheck..lol), is some really heavy duty stuff (like military grade)... But, I know that's not infallible...I'll keep you posted...
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