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  1. If your a United dispatcher then ill buy your conclusions, but some of this doesn't make sense to me. "Extra Fuel For Alt Flex"... this is what diaptchers add into dispatch release to explain the crew and the company how much extra fuel dispatcher add above the policy. That doesn't make a bit of sense, but like I said if your a United dispatcher then I cant disagree. How does Alt Flex have anything to do with fuel added above policy? At the company I work for (not UAL) we use much of the same codes, and if using drift down method 1 IA airports are drift down alternates. I was a dispatcher in a previous life, although now I've been a pilot for the past 20 years. Our releases have many of the same codes, so maybe at UAL they're different, but I just don't see how.
  2. 1. Avg contingency fuel based on UAL research and averages for that route over a certain time period 2. Those are drift down alternates for different scenarios (ie. 1/2/3 engine failures, rapid decompress, mtn terrain etc etc) 3. This is extra fuel added by the dispatcher to give the crew some relief on flying a lower altitude or multiple up and down changes due to turbulence or mountain wave.
  3. PMDG 747v3 TFDI 717 was pretty disappointing with all the bugs, but it does seem that TFDI is committed to fixing the bugs in pretty short order... I just hope they make true on that, because the add-on has a lot of potential. What I really don't like about TFDI is the false advertising they did... at no point was it ever told to the public that it would not be a complete release, no TOC/TOD, and the MCDU is only 75% complete is what they NOW say over in their forums. IMHO not cool, if they had said that it wasn't complete and offered this at a discount I would feel totally different.
  4. I bought this product at V.66 like a fool hoping for a good A330 sim, waited for V.80 and continue to kick myself in the rear for supporting this company. The VC looks like it was developed with a crayon, and all of the switch positions (well the ones that work) are all messed up and almost un-flyable from the VC. The FMGC, FBW, and vertical NAV either have extreme flaws or just don't work. The fuel burn profiles are also totally screwed up. The load manager, well ha ha is about all I can say about it. We will never see V1.0, these guys will take the money they've earned so far, and run off yet again. I cant believe they actually put "the very best Airbus simulator available" on their website, its clearly the worst, and its just another lie these two crooks come up with. If you want an Airbus sim that looks nice on the exterior model, and don't really care how it flies or works, then this is the add-on for you. I'm not gonna tell anyone what to do with their money, but my "advice" is to stay far away from BBS and the A330/340. I'm uninstalling the A330/340 right now, as it is total garbage and a complete waste of my money. Ill stick with Aerosoft while I wait for FSL... Good luck to anyone who chooses to buy this mess. I also could don't care if its a one man or 20 man team, if I'm paying high end add-on prices then I expect regular updates and a high end product... right now this is a subpar product that should have been released as freeware.
  5. I don't know if anyone has been following what BBS has been doing on their FB page, but it's appalling... About a week ago they put this picture of a candle that was burning at both ends which everyday they would make the candle smaller and smaller, and added captions like "bear with us... Almost there"... Then today when the candle should have been gone they post about how hard they are working etc etc and that they made no promises. You post a picture of a candle burning and captions like we are almost there... What do you think that is telling people? You basically were creating a total lie that this would be released today... I think they are out of money and created this whole fake release as a money grabbing ploy... This company can't be trusted, and create lies to get customers. I made the mistake of buying into this A330 against all the red flags, yes I know I'm part of the problem buying stuff from companies like this, but I figured I would try once... Aerosoft is developing an A330, don't waste your money or your time waiting 2 years for updates from BBS.
  6. Hamoody you make some valid points in their defense, but there is no defending some of their responses they have made on FB... Then you say that they put updates out when they are major and meaningful... sooooo finishing the bogie on the A340 and sending out pictures of the landing gear on the A340 is major and meaningful???? Because if that's the case, then people will be waiting for a lot longer then they think... I didn't know it was a two man team, which has now got major red flags floating all over... lets also not forget that they are also doing the A320 family of aircraft at the same time... They have taken on way to much, and its very clear... so lets say they release the A330/340 V.08 in the next few months, then they have to go to work on V1.0 for the A320 series... this could be many years before anyone sees a finished product... They don't "have" to do anything, they've taken our money and we are the fools for it, but IMHO if you choose to release a BETA product then regular updates should be something the customer (who has already paid) deserves... I don't have FB and I don't post on their page, but I do read it, and the way they respond to some people is just plain terrible, and no they don't have the right to be mad when people ask for updates THEY HAVE PAID ALREADY... the customer has every right to ask questions and receive professional answers. PMDGs (while not regular, but neither are BBS) updates were always professional, but again no one paid for the PMDG product before it came out...
  7. Alex I don't need to take a chill pill, the point of my post was about how they handle their customers... I don't care if it takes them another year to finish the A330... but I do believe they should be putting out regular updates with the status of the A330 product, and not putting down people when they ask questions on FB... Just like we as the customer knew what we were getting into, so should BBS and realize they are going to have customers asking questions and if they choose to answer those questions then it should be done in a professional way. Again my point is very valid... when this product came out it was for an A330, not an A330/340. Anyway I'm done with their A330/340...
  8. Just a couple of thoughts here about this product... I normally would never buy into this beta with "good things to come" mentallity, but there being no good A330's and not seeing an Aerosoft product anytime soon since the 318/319 should have been out long ago I bought the BBS 0.60 product last year. Im not gonna do a review of the 0.60 version as it is total crap, but that is to be expected... What I do want to comment on is the way they handle their customers on their facebook site (since they have no msg board of their own). They are nothing short of being total A holes... people come on there looking for updates and get nothing... people come on asking for sceenshots and get nothing but pictures of the landing gear on the A340 (which no one paid for, they paid for the A330)... Then they post vidoes of crosswind landings and people get mad and post things like why are you wasting time posting this crap and get the next update out to us... They respond to the customer with things like "you must have major problems" or "we can issue a refund"... Then I go on FB today and I see someone ask why they are making a A340 when most people dont even want it... The response from BBS is "why are you wasting our development time asking questions like this?" ... Ahhhhh but wait posting videos of crosswind landings isnt wasting time? or posting pictures of the landing gear (which is an insult to begin with) on a product nobody even wanted!!! What you guys at BBS forget is that people have already paid you for this product... they deserve updates, pictures, videos (of your product). This isnt like asking PMDG or FSLabs website and demanding pictures because they havent paid for their products yet. Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same... Looks like nothing has changed from the PSS days... Overpriced unfinished crap.
  9. This is all true... Some airlines just can't afford to even start an ETOPS program. Airlines have to also prove MX reliability over a certain amount of time on the aircraft... Then crews and dispatchers need to be trained, and this is just a small piece of the pie. Just as Kyle said here CI's change all the time... It's a variable number that takes a ton of things into account, even crew pay and rest. Some airlines run CI 100 on all short flights, and some never have the same. It's really a number that's not very trackable. A big part of ETOPS really just comes down to $. Paul M
  10. ACAJS41

    Crash to desktop

    Well that's it... I just spend an hour on my day off to test this thing one last time since the last flight went ok... planned the whole flight pushed back and took-off from VTBS to VHHH and at about 9000ft controls stopped working and then CTD. I've had it.. I cant believe I'm even typing this, but my PMDG 777 is headed to the hanger. I never thought any of their aircraft would be there... I really hope a statement is forthcoming because right now I am a very unhappy customer.
  11. Thanks... I actually already did and they work just fine with all my other products... The problem that I run into is as follows, if I downsize or open another window while the 777 is the loaded aircraft the controls stop working... they also stop showing up in the simulator, meaning if I go to options->controls they're gone.. just the mouse. I have never seen this happen before.
  12. Ha ha well I'm not a coffee drinker, but I will say I thank my bartender every time he/she doesn't spill anything! In the past with other products I just didn't recall seeing as many problems, but I just may have over looked it as I have NEVER had a problem until now. Also (in my minds eye) this is a service pack not a new product... Shouldn't this be fixing problems and not causing an onslaught of problems for users who never had any? These are top notch products and anyone who says different is just plain wrong, but after spending over 100$ on this program I would hope we will get some resolve or at this point maybe just an acknowledgment that there are some major issues going on here. That's it Paul M
  13. Using the energy management off function worked on every aircraft except the 777 after SP1... I have never even thought one bad thing about PMDG and I've been buying their products for 10+ years now, but I am trying really hard not to curse SP1 for me its a total mess... I don't really have the time to dig through the forums, but have they made any comments about SP1? The only thing I saw was that they were pleased about the first few days... In my few moments looking through here and the pages and pages problems I really cant see how they could be pleased...
  14. ACAJS41

    Crash to desktop

    I've now parked the 777 in hanger... I've also tested the other planes I fly (NGX, Aerosoft A320, MD11) all work just fine... I'm running an i7 32G Ram NVIDA 760 machine (just the highlights).. This aircraft should be more then capable of running on my machine.. I did was able to complete one flight CTD free (VHHH/VTBS). The other problems I'm having is that if I minimize the FSX window and open it again the cockpit is mess, all the buttons and switches are missing and the graphics are all screwed up, that's one problem I've never had, but would that even be a PMDG issue? I loaded the A320 (Aerosoft) and minimized and opened other applications and the A320 is working just fine, so in my mind I would have to say it is a PMDG issue... hunh... Any thoughts on that graphics stuff? I try the return flight later today and report (VTBS/VHHH) but I'm at a serious loss here. Paul M
  15. Wow over 4 years and now almost zero updates... This has just been to long, I was gonna hold off buying Aerosofts new bus when it comes out, but at this point I will. I'm sure it will be out before FS Labs... In my humble opinion they've had there time and this has run its course for me...
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