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    Been an avid flight simmer since the mid 90's (yes I'm that old LOL). Aircraft mechanic with Southwest Airlines. Hold current run/taxi certification on B737 300/500,700,and 800.
    Have held taxi cards on the JS 4100,JS 3100, Emb 145, CRJ 700,and the ATR 42 and 72.

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  1. Thanks, Yeah I've read that. I'm probably going to max out the RAM on my aging 3770K Z 77 based platform and drop in a 1080 TI.
  2. Adam T Lutley

    newbie 737 pilot fmc issues

    I use Navigraph to update the FMC database periodically, Skyvector to print out STARs, SIDS, approach plates, airport diagrams etc., and Flightaware or Vatsim to obtain real world routings. All of this is free with the exception of Navigraph which is around $5 per nav cycle, an unbelievable bargain considering you can update all of your payware FMC's. Anyway, hope that helps
  3. As I eagerly await the full roll-out of X-plane 11, I have some general thoughts and questions. After years of simming with all the various versions of MS flight sim and having thought seriously about investing in P3D, I've come to the following question. Is X-plane 11 finally the stand-alone relatively bug-free platform that will allow me to actually do more flying than tweaking, configuring, forum mining, computer building, and hair pulling? I have built several FS dedicated rigs going all the way back to the heady AMD Athlon days. I know X-plane is said to be far better for night flying visually and better at flight modeling. I'm tired of trying to work within a 32 bit architecture and investing money in it. I fly the PMDG 737NG predominately as I am run taxi certified on the type and am very familiar with the real-life version of the aircraft. How does the default x-plane version compare? I miss flying the 757. Is there a viable X-plane version?
  4. Adam T Lutley

    Payout of $10,000 for Windows 10 update

    My laptop with Windows 8.2 installed did an automatic upgrade without any input from me whatsoever. This, of course, was right before I planned on leaving for the airport to catch a flight. Great timing folks! I lost some picture files in the process as well. This kind of corporate intrusiveness should be illegal. I don't use the laptop for simming so I'm still safe (for now).
  5. Adam T Lutley

    A HONEST view on how P3Dv3 performs...

    Very interesting forum topic as I'm looking into switching to P3D v3.3 My current specs are very close to the OP as well. I've heard the P3D takes better advantage of the capability of the GPU so will be looking into upgrading that.Will have to re check the specs on my Z77 board to see if GPU upgrade even makes sense. Not ready to jump into a new build though. As has been stated endless tweaking and configuring has caused me to walk away from the sim at times stretching back over 15 years. 20 FPS is my goal with 30 being ideal. Don't know if it's even possible to maintain 30 FPS on short final into EGGL in PMDG aircraft in an AS generated thunderstorm with ORBX, Ultimate Traffic etc. with all the sliders maxed on any system. You would probably get an OOM before you even had a chance to check the FPS counter. Would love to see it though. Regards.
  6. Adam T Lutley

    havnt used fs for about 3 years

    Many run both. There are endless FSX v P3D forum threads out there to wade through. Many, myself included, cling to FSX because of all the accumulated payware scenery and aircraft, I have followed P3D very closely and I'll probably run both in tandem here in the near future. If it weren't for several payware aircraft, I probably would have made the switch already. Bottom line is this: Do your own research. It's easier than ever to obtain the info needed to make an informed choice. Regardless of which one you choose, follow the hardware, tweaking, setup, and instal guides. This will alleviate some performance and stability issues inherent with both platforms. Regards
  7. Adam T Lutley

    havnt used fs for about 3 years

    Your hardware requirements are essentially the same for either FSX or P3D as they both use the same 32 bit base code. P3D is being actively updated,developed, and supported whereas FSX is not. The only thing keeping FSX viable at this point is a plethora of 3rd party support. More and more developers are offering P3D compatible products. I would steer you towards P3D if starting from scratch. Regards
  8. I have the same issue with REX sometimes. I landed at BIKF ( keflavik, Iceland) last week in a raging thunderstorm! I believe I heard a clap of thunder a few times in my 13 years of living there and certainly not in winter!. Anyway, not sure if it has anything to do with the "real world" weather data source from VATSIM or NOAA or perhaps it tries to fill in the gaps with its own weather rendering logic. Either way, something's amiss.
  9. Wise move sir. Most people who compromise too much initially wind up spending more later when they're not satisfied with FSX performance. A couple of quick notes. I7 4790K is an absolute no brainer. 4.4 Ghz out of the box. You may not even need to OC. Also, with NVIDIA GPU's, the first number denotes the generation and the second indicates the performance class. Thus, a 780 TI is superior to say, a 960 GTX. As has been stated,the 760 is probably the bare minimum for pairing up with a 4790 CPU. Regards.
  10. Adam T Lutley

    Approach which runway should I land?

    If using FSX ATC (which I don't), They generally will issue vectors for a specific approach around 50 miles out or even further than that sometimes. You should already be well established in your descent at that point. That should be ample time to plan for the given approach. When I used it, I would use the world map function in FSX to obtain the correct ILS frequency, and runway course. I then set up the MCP, tuned the NAV radios, and set up the INIT REF page on the FMC with the sim paused. That should allow you to stay ahead of the airplane, so to speak. Regards
  11. Adam T Lutley

    Unknown warning on takeoff

    Ah, my mistake. I thought the thread was about the NGX. And yes, it can via the altitude horn cutout button on the overhead panel.Regards You got me there! was working off hazy memory on that one. The masks auto deploy at 14,000 in the real bird and am not sure where the 12,000 came from. At any rate the original thread is about an issue with the T7 and I thought it was about the NGX, again, oops. Regards
  12. Adam T Lutley

    The dreaded AI_player_DLL crash

    Well, I didn't disable any files in the scenery library as you noted. As this is the one and only time I had this issue and have flown numerous flights since, including exactly duplicating the problem one, I'll have to attribute it to one of the following scenarios: 1. The v1.09 update and/or switching flight schedules in Traffic 360 fixed it 2. cleaning my registry fixed it 3. A glitch in the matrix and a one time fluke occurrence and nothing I did had any effect on it. Either way, if it becomes an issue again I'll report back. Thanks for the advice from all concerned. Kindest regards
  13. Adam T Lutley

    FSX crashes before landing

    UiAutomation core dll error is a very specific error mode caused by right-clicking on menus. It is easily to replicate and fix if this is indeed an issue. I use FSIUPC to monitor in real time my remaining VAS. That's really the best way to diagnose and remedy an OOM issue. Regards
  14. Adam T Lutley

    FPS drop after take-off and before landing

    I have my FPS locked at 30 running PMDG, REX, FTX Global, and Traffic 360. I also have 2 addon payware scenery programs for KMDW and KSTL. I'm running an I7 3770k at stock values with almost no config file tweaks. I'm able to stay over 20 in almost any scenario but it can dip into the upper teens briefly. 10 FPS seems odd given your system specs as you've noted. I would maybe suspect ASN or some auto update feature associated with it. One thing you could do is make sure your mouse cursor is off the screen in windowed mode, or on the menu tab in full screen mode. My FPS jumps considerably just by doing this. With the latest hardware (ivy bridge and later), I've found that less is more when it comes to tweaks and setting adjustments. I've done a lot of experimenting and have made most of the mistakes as well over the 15+ years of simming when it comes to hardware and settings. FSX can be a cruel mistress LOL! Anyway, you could try adjusting your graphics setting via NVIDIA inspector if you haven't already. Regards