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    Been an avid flight simmer since the mid 90's (yes I'm that old LOL). Aircraft mechanic with Southwest Airlines. Hold current run/taxi certification on B737 300/500,700,and 800.
    Have held taxi cards on the JS 4100,JS 3100, Emb 145, CRJ 700,and the ATR 42 and 72.

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  1. Thanks, Yeah I've read that. I'm probably going to max out the RAM on my aging 3770K Z 77 based platform and drop in a 1080 TI.
  2. I use Navigraph to update the FMC database periodically, Skyvector to print out STARs, SIDS, approach plates, airport diagrams etc., and Flightaware or Vatsim to obtain real world routings. All of this is free with the exception of Navigraph which is around $5 per nav cycle, an unbelievable bargain considering you can update all of your payware FMC's. Anyway, hope that helps
  3. As I eagerly await the full roll-out of X-plane 11, I have some general thoughts and questions. After years of simming with all the various versions of MS flight sim and having thought seriously about investing in P3D, I've come to the following question. Is X-plane 11 finally the stand-alone relatively bug-free platform that will allow me to actually do more flying than tweaking, configuring, forum mining, computer building, and hair pulling? I have built several FS dedicated rigs going all the way back to the heady AMD Athlon days. I know X-plane is said to be far better for night flying visually and better at flight modeling. I'm tired of trying to work within a 32 bit architecture and investing money in it. I fly the PMDG 737NG predominately as I am run taxi certified on the type and am very familiar with the real-life version of the aircraft. How does the default x-plane version compare? I miss flying the 757. Is there a viable X-plane version?
  4. Yep! Isolation valve auto or open (usually auto). Make sure to switch off APU bleed after engine start to get rid of the dual bleed caution message seen in your pic. Regards
  5. Well LOL! you've got me there. Missed the 2000ft requirement. Regards
  6. PMDG JS41 is the only one I can think of. 260Kts cruise speed, 890 mile range, 30 pax. Very high quality payware from (where else), PMDG. Regards
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