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  1. Robert, The airplane itself isn't jostled about. The wing is slightly bouncing but the engines are doing the wiggle dance! Anyhow, this is what I am talking about: Not sure if thats what you meant. I think this is related to the weather engine (AS4 in my case) because it is starting when I fly between two cloud layers (although the turbulence is fine) and as soon as I clear them it is all normal. Maybe some kind of setting can cause this to happen on the ground as well? If this is not what has been discussed here you are free to delete my posts to save any confusion from my part!
  2. Not sure if it helps but I was departing EDDF today with some showers / turbulence around. When I am leaving the clouds it stops. I also have a video of it which I can post if needed where you can see it starting to happen. It stops as soon I leave a cloud layer. It can also be related to turbulence settings in Active Sky for example.
  3. It reduces the workload of the pilots in some way but you can argue if it is really that beneficial. I am also sure there are legit reasons why they didn't include it in the B747-8 but from an outside point of view it is weird 🙂.
  4. It amazes me that Boeing didn't opt for the automatic pac system for the B747-8. The first time I booted the B747-8 I started the engines one by one without turning the pacs off, because I thought they were like the B777. Then on a later test I couldn't figure why the dual start didn't work :)! After clicking the packs switches I figured it out.
  5. I have seen this on my flight today. Maybe it is related to camera addons and their way to "add" effects into the sim? Which one do you use? I use Chaseplane.
  6. The EFB is only available on the B747-8.
  7. I for one am glad about this feature and am curious what this will all bring to our simulation. They don't, like others said there is always the option to not use the product. But maybe this discussion is a waste of time and they implement such features. Lets wait and see what the actual product will look like ore more information is given.
  8. Stop crashing Navigraph while testing the -8 please 🙂 Still a while for release it seems but she does looks sweet! Very nice features and toys comming our way.
  9. Most of us do invest a lot in a simulation platform (Time, money ...). Werther it is FSX, P3D, XP11 or unfortunately FSW. The day FSW was announced many of us did already knew not to invest in it. We are active on many forums and from day 1 we could see the signs that how FSW was managed a lot of well known developers were not eager to step in. We also knew the history of their first attempt so we did hold back, we did see the writings on the wall. No-one here seemed surprised at least. What I did like about Dovetail was that they brought flightsim to the Steam market. It is in my opinion the best platform to attract new simmers and the more the merrier for all of us. But they chose Steam for the wrong reasons. I feel sorry for the people who invested in FSW. Customers, add-on developers or people at Dovetail working on the actual product. I hope they don't turn their back to our be loving hobby after this joke.
  10. A few things I am hoping for are: A simulation around our sim. Simulate beeing part of an actual company. A multicrew environment The 787 line Planning, dispatcher and performance tools etc But none of these do meet the criteria posted. Exciting times ahead for sure!
  11. No it is not as simple. With that line you can just skip the copy protection altogether. It is not hard to fake their servers to be offline. If this really is about copy protection then I don't know why my copy of the software should be verified every time 24/7. They need to step up.
  12. Their website/domain certificate is expired and that is why your browser isn't accepting their webpage anymore because it's source can not be validated. This is also the problem of their apps. They deny the connection because the SLL connection isn't correct. Although a small issue (just renew the certificate with the provider) it is rather stupid of a company to be in this situation in the first place. Depending on the certificate provider you get an expiration warning sometimes months in advanced and they keep coming until the certificate is expired or you renew it on time. Although embarrassing, it is a good thing their apps deny the connection though.
  13. I just came across this because I have the exact same issue! https://www.navigraph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=93&t=4654 I did not test this yet but it seems related to Navigraph SimLink at this point. Don't know if you have the .dll file running though but for others it was the cullprint.
  14. I always have the latest installers on my backup drive and when trying installing the PMDG planes on a fresh installed P3D V4 it was telling me that it could not update by the manager and I needed the latest installers from the PMDG site.. I went a little nuts there because I was sure I did had the latest, little did I know the new installers were just released :D.
  15. Never had this and always seem to work. Did you check you had a TOD? Sometimes when the last fix of your route is far away from the airport you don't have a TOD calculated.
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