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  1. Hi Mark, Yes, running off a 10 inch tablet the buttons become small even in landscape. Maybe an option just to have a single MFD and the keypad? or even the ability to zoom on the original so I can just see one MFD and keypad? Regards, James
  2. Hi All, How do I run this only showing one side of the FMC? I touched the screw but still get both the FMC and then the EFB is the right screw is touched. Am I missing something here? Many thanks James
  3. Happy New Year to all, Is there anyone willing to repaint Cathay Pacific -8 Pax version? James
  4. I have noticed this issue tonight. Starts up then shuts down after a few seconds! James
  5. Hello, I also have the Couatl issue.I have only noticed after wanting to fly my beloved PMDG p44 once again after updating a while ago to P3Dv4.2. When load the default plane. Both Couatl and GSX appear in the menu. As soon as i load the 744 they initially appear for a few seconds but once the plane has fully initialized these disappear, something indicating to do with the PMDG 744V3?. I have tested with other aircraft such as the Leonardo Maddog X and FSlabs A320-X and Couatl and GSX work as normal. I am using ASNP3dV4, do not run antivirus when using P3Dv4.2 Regards, JJ
  6. Add me to the list CTD every time I load. Have to load with the F22 first. Only happend since updating to lasted P3D4.2 James Littler
  7. Anyone willing to paint the older Yellow and Silver BWIA? Cheers, JJ
  8. Hi Guys, Anyone fancy painting China Airlines Love & Hug livery? http://www.airliners.net/photo/China-Airlines/Boeing-747-409/2710790/L?qsp=eJwtjDsOwkAMBa8SuaCiQaJA6cgFoOAClv2UoAR2ZS%2BfVZS740R0o3lPM5OkZ8G33GoGteRgk4H2lNn44dTONKJ%2BkmkwTemNZtcMrz4enqx0NaxywVkEuUD//mIKWye4bLE%2B4ocA2HVjOh3D693zxGtD2JSW5QeiSC8l Thanks JJ
  9. Steve, Once again, simply stunning work... congrats! JJ
  10. Hi Steve, Looking forward to the package, plenty of the M's to fly. I already fell in love with D-ABTB Cheers, JJ
  11. Steve, Lifting the bar once again with the big M type JJ
  12. Pablo, They're available for download now :) Steve: Fantastic job! Absolutely stunning LH paints JJ
  13. Steve, Fully understood, HDD space not contributing to VAS but when you have tons of aircraft, repaints, scenery etc, this still piles on the pounds on my old HDD or the SDD :) I just appreciate you doing that little bit extra for us all so we can enjoy the LH fleet I applaud you. JJ
  14. Steve, WoW This is awesome! I can then jump into the real plane, fly real route of the day and you have still saved us 540MB of memory (one all the fleet has been uploaded). Slick is not the word. Genius... I would say! JJ
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