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  1. Level of detail radius: Large Mesh Complexity: 38 Mesh Resolution: 10 M Texture Resolution: 7 cm Tropicalsim doesn't have any recommendations for settings in the manual but maybe I'll contact them and ask.
  2. Hello all, I run FSX SP2 with the acceleration pack. I just encountered this problem the other day and can't seem to fix it. It started when I installed KSGU addon scenery from avsim. It seems that is has messed up the default terrain height as it effected KABQ as well. With the default KABQ terrain covers runway and taxiways and with the Tropicalsim ABQ there is no runway or taxiway markings and the terminal sits lower than it should. Is there a known fix to this or do I need to reinstall FSX? https://imgur.com/a/EmetoQ1 KSGU3 by Dakota Lowry, on Flickr KSGU2 by Dakota Lowry, on Flickr DefaultKABQ2 by Dakota Lowry, on Flickr
  3. August 31, 2013 #justwaiting
  4. Hopefully 0600 CST so I can download it and have it ready in the morning...
  5. Still internally testing?
  6. nevermind...I just got it
  7. Where does one find RSR?
  8. July 26, 2013 All I have to say...
  9. Of course, one year from today, you could be posting that it's been two years since PMDG announced the 777. I don't think it will be that long but you never know Just trying to get some hope
  10. It has almost been one year since PMDG announced the PMDG 777. It was on the 26th of July last year when they let the previews begin. Maybe PMDG has something up their sleeve... Just saying. Stay patient my fellow 777 waiters! Dakota Lowry
  11. Ok. Thank you very much for the response!
  12. What part of the project are we in right now? Final beta testing? Thanks Dakota Lowry
  13. swafan10

    Livery list

    Is there anyway that we can get a complete livery list for the base package of the 777. They have some pictures on facebook, but I'm curious of what others they might have. Thanks Dakota Lowry
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