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  1. got it to work somehow.. .thank you for your help !
  2. vrisim recognizes the MCP and I changed the COM PORT based on the VRISIM and the display toggle and still nothing... seems as if LINDA doesn't input the MCP at all....
  3. ive install serialfp2 and the vrisim drivers and now the vrisim says that it did find the MCP1
  4. it has worked a while a back... i have installed the VRI software and trying to figure out whats wrong...
  5. tried it, no luck... it seems as if the mcp doesn't respond at all to the LINDA even though everythign seems to work..
  6. can you be a little bit mroe specific to which files exactly are you refereing? i dont know the VRI file system that well, thanks
  7. Hi Guys, I own the MCP1 and just installed FSUIPC7 so that it will work with MSFS2020, followed the instructions, everything seems fine in the LINDA window but no response at all from the MCP1 or the MSFS when i try to tweak the autopilot ion the sim.. PIC any ideas?
  8. So, Bert, the code you wrote here is modified? Do I have to put it somewhere to make it work?
  9. I have the Saitek Multi Panel MCP and all the funtioncs except for ALT select are working. I can change VS,HDG,CRS but I cannot change AP altitude selection.. this is really wierd. When I am trying to change the altitude assignment it changes but it wont chance anything inside FSX. When I engage ALT SEL mode, I can see my selected altitude on the Multi Panel, but again, I cant change it through it.....
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