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  1. Hi Ray, Sorry if its already been mentioned, but I would start with your AMD processor as it just doesn't have the single threaded power of an appropriate Intel CPU and has never been a good choice for FSX/P3D, not even close.
  2. Wow, thanks Phil. I hope its Bruce, BAO were so innovative, would be great to have them behind the franchise and carry the torch again! Go BS EE'75! Paull01
  3. "Why are flight simmers so rude to each other?" My top three answers.... 3. Because, even X-plane simmers are miffed that MS abandoned FS? 2. Because there still is no sim that will give us proper seasons >and Cloud shadows at the same time...and where are the god rays? And the top answer is....... 1. Because, there is no one else in our lives to be rude to?
  4. Uh OK. No, you of course are right, it is Big, AND Heavy. Personally this is my fourth rig with a D14, my first purchased in 09 is still working just fine as originally used on a I7-920 still running at 4.4GHZ just like the Haswell and I have transported it a dozen times (though never trusted to anyone else). FrozenCPU is the second largest distributor of the D14 in the US, though they will never ship a unit with one installed (obviously) there has never been one single complaint of it ever hurting or damaging a MB - ever.
  5. Yes but while OOMing today I got FSXed...Tried it again with everything turned on, Full OOMing, and then Wham! P3Ded! Maybe I need to add a take-off?
  6. LOD: one size does not fit all. For example, yes keep at 6.5 or below if using mid to high AG settings and use decently dense scenery add-ons like ORBX etc, On the other hand if you use large high res photo-sceneries, with-out AG (as usually the case) you can safely use higher LOD's of 7, 8, 9.5 however start using it with a few really high res airports and or city paks...back to OOM U Go.
  7. NYC - its a must to turn road traffic off, what settings did you try?
  8. No to AMD for FSX/P3D as it is so much weaker than Intel clock per clock that AMD is not even in the picture. Haswell is best.
  9. I have to disagree my new 4770K @ 4.4GHZ out-performed both my 2700K 5GHZ systems in most heavy situations by at least 15-20%, same 670GTX for all three. Most simmer who helped me get there had similar results with their FSX performance HYMMV always applies.
  10. Oh, I'm sure...cough Your arguments remind me of the time the shipping company trying to figure the charges, and told me it was 112lb shipping cost for a bicycle rim/wheel that weighed less than 2 ilbs why? because the Bike tire had 110 pounds of air pressure in it. :blink: Have a good one.
  11. So much repetition and so may words there Martin, trying to dig ourselves out are we? Or maybe just deeper in the hole? B) Incorrect, Noctua provides lower RPM figures for each and every fan and I used those figures. See the specification pages: http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=produkte&lng=en#fans Completely false. None of those fans completely cover the D14, not even the larger 150mm. This was already established for you; what part of that don't you get? Hint - Is the D-14 round or square? The fan? See those corners uncovered by the fan? Should I put a smaller fan in there? Would that make it better or worse or not matter? A 120mm then? Lets just remove it right? I think I am starting to understand why this is all lost on you. According to you little performance gains don't matter? That they can be had while being that much more quiet,= not good? I don't know Martin, why do we need a 14mm why not just two 120mm? Or why even two fans on the D-14 its not that much different than just one is it? Heck, Lets just use the stock CPU cooler, and hey why use something like LIquidPRO when we have mayonnaise or Skippy? Gee-sh Martin, I'm so sorry I bothered to show something in here that actually works and can be applied for free (no cost - just move the fan) Yeah...so "irrelevant" that many people will quickly ditch last years top performing TIM or even a the whole Cooler just to gain a fraction to a few degrees of performance. A few degrees C at such a low RPM's value usually exponentially grows with RPM increases. Is this to lost on you? Yes, at 1000 RPM VS the 750 I am using now; the gain is more than just a few degrees C and it keeps going up from there. And this was done, not by Adding a fan but simply moving it were it will be more effective. As far as the 150mm vs. 140mm fan: What do you think was the reason that Noctua chose a 140mm fan over just keeping them both 120mm? Sell more plastic? That I chose 150mm is probably the same reason that Noctua chose the 140mm over a 120mm, no? And, no ALL grills are restrictive and increase noise, they only become less restrictive by doing things like bulging them out to lessen noise (increasing distance from fan) and create more surface area etc. Simple test anyone can do, take a moving fan (carefully) and put it close to the grill, and take it away, near, take away, noise, less noise...better check it out Martin before anyone else does. But no matter I must be wrong, such stupid little details like that. Go on Martin, write back about how worthless and inafective these pursuits all are and how I am misleading those that might have or want a D14. What exactly have you come up with, anything? Hey, Rob you can save money and not bother with larger less restricted Intake, larger valves, longer duration Cam, larger diameter free flowing exhaust, etc..put that airbox back on there...wot restrictions? They don't matter...wont add up to nothin...LOL.
  12. Word Not Allowed? NV? Total BS please dont make me laugh!
  13. Oh my, I think we can see what you did there, the noise of your leaf blower must be getting to you.. :rolleyes: Why you used figures at max RPM without taking into any consideration the obvious points already put in front of you to make some point I have no idea. ??? The 150mm produces 6% more airflow at the equivalent RPM of the 14-FLX than you are using (comparing Noctua's own figures) so We are already more efficient and then we can add the much less restrictive cut out, there is really moving vs obstructions and loss of airflow plus the added noise of the grill with a fan attached - fact. So If I'm going to slow things down a little going big helps not only in raw airflow but also in effecting a bit more of the cooler as it covers more (but we already know that) but I digress.... Those funny DBA figures you posted: The 150mm fan @ 900 RPM is 13.8 db. The 120mm is 12.6 @ 900 RPM certainly not 19 DB you strangely used. But the system I showed you is even less than that isn't it? @ 750 & 500 RPM in fact, which puts the noise level at just above 10 db. Db is logarithmic unit of measurement, do you actually know how loud 10 db is? Right exactly! 10 db is the equivalent of normal human breathing, vs 19 or more? Give me a break! The case fans I have running at 500 RPM? A pin dropping from 3 feet, heard 3 feet away is significantly louder - Hello? And no we don't add the DB levels together as you have done, that is not how it works at all and was a dead giveaway. As for for your "motive", I have no idea but why you keep grasping for straws just to try to put me down is a waste. I hope you have a pleasant weekend, you take care.
  14. For non FSX titles that are less CPU dependent than FSX that is true, as the "High preset" more GPU related test showed, nothing new about that at all. For FSX though a 2600K has to run at about 5.2+GHZ or more to = 4770K@4GHZ, as the 4770K is much stronger clock per clock. And sadly no, SLI does not do even squat for FSX, only slight edge in super high res multiple displays and ultra high AA, this has been tested to death too many times already by almost everyone who has tested it including Aces.
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