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  1. Hello. i had this issue yesterday afternoon after I had modify and deactivate Hyperthreading of my CPU looking for better performance. Then when I've tryied to open P3D V4 I can't fly because all my views and trackIR are gone and got the message of the activation from CP. Email sent, also contacted them through Facebook, and still waiting reply from them. i only have 1 day at week to enjoy my sim (that it's today) and now I'm grounded due to them. Very annoying, because I've payed for my products and now I can't use it due to a bug from oldprop. Should I return to ezdok and dedicate all my day to configure views???
  2. juanbetan

    Vector 1.10 problem Madeira

    Go to (ORBX/FTX_VECTOR/FTX_VECTOR_CVX_scenery) and find the file (4320_WTR_Waterbodies.bgl), and rename it to (.off). At least it works for me. Juan P.
  3. juanbetan

    Windows 8 - Joystick Megathread problem.

    I have Win8 64bit, and yesterday i have configured all my Saitek Yoke/Pedals assignments with FSUIPC and guess the result....PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! Even with PMDG 777, now i can navigate between windows apps, and my yokes are still connected to FSX. Brgds, Juan Betancourt
  4. juanbetan

    PMDG didn't send me a download link

    Mail received!! Downloading the file! Thank you!!!
  5. juanbetan

    PMDG didn't send me a download link

    I have the same problem. The order #: 231490 Order Code: PYR6752431709. Hope this will be fixed soon. Thanks.
  6. juanbetan

    MD11 in FSX autobrake issue

    For those who still have this problem, just remove FSUIPC.ini from your modules folder. After that open FSX and FSUIPC will generate a new .ini file. It works for me, an the problem has disappeared. Juan Betancourt
  7. juanbetan

    MD11 in FSX autobrake issue

    Markus. I have the same issue, and I already have disconnected my rudder pedals, and I still have this problem. I performed a autoland without any stick, just with keyboard but the same, y remove any FSUIPC calibration but still the problem. I have reinstalled the MD11 but nothing happen. Any additional suggestion?? Brgds, Juan Betancourt