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  1. philip2004uk

    Problem with ASN and 777 sp1

    my problem with the new sp1, (although i installed ASN too at the same time) is going above 1x speed, it will bank say right and the map will turn left and then go the opposite way when the aircraft banks left, it's crazy, it still does it when you turn it to normal speed for a bit
  2. I was onboad 9V-SWU the brand new 777 with new IFE, I filmed the entire flight along with the ATC for that. It was SQ308 an entire 14 hour Day time flight. Here it my other flight though first:
  3. philip2004uk

    Just landed Changi Snapshot

    And it's not using any effects Just happened to land as the sun was coming up which was nice, although this will be my real flight from London to Singapore in JAN so my 13 hour filming on the plane will be in the dark for a bit of the flight, but i'll be wide awake from being on uk time so i'll try and record all the ATC. I'm not on vatsim, I was years ago, i might re-install it.
  4. I didnt plan this but a nice landing moment
  5. philip2004uk

    My turn for some screenshot fun!

    i did EGCC-EDDM-WSSS as my first lol
  6. Thanks, I read your post in my email, I'll keep it for future reference, i emailed the man who designed it, though i think he's not published it anywhere except google maps even though he's a pilot too...i shall await his response about converting it
  7. Usually the non clickable button happens even in other aircraft it's when you sit too far back in the seat that the seat is covering your mouse even though you can't tell from just a small distance. philip bobble